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10 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dubai

Riding a hot air balloon Dubai is one of the things that you should try to experience if you are planning to visit the city for a vacation. It is an amazing experience that will give your senses a good amount of pleasure. Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It has some of the best modern architectural marvels. Surrounding the city are amazing beaches and a beautiful desert.

If you want to enjoy your vacation in Dubai then you have to enjoy the modernities, the culture, the nature, and the history of the place. One of the activities that you can partake in is a Dubai hot air balloon ride. As we mentioned before, it is an amazing experience. You soar in the sky a few thousand feet above the ground. It gives you great visibility allowing you to enjoy the landscape below. 

Not only that but you can also enjoy a decent view of the sunrise in Dubai. You can, of course, ask around and book a hot air balloon ride yourself but sometimes going with a package makes things a lot easier for you. Of course, you need to have the budget for it. But if you do a part of your budget to have this experience you will like it a lot. Besides the hot air balloon ride Dubai, the packages often include a couple of other activities as well. They also offer breakfasts. So, we decided to look in some of the packages for hot air balloon rides Dubai.

Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dubai:


Hot Air Balloon Flight in Dubai

If you are looking for a nice Dubai hot air balloon ride then you can check out this package by Viator. You get to enjoy breakfast, go for a hot air balloon ride and also enjoy a nice camel ride.

The tour costs around Rs. 27, 194. With this package, you can enjoy three of the most magical experiences in Dubai. This package ensures that you have a nice time during your vacation while actively doing things that can be a highlight of your vacation. Here are the features of the trip.

  • First up, you get to enjoy a nice hot air balloon ride. Sometimes the best view is from a bird’s eye. So, gliding in a hot air balloon above the cityscape of Dubai will give you an amazing experience.
  • After the calming ride, you should start to feel a bit hungry. In this package, a good-quality gourmet breakfast is included. So, you can enjoy a nice meal before moving on to the next activity.
  • There is also a camel ride included in the package. Riding camels in the desert can be a unique experience as well.
  • The company will provide pick-up and drop-off to any location you want in Dubai. 


Amazing balloon

One of the best ways to appreciate the beautiful landscape of Dubai is to view it from the sky. Airplanes fly too high to let you see anything clearly. But if you get into a hot air balloon then you can not only have a much better view but also a calm, relaxing, and unique experience.

If you want to enjoy a Dubai hot air balloon ride then this package on Tripadvisor might be useful. The hot air balloon price in Dubai for this package is $335 per adult. That may seem expensive for just a hot balloon ride but there are some additional features included in the package.

  • You don’t have to drive to the location where they launch these rides. The company will pick you up and drop you at the appropriate location.
  • The entire thing takes around 4 to 5 hours. If you want to have more fun during the ride then there will be a falcon flight demonstration. You can see this amazing creature soar in the sky.
  • Breakfast is included with this package. After your ride, you will feel hungry. So, you will be taken to a nice spot where you can have some delicious local cuisine.


Hot Air Balloon Ride over Dubai Desert

If you want to experience Dubai nicely then you have to do things that are sort of the highlights of a Dubai vacation. With this next package by Viator, you can enjoy a couple of nice activities having enough time to do stuff spontaneously.

This package costs Rs. 29,303. You will have a lot of fun in Dubai. Everything for the activities will be taken care of by the company. You just have to relax and enjoy yourself. Here are some of the main features of this Dubai Package.

  • First, you can enjoy a relaxing hot air balloon ride Dubai. If you have been looking for good options for Dubai hot air balloon rides then you can book this package. Let the company take care of it.
  • The company will arrange pick-up from your hotel and bring you to the launch site. The ride will take place over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. You can enjoy the desert landscape from above.
  • During your ride, you can choose to watch a falcon demonstration. The trainer will demonstrate a falcon flight. These birds are just amazing!
  • A delicious gourmet breakfast is included with this package. You will be driven to this site via a 1950s Land Rover. That is a different experience in itself.


Dubai Hot Air Balloon

Enjoying the landscape from a bird’s POV is a different experience altogether. So, if you have always wondered what it feels like to fly high above land as you take in all the scenery then you can go for any of the hot air balloon rides Dubai.

It is one of the best ways to enjoy your trip to Dubai. You can enjoy the amazing view below from 4000 feet above the ground. Since these rides generally take place in the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. The entire ride will provide you with a relaxing experience.

  • This entire trip will take around 5 hours. It is not too expensive. If you have been wondering about the hot air balloon price in Dubai then currently, this package is going for Rs. 33,726.
  • It might seem expensive but you don’t just go for a balloon ride. The company will provide a ride to the launch site and drive you back to the city as well.
  • Besides enjoying the balloon ride in the morning you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast after the ride. You can fill your tummy by eating a nice Arab breakfast.
  • The package also includes camel rides and quad bike rides in the desert. So, yes, you do have a bunch of activities to partake in.


Dubai Desert By Hot Air Balloon

When it comes to booking travel trips, finding the right company and package is important. This next package by Dubai Egy Travel can be found on Tripadvisor. This is a package for those who want to experience Dubai from the sky.

If you have ever wondered what the view is like from the sky at a height where you can still see everything then you have to book this hot air balloon ride Dubai. There are different hot air balloon rides Dubai. This package will ensure that you get to enjoy a nice relaxing ride while experiencing the amazing view from a bird’s POV.

  • The trip will start in the morning. That’s the perfect time to enjoy the magnificent view of Dubai. The ride will be smooth and calming. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation in Dubai.
  • The company will arrange everything. The team will pick you up from the city and take you to the desert where the balloons are launched. Once there, you can enjoy the ride while looking at the beautiful sunrise.
  • Once the ride has begun you can enjoy a falcon show. Next, you will be taken to a decent place to have some delicious Arabic food.

Rayna Tours

Hot Air Balloon Dubai - hot air balloon Dubai

If you want to ride a hot air balloon Dubai then there are multiple packages for it. One of the Dubai hot air balloon ride packages is this next one organized by Rayna Tours. You get to have a unique experience in Dubai as you soar calmly across the sky in the morning hours. Y

ou can see the sun rise slowly as it wakes up the city. You can see the desert landscape. The view is completely worth what you pay for it. This package is a bit cheaper than the other packages we have seen so far. It currently costs Rs. 18,670 per person. Here are some of the main features of the package.

  • The team will arrange for everything related to the ride. The ride takes place before dawn. That way you can watch the sunrise.
  • You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the desert. That’s where the hot air balloon will be launched. The balloon will be ready for the ride once you reach there.
  • Once you have enjoyed the ride you can enjoy a nice breakfast. The package includes a 5-star breakfast box. You also get a certificate for the flight and a group photo.


Dubai: Sunrise Balloon Flight

Experiencing Dubai from high above should be on your checklist. This is a great experience that you will cherish forever. With this package by Balloon Adventures Dubai, you will be able to experience a nice hot air balloon ride in Dubai and enjoy a couple of other activities.

Currently, the cost of this package is around Rs. 28,576 per person. At this price, the team will take care of everything while you just enjoy the ride and the other things included in the package.

  • You will be flying over spectacular dunes in a big hot air balloon. The team works with experienced pilots so that you will have a great ride.
  • After the ride, you can have a tasty dinner. It can consist of hand-cut smoked salmon, fresh fruits and bread.
  • You can get your photo taken with a falcon as well.


Amazing 5N Dubai Tour

This 5 Nights Dubai tour package is flexible. You can choose to build your own itinerary.  There are a couple of activities that the company has added by default but you can choose to add activities that you want to do.

If you are looking for a flexible Dubai package where you can add a hot air balloon ride then you can check out this one. The price of the package will keep changing based on the number of activities you add.

The type of activities you choose to include in your itinerary will also affect the price. But you do get to stay in Dubai for 5 Nights. You can have plenty of free time in between as well. You can choose to do whatever you want during your leisure period. If you have any questions or queries about the package or the itinerary you can contact customer support. You will find the appropriate button at the bottom of your mobile or laptop screen


A 6N Dubai Itinerary

If you want to stay in Dubai for multiple days and are looking for a company that offers flexible packages then you can try this package on the PicYourTrail site. This is a 6 nights package that includes a couple of different activities by default. You can add or remove activities as you wish. Depending on what you choose to do on which days the price of the package will vary. You can include a nice hot air balloon ride there.

The ride will take place before the dawn break. This way when you are up there in the air you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the desert. There can be provisions made for breakfast if you want. If you have questions like you want to know the Dubai hot air balloon price, you can directly connect with the company. 


Hot Air Balloon Ride Dubai

TripXOXO brings you this next package. This company always strives to provide its clients with the best deals at competitive rates. If you are looking for a nice hot air balloon ride package then you can check this one out.

The Dubai hot air balloon price for this package is currently going for Rs 15,999. That’s on the cheaper side of things given the prices of the other packages. So, if you want to experience a hot air balloon ride in Dubai then you can go for it as it can fit your budget.

  • The company ensures that your flight is safe. It has highly experienced pilots who have been doing this for a long time. The crew is quite friendly as well.
  • The package includes pick-up and drop-off from the hotel you are staying at as long as it is within the urban areas of the city.
  • This package includes provisions for a light breakfast for the guest.


So, that was our list of some of the best packages for hot air balloon rides in Dubai. These packages are meant for tourists who want to enjoy Dubai and have a unique experience. With these packages, it becomes easier to do different activities without feeling burned out since the traveling and getting everything ready will be done by the companies. We have tried to collect packages that have different price ranges.

Some have more activities than others. All of them will take you to the site before dawn. You will be riding the hot air balloon very early in the morning and watching the sunrise. All the packages have some form of provision for breakfast. Besides these two things, some packages may have a couple of other activities. Some provide camel rides. You can enjoy riding a camel in the desert. You can also feel the thrill by riding a quad bike on the dunes. 

Some of the packages also include falconry. You basically have a falcon trainer with you on the ride. The falcon flies around you and then comes back. Depending on your budget you can book the package that works for you.

All the packages include pick up and drop off. We suggest you visit the links provided and have a look at the package descriptions. If you have any doubts you can contact the customer support of the travel company. Always get all questions answered before booking the package. We hope this list has good info for packages for the Dubai hot air balloon ride. Wish you a great vacation.

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