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10 Best Flyboarding Dubai to Enjoy in 2023

Dubai is a city of luxury and adventure, and there’s no better way to experience both than by flyboarding. Flyboarding is a relatively new water sport that involves using a jetpack to propel yourself out of the water and into the air. It’s an exhilarating experience that’s perfect for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. If you’re looking for the best place to Flyboard in Dubai, here are 10 of the best spots:

Best Flyboarding Dubai:

Nemo WaterSports Flyboard

Nemo WaterSports Flyboard

Looking for an unforgettable experience in flyboarding Dubai? Look no further than the Nemo WaterSports Jet Ski Dubai & Flyboard! With this amazing activity, you’ll be able to fly above the water on a Flyboard, powered by a water jetpack. You’ll be able to perform tricks and jumps up to 10 meters in the air, all while taking in the incredible views of Dubai. This is an activity that is perfect for both adults and kids and is sure to create lasting memories. So book your session today and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Discover the thrill of Flyboarding in Dubai with Nemo WaterSports. Experience the sensation of jet propulsion as you soar high into the sky, reaching new heights and enjoying stunning views of the cityscape. With their experienced instructors, you’ll be flying like a pro in no time. So come and join them for an unforgettable experience that will have you coming back for more.

Timings: 7:00am-7:00pm
Contact: +971 50 471 7002
Location: Fishing Harbour – Jumeirah St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 2 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Ride in Dubai Watersports Flyboard

Ride in Dubai Watersports Flyboard

Looking for something new and exciting to try? Look no further than Flyboarding Dubai Watersports Jetski & Flyboard! With Flyboards already under production, this is the perfect time to get familiar with these fascinating machines.

The benefits of flyboarding in Dubai include human wellbeing and a thrilling adventure that will get your heart racing. This 21st-century invention is powered by water and is perfect for any adrenaline junkie.While it may look like something out of Iron Man, flyboarding is a safe and fun activity for all ages.

So come on down to Ride in Dubai Watersports Jetski & Flyboard and discover a new way to have fun and stay fit! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The Jetski and Flyboard activities are perfect for getting your heart rate up and working every muscle in your body. Not to mention, the views of Dubai from the water are absolutely incredible.

Flyboarding is a great workout for your cardiovascular system and muscles, and exposure to the properties of water can have mental and physical healing benefits. This activity is also great for improving coordination and balance, and building core strength. So come on down and give it a try – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Timings: 9:00am-6:00pm
Contact: +971 52 714 2600
Location: Po Marinas Harbor, Jumeirah 4 – Al Fintaas St – Umm Suqeim – Jumeirah 3 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Hydro Water Sports Dukes The Palm

Hydro Water Sports

Looking for an exhilarating way to enjoy the water? Then look no further than Hydro Water Sports and our amazing flyboarding experiences!

These cutting-edge activities let you soar above the waves, propelled by powerful jets of water. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to zip around once you get the hang of it, and our expert instructors will be on hand at all times to help you out.

Not only is flyboarding great fun, but it’s also a great workout too. You’ll quickly build up muscle strength and endurance as you power yourself through the waves. And with stunning views of Dubai’s skyline to admire as you go, you’ll soon see why this is one activity you won’t want to miss!

Timings: 10:00am-6:00pm
Contact: +971 54 598 5353
Location: Oceana Palm – Jumeirah – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Sky & Sea Adventures

Sky & Sea Adventures

Welcome to the exciting world of flyboarding Dubai marina! This brand new water sport is the perfect way to add some adventure to your day. With a fly-board, you’ll be able to soar through the air and enjoy stunning views of the sea and sky. It’s an incredibly exhilarating experience that you won’t soon forget. What’s more, it’s also a great workout!

Sky & Sea Adventures offer an unparalleled range of water sports and leisure activities for those who love the water. Whether you’re looking for discovery and exploration, or an exciting vacation with the family, we have something for everyone. Their active and amazing selection includes Parasailing, Jet skiing, Scuba diving, donut rides, and fishing. Make your day fun, with Sky & Sea Adventures!

Timings: 8:30am-6:00pm
Contact: +971 4 399 9005
Location: Hilton – The Walk – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Watersports by First Yacht

Watersports by First Yacht

They offer all sorts of water activities, from jet skiing and wakeboarding to kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. And the best part is, all of our activities come with free beach access! Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a leisurely way to enjoy the water, we have something for everyone. The jet ski tours are a great way to see Dubai from a different perspective. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, try flyboarding or wakeboarding!

If you just want to relax and take in the sights, they also offer electric boat sightseeing tours and pedalo rentals. And for the little ones, they have inflatable rides and water step bikes. So what are you waiting for? Book your activity today and come experience the best watersports in Dubai!

Timings: 8:30am-6:00pm
Contact: +971 58 884 9240
Location: La Mer by Meraas – 1 2 A St – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Yoush Water Sports Jet Ski Dubai

Yoush Water Sports Jet Ski Dubai

Yoush Watersports has got you covered! They offer a wide range of watersports activities, perfect for both kids and adults. From Jet Skiing and Flyboarding in Dubai marina to Wakeboarding and Stand Up Paddle, there’s something for everyone. And the best part is that all our activities come with FREE beach access! So what are you waiting for? Book your adventure today!

With professional instruction, you’ll quickly learn the basics and be flying high above the water in no time. It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling like a superhero!

Timings: 8:00am-6:30pm
Contact: +971 55 759 9022
Location: P&O Marina Port Fishing Harbor – Jumeirah St – JUMEIRAH 5 – Umm Suqeim 2 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Seabreacher Diving Club and Water Sports

Seabreacher Diving Club

Are you looking for an extreme water sport that will take you to new heights? Look no further than flyboarding with Seabreacher Diving Club and Water Sports. With the experienced and friendly instructors, you will be guided through this thrilling activity, learning how to rise into the air, dive and jump out of the water.

Whether you choose the 15 or 30 minute experience Flyboarding Dubai price AED420, you will be sure to have the time of your life as you fly above the water like a superhero. This is the perfect activity for thrill seekers and anyone who loves excitement. So what are you waiting for? Come and try flyboarding with them today!

Timings: 8:30am-6:30pm
Contact: +971 56 565 5845
Location: 1 9 A St, Dubai – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Popeye Jetski Rental

Popeye Jetski Rental

Looking for an exhilarating ride on the water? Look no further than Popeye Jetski Rental! They offer jetski, flyboard Dubai, and jetpack rides that will leave you feeling exhilarated. The donut and eFoil rides are perfect for those looking for a relaxed ride on the water. And for those wanting to try something new, they offer custom rides that are sure to create lasting memories. The friendly staff will make sure you have a wonderful experience, so book your next ride with them today!

With the Flyboard or Jetpack experience, you’ll be flying high above the water in no time. They offer 30-minute sessions for flyboarding in Dubai price AED350, so you can make the most of your time. Ready to book? Just head to the website or contact them today.

Timings: 7:00am-6:00pm
Contact: +971 55 285 1012
Location: Main Entrance – Fishing Harbour 2, Umm Suqueim 1 – Jumeirah 4 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Sun And Fun Dubai

Sun And Fun Dubai

Welcome to Sun and Fun! The Jet Ski Tours are the perfect way to explore Dubai from the sea. With the experienced guides, you’ll be able to visit all of the city’s famous landmarks while getting your heart pumping with some extreme fun.

The gallery showcases some of our latest news and adventures, so be sure to check it out and follow them on social media. They’re passionate about what they do and love sharing our experiences with others. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry – they offer lessons for first-time jet ski riders. So come on down and join them for some Sun and Fun!

Flyboarding is the latest craze sweeping the nation and it’s easy to see why. Imagine being propelled high into the air and flying around like a superhero! The flyboarding experience is perfect for thrill-seekers who are looking for an adrenaline rush. You’ll be attached to a jet ski which will provide the propulsion to power you through the air and water. And with our experienced instructors on hand, you’ll be flying high in no time!

Timings: 8:00am-5:45pm
Contact: +971 54 303 5799
Location: 78 2 C St – Umm Suqeim – Jumeirah 3 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Xtreme Water Sports

Xtreme Water Sports

Looking for an extreme water sports adventure in Dubai? Look no further than Xtreme Water Sports! They offer a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities like jetskiing, flyboarding, and more.

The flyboarding sessions are the perfect way to experience the city from new and exciting heights. soar through the air and get a bird’s eye view of the skyline from the Burj Al Arab or Dubai Marina. The certified instructors will make sure you have a safe and fun experience. So come on down to Xtreme Water Sports and let us help you make some amazing memories!

Timings: 8:00am-6:00pm
Contact: +971 50 503 3345
Location: Fishing Harbour – Al Fintaas St – Umm Suqeim – Jumeirah 3 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)


Dubai is home to many different water sports and activities that will leave you feeling exhilarated. From flyboarding to jetskiing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of flyboarding experiences available in Dubai, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a relaxed ride on the water, you’ll find it here. So what are you waiting for? Book your experience today!

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