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8 Most Haunted Places in Ohio That You Can’t Visit at Night

There are quite a number of Haunted places in Ohio where you can have your fair share of all things horror, eerie, ghostly, and just straight-up creepy. While there are a number of such places, there are a few that we think are the most haunted and you cannot miss. Well, visiting these places and experiencing a haunting is one of the most exciting things you can do here in Ohio.

Haunted Places in Ohio: 

The Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory - Haunted places in Ohio

Let’s start the list with undoubtedly the most haunted places in Ohio, The Ohio State Reformatory. This haunted place is located at 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, Ohio. Well, the place has been a popular backdrop for Hollywood and has been used as a set for popular films and TV shows. One such example is The Shawshank Redemption. Mansfield’s Ohio State Reformatory was in operation from 1896 to 1990. Formerly known as the Mansfield Reformatory, The Ohio State Reformatory comes with a large bloody history.

To begin with, this reformatory is a historic prison that started its existence as an idealistic experiment. Well, the experiment was to house nonviolent offenders and, as the name suggests, reform them. However, over time, overcrowding became a major issue and there were as many as four men per cell in this historic prison. 

All this led to turning even the most docile prisoners into violent and showed inhuman conditions. Following this, there were soon several cases of suicides, escape attempts turned murderous, riots, accidental shootings, and more. As a result, the prison was ordered to close down by the authorities.

Today, this historic prison is a popular ghost and haunted tour destination. There are a number of stories of visitors experiencing strange noises, shadows, etc. These visitors also tell of experiencing feelings of rage, despair, and anger while on their tour in this prison. Well, you can go for self-guided tours and audio tours of the site. You can also visit the Reformatory when it becomes a haunted house for Halloween. 

Timings: 11 AM-4 PM
Contact: +1 419-522-2644
Location: 100 Reformatory Rd, Mansfield, OH 44905, US (Get Directions)

Loveland Castle Museum

Loveland Castle Museum - Haunted places in Ohio

The next most haunted places in Ohio after The Ohio State Reformatory is the Loveland Castle Museum. Loveland Castle Museum is also quite popular and well-known by the name Château Laroche. The museum is nestled on the banks of the Little Miami River north of Loveland, Ohio, United States. Well, it all began in the year  1920, when a WWI vet and a medievalist, named Harry Andrews began to build a castle by hand. Harry was a castle obsessive with no architectural experience. However, still, he somehow managed to start constructing his castle from homemade bricks and rocks. 

With minimal outside help, for over 50 years, Andrews worked on and lived in the structure he’d christened. Well, he built the castle in the style of a Medieval castle. He named the castle after a military hospital in the Château de la Roche in southwest France. If you’re wondering what on earth “Château Laroche” means, then it simply means “Rock Castle” in French.

Later in the year 1981, Andrew died from complications from a fire he’d started on the castle roof. Amidst all these, there were several incidents reported by the castle volunteers of slamming doors, footsteps, knocking, and other unexplained incidents. It’s also heard and believed that Andrews himself reported having the same experiences. The castle has been extensively upgraded and renovated over the years. Today, it features picnic facilities, a garden, scenic views, games, and tours. Still, the haunted aspect of it remains there.

Timings: 11 AM-5 PM
Contact: +1 513-683-4686
Location: 12025 Shore Dr, Loveland, OH 45140, US (Get Directions)

The Ridges

The Ridges - Haunted places in Ohio

The place that we now call The Ridges and is now owned by Ohio University was previously a lunatic asylum. Well, The Ridges, was originally a Kirkbride Plan mental hospital and the Athens Lunatic Asylum. Also, the Ridges once partially functioned as a tuberculosis ward.  The place opened in the year 1868 and operated from 1874 until 1993. For all its years of operation, the place provided care for Civil War veterans, the homeless, the elderly, children, and all those declared mentally unwell. 

Treatments that are questionable today were practiced on these patients. Well, these patients had to undergo treatments like lobotomies and prescribed psychotropic drugs. Not just the treatments, but the causes for many patient’s admission were also questionable. There were patients who were admitted for masturbation, menstrual derangements, and even minor alcohol addictions. To add up to all these, the patients who died, unclaimed by family, were buried in one of the three cemeteries on the property itself. 

As we’ve covered the history of the place, now, let’s look into one of the most popular ghost stories about the place. Well, the story is of a patient who went missing for nearly 42 days and was found dead later n a locked and abandoned section of the hospital. The patient was Margaret Schilling and was found dead in a naked condition with her clothes neatly folded next to her. Not just this, but her decomposing body left such an imprint on the floor that still cannot be removed. There are incidents of people experiencing disembodied voices, echoing screams, shadows, and apparitions peering through windows. 

Timings: 10 AM-5 PM
Location: 118 Ridges Cir, Athens, OH 45701, US (Get Directions)

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Bloodviews Haunted House

Bloodviews Haunted House

If you are looking for an artificial place where you can experience horror, thrill, spookiness, and eerieness, Bloodviews Haunted House is the place for you. Well, unlike other entries on the list, Bloodviews Haunted House is not a naturally haunted place. Instead, the place is man-made and built in a way to entertain visitors looking for something haunted. If you don’t want to take the risk of going to all the naturally haunted and paranormal places out there, this is the best option for you. 

You can visit Bloodviews Haunted House to get an interactive dark experience. Here, once you cross the archway inside the house, you’ll be surrounded by artificial monsters. Although everything here is artificial and just for entertainment, you’ll never feel like they’re not real. These monsters will interact, hunt, and entertain you throughout. 

The best part about Bloodviews Haunted House is that the owners of the place keep putting in efforts to raise money for local and national causes. The owners and other members of the place have been scaring for charity for over more than 40 years. So, while you’re visiting this place, you get to do two things simultaneously. You not only get to have a great experience but you also get to contribute to a great noble cause. 

Contact: +1 440-526-9148
Location: 1010 Towpath Rd, Broadview Heights, OH 44147, US (Get Directions)

The Gill House

The Gill House

The Gill House is located at Harding Way W, Galion, Ohio, and is spread over 6,000 square feet. Well, just like other entries on the list, The Gill House also comes with a large history. The property till date has been passed down to three different owners. It has been named after its original owners, Bloomer Gill, and Nellie Gill.

The Gills were associated with the early automobile industry. They were often visited by family friends, Thomas, Alva, Edison, and others. Following this tradition of the Gills, the current owners of the property, each year, welcome visitors for tours, historical talks, art happenings, prom pictures, and several other community events. Hence, you can be part of one of these events and take a tour of this haunted places in Ohio. 

Location: 342 Harding Way W, Galion, OH 44833, US (Get Directions)

Fairfield County Infirmary

Fairfield County Infirmary - Haunted places in Ohio

The next most haunted place in Ohio is the Fairfield County Infirmary. Well, we don’t say that the school is haunted just for the sake of it. This building was previously used as a poor farm, orphanage, and even a morgue for the city. Well, during tuberculosis, the place was used as a morgue and even housed a variety of mentally ill patients. 

A few years back, a team of paranormal investigators went on a trip from Tennessee to stay for three days inside Fairfield County Infirmary. Well, even they agreed it to be one of the most haunted destinations out there and they document their experiences.

At Fairfield County Infirmary, they have experienced the air often getting heavy. They had the feeling as if someone is watching them, especially, around the bend of the hallways. Also, throughout the hallways of the building, they have heard several audible sounds such as whistles. 

So, if you are looking for a perfect opportunity to test your courage on a “public hunt”, then The Fairfield County Infirmary is for you. This place is the perfect spooky spot to be sure to visit for a flashlight tour. Make sure you go alongside a group of friends you trust. Well, you can visit this place located at Granville Pike, Lancaster, Ohio.

Location: 1587 Granville Pike, Lancaster, OH 43130, US (Get Directions)

Poasttown Elementary School

Poasttown Elementary School

Located at Trenton Franklin Road, Middletown, Poasttown Elementary School is one of the most mysterious places in Ohio. Well, this former elementary school is considered to be haunted by former students. This former school sits in the quiet background of Middletown, Ohio, and has been closed since the 90s. 

More than 100 paranormal investigators agree that the school is haunted, including its owner Darrell Whisman. Darrell Whisman was a former teacher at this school. He made Poasttown Elementary his home and it was later in the year 2016 that he told the world about the paranormal activities he have been experiencing at the school. He told WCPO in Cincinnati in 2016, that he along with other staff at the school experienced many unexplainable events.

Firstly, they used to hear desks being drug across the floor above them. Secondly, they used to hear little kids’ footsteps despite having no such kids on the school premises. Thirdly, Darrell tells that he heard strange voices when there was nobody in the building except him and his wife. 

Another theory for the Poattown Elementary School being haunted is that it is believed to have been near several tragic train accidents. Well, one such incident was in 1910 in which 2 locomotives collided, taking the lives of nearly 30 people. It is believed that the spirits of those who died in all those tragic accidents remain on the premises.

Contact: +1 513-464-1330
Location: 6600 Trenton Franklin Rd, Middletown, OH 45042, US (Get Directions)

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Martin Bushnell House

Martin Bushnell House - Haunted places in Ohio

Last but not least, we have Martin Bushnell House on this list. Well, the house is a historic site located in the city of Mansfield, Ohio. The Martin Bushnell House was built back in the year 1892 and was home to Martin Bushnell. He was a prominent civic leader, businessman, and politician. It is one of the most mysterious places in Ohio you can visit.

Area: 4,047 m²
Timings: 9 AM-5 PM
Location: 34 Sturges Ave, Mansfield, OH 44902, US (Get Directions)


So, with this, we come to this list of the ‘Most Haunted Places In Ohio’. There are the top such places out there that we think can offer you the best-haunted experience. Make sure that you don’t get into any extreme situations and don’t put yourself in any kind of danger. While visiting haunted places in Columbus Ohio, try to avoid going solo and visiting with a group.


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