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10 Fastest Roller Coasters in the World (2023)

Among the wonders of modern civilizations, roller coasters have left the deepest impression. There is no five-star amusement park today that does not have this adventure ride as its prime attraction. Often, an amusement park is known simply for the roller coaster that it offers. The fastest roller coaster in the world are scattered in different countries.

For travelers who religiously study the places they visit, our article could be of great use. Young or old, the fastest roller coasters in the world mentioned below should be experienced by all adventure enthusiasts. Let’s start our list with the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

Red Force (roller coaster), Spain

The Red Force rollercoaster, located in Spain, travels at 112 mph. It was opened in 2017 as a part of Ferrari Land. It is also a part of the Port Aventura resort. Most people who visit Spain for the first time, prefer to stay here and enjoy this ride at least once. Although we must claim that you would like to experience this again and again.  

Red Force makes use of magnetic motors to launch its trains and goes towards the top hat tower. This would look quite similar to the top thrill dragster as well as the Kingda Ka. It is the fastest roller coaster in Europe. Moreover, it is also the tallest roller coaster in all of Europe. It is located in Salou, Tarragona, Spain. The magnetic induction rocket coaster is even environmentally friendly.

Height: 112 m
Duration: 39 seconds
Timings: 10:30am–4pm
Contact: +34 977 77 90 90
Location: Av. Pere Molas, s/n, 43840, Tarragona, Spain (Get Directions)

Superman: Escape from Krypton, Valencia, CA 

Superman: Escapes from Krypton is a themed rollercoaster park located in Valencia, California. Your mind will be boggled to know that it has a 415-foot-tall tower. It is the first roller coaster that was able to reach 100 mph at the time of its construction. Back in 1997, it was the world’s tallest roller coaster, other than being the fastest. Although the prototype of this ride often broke down, in 2011, it was reconstructed.  

Six Flags made Superman with new cars, and now it runs higher and faster than ever before. Unlike other roller coasters, it does not have much downtime. It is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. The best part is that it is environmentally friendly with a magnetic induction shuttle coaster. 

Height: 126 m
Duration: 28 seconds
Timings: 10:30am–6pm
Contact: +1 661-255-4111
Location: 26101 Magic Mountian Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355, US (Get Directions)

Steel Dragon 2000, Japan 

Of course, we have to have another mention from Japan. The Steel Dragon 2000 has a great speed of 95 mph. It is quite a long roller coaster and spans a great distance. Unlike most roller coasters that we have mentioned on this list, Steel Dragon uses a traditional lift hill. It can rise to a remarkable number of 318 feet.  

You might need to know that it takes quite a long time to climb up this huge hill. However, for your patience, you are rewarded with a brain-melting quick speed of 95 mph downhill. This is an experience that only a few fastest roller coasters in this world can claim to give you. It is located at Nagashima Spa land in Japan. It is a Terra coaster. 

Height: 97 m
Duration: 4 minutes
Timings: 10am–5pm
Contact: +81 594-45-1111
Location: 333 Nagashimacho Urayasu, Kuwana, Mie 511-1135, Japan (Get Directions)

Fury 325, North Carolina


The Fury 325 North Carolina has a speed of 95 mph. The people who have read the entries above might think that 95 isn’t that much of a great speed. However, letters inform you that 95 mph is one of the most exhilarating speeds you can experience on a roller coaster. When it debuted in 2015, it was claimed to be the world’s tallest roller coaster. It is as high as 325 feet. 

 It is also known as the Giga coaster for the same reason. Like the steel Dragon, Fury 325 also makes use of a traditional lift hill. Let us mention here, that lift hills were the original concept of high-speed roller coasters. This is located at Carowinds, Charlotte, NC. It is an out-and-back Giga coaster that will leave you gasping for breath every second of the ride. 

Height: 99 m
Duration: 3 minutes
Timings: 10am–10pm
Contact: +1 704-588-2600
Location: 300 Carowinds Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, US (Get Directions)

Millennium Force, Ohio 

Millennium Force is another popular roller coaster based in Ohio. It has a speed of 93 mph. It is also located at Cedar Point and it is clear that they love fast rides. This is a trail machine that will make you remember the importance of being stable on the ground! Writing this coastal can be a dizzying experience, and the right is so intense that some passengers are known to get panic-stricken.  

They often experience grey-out moments when they are on board, meaning that they simply pass out. Oddly enough, even though it is terrifying in its first job, Millennium Force will not deliver any out-of-your-seat airtime. This means, that this ride probably feels like the safest one (Although every mention is equally safe).

Height: 94 m
Duration: 2 minutes
Timings: 10am–10pm
Contact: +1 419-627-2350
Location: 1 Cedar Point Dr, Sandusky, OH 44870, US (Get Directions)

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Leviathan, Canada 


Last but not least, we have Leviathan Canada. This amazing roller coaster has a speed of 92 mph. This is the fastest roller coaster in Canada and comes on the list of the fastest roller coaster in the world. It is also the tallest roller coaster in the country. The best part about the site is that it is extremely smooth and sleek.  

The simple architecture of this roller coaster is a wonderful study for people who like modern man-made structures/machines. It has been built by Bolliger and Mabillard, The most famous roller coaster company. It is located at Canada’s Wonderland, Maple, Ontario, just outside Toronto. This is also an out-and-backs Giga coaster. It has a beautiful green Anaconda-like front which gives it an even more terrifying vibe. 

Height: 93 m
Duration: 3 minutes
Timings: 10am–8pm
Contact: +1 905-832-8131
Location: 1 Canada’s Wonderland Drive, Maple, ON L6A 1S6, Canada (Get Directions)

Top Thrill Dragster, Ohio 

Top Thrill Dragster

Top thrill dragster. This is the name that must be familiar to every resident of Ohio. Even this rollercoaster has a racing car theme. Once you sit on it, you will experience what Formula One riders experience. It has a nerve-rattling speed that goes as high as 120 mph. It was also one of our hydraulic launch system roller coasters. The right will be slow for about one second and after that, it will be like traveling on a space rocket. It is extremely similar to Kingda Ka.  

Although, it is only a tad bit slower and shorter. However, the right is much smoother and preferred by people who want to have a more sensational ride. It is located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. The carts are not very long, so you might want to pre-book your ride. 

Height: 128 m
Duration: 17 seconds
Contact: +1 419-627-2350
Location: 1 Cedar Point Dr, Sandusky, OH 44870, US (Get Directions)

Formula Rossa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 

Formula Rossa - fastest roller coasters in the world

Ladies and gentlemen, make sure you’re strapped in tight for this electrifying ride in Abu Dhabi. Have you ever wondered, what is the fastest roller coaster in the world? Well, The Formula Rossa of Ferrari World is your answer. This roller coaster can reach an astonishing speed of 149.1 mph or 240 km/h. And this is achieved in mere 4.9 seconds. There could hardly be anything faster than this. Formula Rossa climbs up to 171 feet and generates as much as 1.7 Gs. 

The ride first begins inside the Ferrari World, accelerates at hyper-speed across the dome, zooms outside the park, and then returns to the loading station. Even the coaster’s carts are made to look like little Ferrari race cars! This is a hydraulic launch coaster- an even rarer technology that is seldom found in the world. 

Height: 52 m
Duration: 1 minute 32 seconds
Contact: +971 2 496 8000
Location: FJM6+MXF – Yas Island – Abu Dhabi – UAE (Get Directions)

Kingda Ka, New Jersey 

Kingda Ka - fastest roller coasters in the world

Kingda Ka happens to be the fastest roller coaster in the US. It happened to be the fastest roller coaster in the world for a couple of years. However, the mention above eclipsed it. However, it is 456 feet high and is still the tallest roller coaster in the world. It reaches a crazy fast speed in a matter of a few seconds. This roller coaster also makes use of a hydraulic launch system. If you are in the US, we recommend that you try this ride. 

 It is located at the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. You will get some stunning views up from the roller coaster. However, we doubt you will be able to keep your eyes open if you are a first-time rider. We even recommend that you carry your goggles since dust could enter your eyes. We would also recommend not taking your children on this rollercoaster. The speed of this coaster is 128 mph. 

Height: 139 m
Duration: 50 seconds
Contact: +1 732-928-1821
Location: 1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527, US (Get Directions)

Do-Dodonpa, Japan 


When it comes to adventure sports, Japan has always been one of the most beautiful countries in the world. When you see the Do-Dodonpa for the first time, you will get a chill in your spine and you might reconsider taking the ride in the first place. It has a great travel speed of 112 mph. Do-Dodonpa makes use of the advanced compressed Air launch system. It can achieve a speed of 112 mph in only 2 seconds. The adrenaline rush that you get here is incomparable.  

This roller coaster will rise and down a top hat tower, which is 161 feet tall. What makes it even more nerve-wracking is the 90 degrees angle it is constructed in. The whole right will finish in about 55 seconds, but it will make you feel like you’ve been riding for hours. It is located at Fuji Q, Highland, Yamanashi, Japan. It is an F1 trust air coaster. Do-Dodonpa is shorter in duration because of its amazingly fast speed. 

Height: 49 m
Contact: +81 555-23-2111

Location: Japan, 〒403-0017 Yamanashi, Fujiyoshida, Shinnishihara, 5 Chome−6−1 富士急ハイランド (Get Directions)


The list above gives the fastest roller coasters in the world. All the rides above are the legacies shared by the modern man of today and must be experienced at least once. Let us add at the end, that all mentioned above are made of steel. If you are looking for the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster, then stay tuned to our site. We shall be publishing much more of such content soon. Happy thrilling!  

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