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Dubai Miracle Garden: World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden

Dubai is known all around the world for its luxury, opulence, and man-made wonders of architecture. From the tallest building in the world, to unique sights and experiences, Dubai has it all. Another addition to the many, many attractions and entertainment spaces in Dubai, the Dubai Miracle Garden is the most gorgeous flower display in the Middle East. It has many awards to its name, including not one but two Guinness world records.

One for being the world’s largest vertical garden, and another for hosting the largest flower structure in the world. That structure is a flower model of an Airbus A380 from Emirates Airlines. To see this and more, head to the Dubai Miracle Garden in Dubai, UAE.

What is the Dubai Miracle Garden?

The DubaiMiracleGarden is a flower garden located in the Dubailand district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is over 72,000 square meters large and features over 50 million flowers and 250 million plant species. This makes it the largest flower garden in the world.

The garden was opened to the public on Valentine’s Day or February 14th, 2013. It is a wonderful sight and a unique feature in the desert country, where such wonders cannot exist naturally. All of the flowers and plants here have been imported from various regions across the world.

The Miracle Garden Dubai operates generally from October to April of every year, owing to better weather. The garden is shut from May to September due to unfavorable summer temperatures, The heat and high temperatures of Dubai which can range from 40 to 50 degrees would not allow the beautiful flowers to survive.

Main Attractions at the Dubai Miracle Garden 

Dubai Miracle Garden 

Housing hundreds of special attractions, and many greenhouses and displays of gorgeous plants and flowers, there is a lot to see at the miracle garden Dubai.

Below is a list of the main attractions that we think you should not miss out on if you happen to visit this beautiful garden space.

Timings: 9 AM-9 PM
Contact: +971 4 422 8902
Location: Street 3 – Al Barsha – Al Barsha South – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden is a part of the miracle garden. The Dubai Miracle Garden opened this butterfly park in 2015.  It is also the Middle East’s first indoor butterfly garden.

The butterfly garden houses over 15,000 butterflies from over 26 species. It’s a treat to all your senses, from your sight to touch. Do not skip the Dubai Butterfly Garden if you happen to visit the miracle garden in Dubai.

Floating lady

Floating lady - Dubai miracle garden

A beautiful display of floral artistry, the floating lady is an installation of a lady graciously floating with her arms extended to the sky. It is a beautiful and thoughtful installation and a great work of art. It is a very unique display.

Because of the way it is displayed, it gives the viewers an illusion that it is floating, hence the name floating lady. 

It’s quite a large display, and centrally located in the arrangement of the garden. It is hard to miss, and you definitely should not miss seeing it. 

Emirates A380

Emirates A380 - Dubai miracle garden

The Guinness book of world records awarded the Dubai Miracle Garden an award for this display, because it is the largest flower display in the world. The display is a life-sized replica of an Emirates Airlines Airbus A380.

According to reports, it took 180 days to finish. The workers and artists working on this display worked on it for 10 hours a day for all these 180 days, which totals 1,800 hours of labour to bring this lavish display of imagination to life.

Just for the logo of Emirates Airlines, the official carrier of the United Arab Emirates, 9000 flowers were used. About 50,000 other flowers and living plants were sure to construct the structure of the airplane, making it a gorgeous display of floral art.

Sunflower field

Sunflower field - Dubai miracle garden

Few sights are as beautiful as a large garden of five million sunflowers in a large field. Especially in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, looking into a field of a few million sunflowers bathing in the sunny light of Dubai is nothing short of extraordinary. This sunflower field, for obvious reasons, is a major attraction in the Dubai Miracle Garden.

It is very popular among couples for romantic photoshoots and the younger generation for Instagram photo opportunities. If you happen to be visiting this garden, you should definitely not miss taking in this gorgeous sight of millions of sunflowers. 

Flower Parade

Flower Parade

The flower Parade is exactly what it sounds like. It is a regular parade of live music, street performers, dancers, and musicians, and of course, hundreds and thousands of flowers and plants.

The point of this Flower Parade is to get you in a festive mood to celebrate and make the experience of the Dubai Miracle Garden feel festive. It happens semi-regularly through the day and with extra fervor on holidays and weekends.

It can be great fun for those visitors bringing along children. Make sure to stay for the Flower Parade when you visit the miracle garden Dubai and witness the festive treat to all your senses. 

Smurfs village

Smurfs village - Dubai miracle garden

A new addition to the many installations and displays in the flower garden, the Smurfs village is a huge replica of the village where the Smurfs live, from the popular children’s comic and animated shows and films.

This installation includes scenes and locations that are popular and frequently shown in the comics and movies, such as the homes of the Smurfs, their village square, topiaries, streams, forests, and so on. The planners also plan on including an activity area for children so the installation can be more interactive for kids.

The Smurfs village will soon also host themed performances and shows by characters of the Smurfs franchise during the evenings, making it a must-visit if you are bringing children along.

Hill Top

Hill Top - Dubai miracle garden

With huge vertical gardens made of plants and flowers, and several floral installations, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a huge attraction. In one large nook of this large space, an area called the hill top offers fantastic views of the whole garden.

It is on a lower level compared to the rest of the installation, and you need to pass through various passageways to get here, making it a little bit like a valley of flowers.

The view of the rising gardens around it is gorgeous, and this makes for a good space for a little bit of rest before you continue with your walk to see the rest of the attractions. This area also has several cafes, ice cream bars and snack stalls.

The heart passage

The heart passage - Dubai miracle garden

The heart passage is a long walk through a tunnel-like passage made of many floral heart-shaped installations. The giant heart-shaped arches create a lovely passage which has become a very popular photo spot. Each walkway or arch is adorned with thousands of flowers in red, white, blue, pink, and several other floral colors.

In addition to being a great backdrop for your photos, it can also be a lovely experience walking through this heart passage with a loved one who you should visit the garden with.

Umbrella Tunnel

Umbrella Tunnel

The umbrella Tunnel is a very creatively and aesthetically designed section of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Here, in the middle of the long vertical garden walls, hundreds of colorful umbrellas are placed. Plants are arranged between the gaps of the umbrellas, to create a gorgeous forest canopy.

From each umbrella, a bunch of flowers of the same color hang. The umbrella tunnel reflects light very well making it a great spot for photographs, along with the vertical gardens and the plants. You should surely make time to walk through this lovely tunnel.

To stop to catch your breath and take in the lovely view, there are many benches laid around. Several tables laid around so you can sit comfortably and even eat here, if you choose to do so.

Lake Park

Lake Park

At the center of the Dubai Miracle Garden, there is a lovely spot called the Lake Park. A gorgeous and crystal clear man-made lake is nestled right in the middle of several beautiful gardens. Floral installations of trees, windmills, and little houses dot the scene, making it look like a little European village.

You can stroll through this Lake Park, and walk along the little florally decorated bridges, or you can stop and sit at the many benches overlooking this lake park. With many species of plants and flowers used to make the scene, it is gorgeous and vibrant. It’s a great spot for pictures and selfies. 

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices

The Dubai Miracle Garden put out updated ticket prices recently on the official website. Ticket prices for adults cost 75 dirhams. For children aged 3-12, it costs 50 dirhams per ticket. Kids below 3 years old can enter for free.


We hope this virtual tour of the world’s largest flower garden was fun to read. It should have given you enough information on what to expect if you visit Miracle Garden Dubai. We definitely recommend that you visit this world’s largest natural garden for a floral treat to your senses.


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