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Top 7 Romantic Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages (2023)

Planning a romantic honeymoon trip to surprise your partner, but not sure where to go? Well, we have just the perfect vacation and honeymoon location for you. Set in Central America, Costa Rica is the perfect destination for your honeymoon. The blue Pacific and Caribbean coastlines feel like a beautiful dream. It is also home to serene beaches, fascinating volcanoes, and beautiful rainforests, that will transform your trip into days in paradise. The following article will list the best Costa Rica honeymoon packages to help take off the burden of planning the perfect honeymoon.

Best Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages:

Tropical Romance Honeymoon

Tropical Romance Honeymoon

The Tropical Romance Honeymoon package is one of the most popular honeymoon packages in Costa Rica. It is offered by the Costa Rico Rios agency. Some of the popular locations the tour includes are – Liberia (the cultural hub), Arenal (the city of an active volcano), and Papagayo (the beach town). The package is a 7-night trip filled with romantic stays at luxurious resorts and adventure sports like canoeing and horseback riding.

Moreover, the package includes a couples’ massage and a trip to the hot springs. The package will allow you to experience what Costa Rica actually means. The Tropical Romance Honeymoon is perfect for couples looking for an adventurous outlet and a romantic getaway. You can also customize the package to suit your preferences.

Honeymoon Heaven

Honeymoon Heaven

The Honeymoon Heaven package by the Costa Rica experts is for couples that are looking to relax and bask in the tropical sun. The tour will take you to the Arenal Volcano, the famous active volcano of Costa Rica, and Conchal Beach, known for its crushed shell sands. Bask at the private beach of your all-inclusive, luxurious resort. Relax and unwind at the different spa treatments offered by the hotel.

If you have never been to the rainforests, ziplining across it adds thrill and adventure. Spending your nights at luxurious accommodations is an ultimate bargain after the hectic wedding planning. Choose the Honeymoon Heaven package for a week-long trip to Costa Rica.

Exotic Adventure Honeymoon

Exotic Adventure Honeymoon

Exotic Adventure Honeymoon, a seven night package by Costa Rica Rios which takes tourists to Savegre and Manuel Antonio. It includes packages for adventure sports like Whitewater Rafting, Surfing, Snorkeling, and Zipline tours to introduce couples to the exciting side of Costa Rica. It will also take you across a 3-hour nature hike for an adrenaline-filled honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Moreover, the Exotic Adventure Honeymoon Package will also include hikes across a hanging bridge from which you can jump off a waterfall. It will also take you ziplining, across a suspension bridge, and a Tarzan swing. Additionally, you and your partner will be taken snorkeling across the tropical ocean with views of an exotic marine life.

Costa Rica Adults Only Romance

Costa Rica Adults Only Romance

The Costa Rica Adults Only Romance is an eight-night vacation that takes you across the world-famous Nayara Springs in the active volcanic region of Arenal. If you want a relaxing and romantic vacation, the Adults Only Romance package is what you should go for.

Plunge into the pool attached to your villa, enjoy gourmet dining experiences and delicate cuisine, and relax in the spa. Stay at luxurious boutique hotels and participate in hands-on tropical cooking classes. Learn the art of food, the most romantic form of love, and impress your partner for years to come. You could also take up additional tours in Arenal or visit the private pools fed by natural hot springs in Nayara.

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Hot Springs and Wildlife Honeymoon

Hot Springs and Wildlife Honeymoon

If your partner and you are wildlife enthusiasts, the Hot Springs and Wildlife Honeymoon is for you. Hike the Manuel Antonio Natural Park with a guide and view exotic creatures like spot sloths. You can end the tiring hike and cool off with a romantic dip in the sea with your partner. Raft across the Costa Rica whitewater and challenge yourself for the ultimate thrill.

You can also view the deep canyon gorges and waterfalls spreading over 16 kilometers. If you are lucky enough, you might also see rare animals like sloths and tropical birds. The trip will also take you through the hills to the beach for a scenic treat on your honeymoon in Costa Rica. Spend six nights in Costa Rica and experience the ultimate tropical vacation. Be close to nature with the Hot Springs and Wildlife Honeymoon Package.

Romantic Costa Rica Two-Week Getaway

Romantic Costa Rica Two-Week Getaway

The Romantic Costa Rica Two-Week Getaway is one of the best customizable Costa Rica honeymoon packages. It is the best combination of an exotic lifestyle yet one that is close to nature. The romantic and offbeat destination has incredible volcanoes and magnificent waterfalls in store for you.

Spend your day in the lap of nature secluded at La Paz and go for cacao tasting on the next day. The itinerary details a visit to the Tortuguero National Park to see sea turtles and other rare species. You will also visit Puerto Viejo for a romantic getaway and the Arenal Volcano National Park.

Costa Rica for Couples

Costa Rica for Couples

This Costa Rica for Couples Package is one of the best Costa Rica honeymoon packages taking you to paradise. Enjoy the beautiful scenic views and relax at a couple’s massage in the romantic city of Pura Vida. Whether you go for bird watching or for adventure sports, this package help you see Costa Rica in a new light.

Why Choose Costa Rica as Your Honeymoon Destination?

Whether you love lush green rainforests or basking in the sun or exploring a city rich in culture, Cost Rica is the perfect choice for you. We are always a Costa Rica fan, because:-

  • Paradise-Like Beaches

If anything, films like Moana or the Little Mermaid taught us that beaches are the perfect destination for visual treats and relaxation. Your honeymoon in Costa Rica will surely include long walks on the beach and natural beauty in abundance.

  • Resorts Set in Nature 

Costa Rica is a paradise for people who want to relax with their partners in a serene setup. You can choose the Costa Rica honeymoon packages that include luxurious resorts equipped with all modern facilities amid nature. The picturesque locations make for a great backdrop and honeymoon location.

  • Unlimited Adventures

If you love living life on the edge, Costa Rica will be the perfect choice for your honeymoon. Whether you want to go surfing or scuba diving, Costa Rica has an unlimited array of adventure sports that you can choose from.

  • Culinary Treat

Your honeymoon in Costa Rica will undeniably be an overload of food, culture, and heritage. Exotic fruits like passionfruit and dragonfruit will surely replace strawberries, the go-to romantic fruit.

  • Biological Diversity

If you are an animal lover, Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Popular Costa Rica honeymoon packages include visits to rescue ranches or wildlife sanctuaries where you can see rare creatures like capuchin monkeys and toucans.

Which Destinations in Costa Rica are a Must Visit?

The land of bronze sands, turquoise waters, and lush green rainforests, Costa Rica, has several destinations where you can relax for the perfect getaway. Some top destinations in Costa Rica that you can visit for a paradise-like experience include:-

  • The Osa Peninsula 

Soak your feet in the ocean and relax in the virgin tourist destination of the Osa Peninsula. You could backpack through the Corcovado National Forest or watch magnificent creatures like dolphins and whales from Drake Bay.

  • La Fortuna 

Instagram is filled with pictures of people soaking in the warmth of geothermal spring-fed pools. Is this activity on your bucket list, too? Well, La Fortuna, set at the foot of Costa Rica’s most famous volcanic location, should be a must-visit. You could book a luxurious hot spring resort in the scenic countryside and dip in the pool with your partner.

  • Papagayo Peninsula 

Imagine kayaking and gazing at the beautiful tropical sunset across a 24km coastline stretch. Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica is popular for its exciting scuba dive that offers views of sharks, rays, and other tropical fishes. You could also go exploring and caving in the Barra Honda National Park.

  • Tortuguero 

Have you/your partner ever imagined being a part of a movie? Well, a safari boat trip to Tortuguero through the canals will transfer you to an unrealistically serene coastal town. The town is home to four species of sea turtles and a popular activity is going on a guided tour at night in search of these. Imagine running around, watching the sunset, and visiting an ecological preserve in such a serene setting.

 Thus, Costa Rica’s divine, pristine, and serene backdrops make it the best honeymoon destination. The location has unique resorts and adventures in store to deliver an out-of-this-world experience and make up some of the most beautiful days in your life! Look through the best Costa Rica honeymoon packages listed in the article and gift your partner the experience of a lifetime.


Costa Rica might make for an offbeat honeymoon destination, but it will surely be an experience you can never forget. The article lists some of the best honeymoon packages in Costa Rica for wildlife lovers, travel-buffs, those who appreciate culture and heritage, and much more. Book your package today and witness all that Costa Rica has to offer!

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