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7 Wonders of the Ancient World (With Locations)

The 7 Wonders of the ancient world date back to Hellenic history. We find a note of them being Hellenic Travel Books. Further, they are also written down in poetry and find depiction in other arts. Mostly, these symbolize human aptitude in technicality and imagination.

Moreover, they are the best portal we have to a world that we will never have again. If you have an interest in ancestral heritage, then you might want go know what are the 7 old wonders of the world. Here we have noted down the 7 Wonders of the ancient world. Even for touring enthusiasts, this list is a must.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World:

The Great Pyramid- Egypt 

The Great Pyramid- Egypt 

You will find that most old wonders of the world come around the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern zones. Fees are the highest achievement of human aptitude during that time. Historical construction is considered the biggest achievement of old mankind. Hence, even pays the Great Pyramid remains a wonder and a mystery.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only wonder that you can still see with your own eyes. For 4000 years, it was the tallest human made structure. It’s back to 2560 BC. You will find it on the West Bank of River Nile. Furthermore, it is the tomb of the 4th century Pharaoh- Cheops.  

The geometrical construction of the Pyramid of Giza remains a mystery till date. Many people have proposed hypotheses that have not adequately defined how something so magnificent could have been built by hand. It is also a claim that aliens are a part of its construction. Hence, If you like conspiracy theories, there is an added plus to this site.

Moreover, even to the proportions of the pyramid are colossal. Its height measures 147 meters. Although, due to erosion, it has come down to 138 meters. As many as 2.3 million stone blocks comprise this pyramid. Hence, Without a doubt. This is one site that will mesmerize you. 

Height: 139 m
Timings: 8 AM-5 PM
Location: Al Haram, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate 3512201, Egypt (Get Directions)

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Colossus of Rhodes 

Colossus of Rhodes 

Rhodes is an island in the eastern Aegean Sea. The Colossus of Rhodes was the main reason that visitors migrated to this remote island. This magnificent colossus is actually dedicated to the Greek God Helios. Moreover, his extensive statue is set to have stood here Once Upon a time.

This statue was constructed between 292 and 280 BC. It was constructed by the famed sculptor- Chares of Lindos. The glasses eventually came to stand as high as 110 feet. The statue was actually a momentum of victory. It was a symbol of the defeat of the Dimitrius army that invaded ancient Rhodes. However, this particular event dates back to 304 BC. 

Sadly, this colossus only stood for 56 years. The island was prone to many earthquakes. Hence, the Colossus met its end during one of these tectonic movements. Regardless, this statue remained an attraction for the next 800 years. It was visited by many people simply to witness the ruins that it had come to. 

Height: 33 m
Timings: 24 Hours
Location: Unnamed Road, Rodos 851 00, Greece (Get Directions)

Hanging Gardens of Babylon 

Hanging Gardens of Babylon 

You will not find it trace of the hanging gardens of Babylon today. Although they are called one of the seven ancient wonders, there is not much evidence of the same. However, many historical records mention them with glorious beauty and veneration. Only ancient Greek historians have been witnesses of these gardens. We find mention of them in the records of Strabo and Diodorus Siculus. Normal architecture, these are the epitome of agricultural architecture.

This story And’s claims that the gardens are blooming flowers, exotic foliage, and luscious fruit. Furthermore, they have waterfalls that cannot match the beauty of what we see today. As per small records of history, they date back to 600 BC. The ruler of Babylonia, Nebuchadnezzar II is responsible for their construction. Babylonia corresponds to present-day Iraq. Many historians claim that these are purely mythical. 

 Furthermore, they represent a romantic ideal of eastern gardens. On the other hand, some claimed that they were destroyed in the 1st century AD. Some people also claim that they refer to some other garden built by Syrian king Sennacherib.

Folklore, myth, or reality, are some things you need to research and find out more about. The stories behind it are mesmerizing and fill you with wonder. The simple description of these gardens is a high form of literature. Hence, we will not recommend that you ignore the possible existence of these gardens. 

Location: GCVC+J54, Mahawil, Iraq (Get Directions)

Statue of Zeus 

Statue of Zeus - 7 wonders of the ancient world

We are sure that you know about the most renowned sculptor of the ancient era, Phidias. It is he who is responsible for the construction of the renowned statue of Zeus. Zeus, as you know, is a favorite God in Greek history. The location as per ancient records is at the temple of Zeus within Olympia.

If you wish to visit the location, you will have to scrounge around western Greece. The statue shows Zeus, who is sitting on a gold throne. The throne has crusts of precious gems, Ebony, as well as ivory. c

Furthermore, he also holds a stepdaughter, which has an eagle on the top of his left hand. Most rivers will not admit it, but mythology is the most interesting subject in the world. The statue is as much as 40 feet long. Of course, We cannot see it today. However, records say that people saw the proportions of zoos to be off inside the temple.

Regardless, people looked at it with reverence and the stunning representation of the highest card. Undoubtedly, it is a site that people saw with awe. After all, it reminds them of the majestic nature of the spiritual realm. As per records, the statue stopped existing in the 5th century BC. Then you marvel at these wonders, you think of all that we have lost. 

Height: 13 m
Location:  Temple of Zeus, Archea Olimpia 270 65, Greece (Get Directions)

Temple of Artemis 

Temple of Artemis - 7 wonders of the ancient world

Old records place the temple of Artemis in Ephesus. This ancient city is now Western Turkey. On seeing this temple, people forgot the beauty of all other ancient wonders of the world. We are sure, that it would have been the same in our case.

The temple came into being to celebrate Artemis. Notably, she is the Greek goddess of hunt. The Greeks considered one of the most important places of worship. It underwent various phases of destruction as well as reconstruction. 

 At its best, it went as high as 215 meters. It was as much as 200 feet wide as well. Moreover, it had 127 Ionik style columns. Furthermore, the entire temple was decorated with very beautiful paintings as well as sculptures. Undoubtedly, It must have been a sight to behold. However, it was finally destroyed by Herostratus.

Although, we do have some good news for you. We do have some archaeological evidence of this temple. Hence, you will find remnants of this once existent structure that takes you back to history. Moreover, you can also read records of it in literature. 

Height: 18 m
Timings: 9 AM-7 PM
Contact: +90 232 892 69 25
Location: Atatürk, Park İçi Yolu No:12, 35920 Selçuk/İzmir, Turkey (Get Directions)

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus 

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is considered among the most important structures that do not exist anymore. This Mausoleum is said to be the best of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. It was designed between 353 or 350 BC. Moreover, its construction was governed by great Greek architects, Pithis and Satyrus. 

It was not created for a God, but for a governor in Persian Empire, by the name of Maussollus. Moreover, it was also dedicated to his wife as well as his sister. It was de who initiated the construction when the governor met his death. Naturally, a very great piece of history lies within. If you go on to read more about this mausoleum, you will find out various secrets of the Persians. 

This mausoleum went on to be about 41 meters in height. As is natural, we find it adorned with integrated exterior carvings and significant art pieces. Although, it stood within Persia for a very long time. However, eventually the continuous raids by Alexander the Great brought much destruction to this Mausoleum. However, it was eventually destroyed by an earthquake. Regardless, you can still find a few pieces of its foundation within Persia or Iran. 

Height: 45 m
Timings: 8 AM-5 PM
Contact: +90 252 316 12 19
Location: Tepecik, Turgut Reis Cd. No:93, 48440 Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey (Get Directions)

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Pharos of Alexandria 

Pharos of Alexandria - 7 wonders of the ancient world

We are over with the mentions which are dedicated to great people. Hence, To conclude, we come back to our magnificent form of ancient architecture. This particular mention used to be a great lighthouse. It was a technical masterpiece that nothing could match.

Naturally, just constructed in Pharaohs, which is an island near the harbor of Alexandria. Alexandria is a beautiful city in Egypt, which was once known as Kemet. This magnificent lighthouse stood 350 feet tall. Moreover, it was the most important navigational tool for all sailors along the Egyptian coast. 

It was constructed in three significant stages. Firstly, it had a square stone base. Secondly, it had an octagonal middle section. It also had a cylindrical section at the top. Finally, It had a mirror at the apex that could reflect sunlight to better guide sailors. 


Most of these wonders that are mentioned here are lost in time. However, we would not expect you to be surprised. After all, these are the oldest and the most ancient wonders of the world. Their medical as well as mysterious aspect makes them even better. Do go through the list again, and leave us a comment below if you feel that we have missed out on something important. 

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