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Top 15 Instagrammable Places in Dubai (2023)

There is no doubt that Dubai is the most exciting place to visit on this planet. Perhaps it is because it has an original culture, marked by lavish urbanism. The United Arab Emirates has lots to offer. Firstly, it has a topography that is not present anywhere else. Moreover, Dubai has a flat coastline, which is a rare occurrence. Other than this, Dubai has some of the biggest malls, the Burj Khalifa, the Atlantis, and many other urban attractions. Indeed, just looking at the roads of Dubai can be a life-changing experience. In this article, we will discuss the most Instagrammable places in Dubai.

Besides, these places will not be mentioned in any other blog. Furthermore, we will dive deep into the culture of Dubai. Notably, the best Instagrammable spots in Dubai have not been covered on the Internet. Only the original residents know the real quality of Dubai. Friends, it is a purpose to drive right into the core of this amazing city.

We will not just cover the best Instagrammable places in Dubai. Above all, we will give you a glimpse of the ripest attractions of this ancient city. 

Best Instagrammable Places in Dubai:

Museum of The Future 

Museum of The Future

The name is exciting enough. Moreover, this museum is perfect for people of all ages. Hence, you can bring your children here, if you could not take them to the club the previous night! Modern architecture reaches its peak within this museum. Within this building, you will find futuristic gadgets, services, et cetera.

Hence, you will spend your entire day clicking photographs. Luckily, the place opened only in February 2022. Therefore, most people have not visited the site at all. The exhibits here are extraordinary and out of the world. Firstly, you will find sophisticated robots that display emotions.

Moreover, there are humanitarian themes like climate change exhibited as well. These are stimulations that transport you to a dystopian world. The symbol of this place is a torus-shaped shell. Notably, the shell is one of the most sophisticated designs of the 21st century. Make sure you get a good picture! 

Floors: 9
Height: 78 m
Timings: 10 AM-6 PM
Contact: +971 800 2071
Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 2 – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Adventures in Hatta 

Adventures in Hatta

In Hatta, you will be able to experience an exquisite Mountain exclave, cool crisp air, and some natural wonders. There are various adventure sports you can indulge in. For instance, the terrain is highly dramatic and makes mountain biking very enjoyable. There is also the Hatta dam where you can sail a kayak. you will be able to get a slight experience of the Hajar range as well. There are some luxurious lodges that you can stay at.

For instance, the Damani Lodges and Sedr Trailers are best known among touring crowds. This particular trip will see extremely romantic and thrilling at the same time. You can explore this region with the help of a tour provider. You can try adventure sports within the Hatta Vadi Hub. Furthermore, you can cheque right up to Hill Park or check out the dam. We will also recommend the Honey Bee Garden, where you can see bee rearing very closely. 

Contact: +971 4 852 2200
Location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates (Get Directions)

Skydive Dubai 

Skydive Dubai - Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Now that you have been underwater, it is time to go high up into the sky. Undoubtedly, skydiving in the wife will be the most unforgettable experience of your trip. There are quite a few agents that facilitate skydiving here. Notably, all of these agents will provide a photographer to click pictures of you.

Hence, this makes the activity one of the most Instagrammable Places in Dubai. Moreover, there is a big range of skydiving that you can try in Dubai. For instance, you can try tandem skydiving, you can get trained, or you can go advanced mode! , There are two drop zones that you should focus on. Firstly, that is the desert drop zone.

Secondly, you have the palm drop zone. Both of these attractions are unique, unparalleled, and must-try. Hence come up when you land on earth from the sky, you are back into the Garden of Eden. 

Timings: 7 AM-12 PM
Contact: +971 4 377 8888
Location: Al Seyahi St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Hot Air Ballooning 

Hot Air Ballooning

Let us make one thing clear. If you have seen hot air ballooning pictures on Instagram, the best of them came from Dubai. Notably, Dubai provides hot air ballooning within its desert. This is significant because the desert sands here have a flowy quality. Since the terrain is plain, you will get to see Earth’s horizon in its real glory.

Furthermore, the hot air balloons used here are some of the biggest. These are among the safest writes that you will find on the planet. We advise, that you take your right at the time of sunset or sunrise at dawn. The pictures you click during this time will not only highlight your Instagram but will leave an unforgettable impression on your life.

You will see extraordinary color combinations when Earth and sky meet. This trip will fill you with a vibrancy that lasts a lifetime and transforms your worldview. 

Timings: 9 AM-5 PM
Contact: +971 4 285 5682
Location: Tiffany Tower – Suit no: 1202 – Cluster W – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Dubai Underwater Zoo 

Dubai Underwater Zoo - Instagrammable Places in Dubai

International tourism is incomplete without Dubai’s underwater zoo. To begin with, it is located within the Dubai Mall. The mall itself is one of the best Instagrammable spots in Dubai. The underwater zoo has an astounding 33,000 aquatic animals within it. Moreover, the aquarium consists of over 140 species.

You will find tiger sharks, giant groupers, and rare species that are usually inaccessible to human eyes. The Dubai Underwater Zoo is the largest indoor aquarium in the entire world. Furthermore, it holds Guinness World Record for the largest acrylic pane. It has been designed with extreme care and detail.

Notably, you will come closest to rare aquatic animals like piranhas, sea horses, and the exquisite creations of our planet. Furthermore, it goes one step beyond enthralling marine life. The zoo also covers some rare crocodile species, penguins, otters, etc. The highlight will always be UAE’s night creatures that you will never locate anywhere else. 

Timings: 10 AM-10 PM
Location: Unit SF – 115 – Financial Center Street, – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Three Distinct Deserts 

Three Distinct Deserts 

The articles that talk about the most Instagrammable places in Dubai usually mention ‘Desert Safari’ alone. However, don’t be fooled, and get informed. Factually, there are three different deserts in Dubai. Firstly, there is the Rub’ al Khali or the Great Sandy Desert. It is the largest sand desert in the world. Also, it has the biggest reserves of oil and natural gas.

The famous Dune movie covered shots of this place. Hence, you can imagine how brutal this desert is and how high its sandy dunes are. Secondly, there is the Al Badayer Desert. It is famous because you can take rides here and adrenalin junkies can even go dune-bashing. Or you could simply camp overnight and enjoy quad biking.

Lastly, there is the Liwa Oasis. It is extremely long and covers almost 100 kilometers in a Crescent shape. Moreover, it is a signatory of the UAE’s rural culture. Furthermore, it also boasts of the tallest dune in UAE. The dune, called Tel Moreeb, is traversable and easier to climb than most other desert structures.  

Location: Al Badayer, XP69+479 – Sharjah – UAE (Get Directions)

Palm Jumeirah and Marina 

Palm Jumeirah and Marina - Instagrammable Places in Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah and the Marina Beach are the gems on the crown of this city. These belong to the southernmost districts. Undeniably, Dubai is known for its luxurious stays, resorts, and restaurants. Hence, it is only in Palm Jumeirah and Marina that you can experience modern Dubai. This is the center of 21st-century lush life. Firstly, the nightclubs in this area are recognized around the globe.

The Dubai Marina Waterfront is extremely beautiful with sparkling waters. Furthermore, the beach at JBR is considered one of the most visually stunning waterbodies. Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. It is known for its glittering resorts and the amazing Aqua Venture water park.

However, the prime attraction is its mere construction. It is wonderful, kind calm and one of the first artificial islands to be built on such a high budget. You will also find World Expo 2020 and theme parks within this area. 

Location: The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Ancient Al Fahidi  

Ancient Al Fahidi - Instagrammable Places in Dubai

We promised that we would dive deep into the culture of Dubai. Sincerely speaking, Al Fahidi is among the oldest and most essential parts of Dubai. This used to be an administrative and commercial District act in the 19th century. Firstly, you will discover the original architecture of the boy. Secondly, you will come face to face with the traditions that the natives follow here.  

This neighborhood also hosts numerous cultural festivals. For instance, that is the heritage week and the Sikka art fair. If you can time your vacation right, you will be lucky enough to witness some sacred get-togethers. Furthermore, you will see some traditional tea houses, cafes, museums, and beautiful exhibitions.

Hence, the pictures you click will be more humane. They will showcase your personality and how you interact with this world. Perhaps you have also heard of the famous Textile Souq. If you are looking for a souvenir- take some of Dubai’s finest fabrics! 

Location: Al Fahidi Historical, Bur Dubai – Al Hamriya – Dubai – UAE (Get Directions)

Hajar Mountains 

Hajar Mountains - Instagrammable Places in Dubai

No culture is formed without interacting with its geographical elements. The Hajar mountain range is located in UAE and is the highest in the Arabian Peninsula. Besides, a very scenic section of the mountains is located within Dubai. If you are not afraid of a good hike, then this place is perfect for you.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and takes significant preparation. Some exquisite parts of these mountains are located in Oman and you might need to get your visa modified. Do note that you will be away from the most population. Hence, you will have to carry camping supplies.

There are high chances, that you feel like an ascetic, and get a life-changing experience. This is dry trekking in its purest form and perfect for intermediate trekkers. Most people overlook this section because it is so challenging. However, if you have the guts, then this would be the biggest highlight of your trip to UAE. 

Height: 3,009 m
Location: Al Hajar Mountains, Oman (Get Directions)



Generically speaking, there are five most important cruises in Dubai. Of course, first, we have the Dhow cruise. This gives you an authentic experience of the by and its coastal life. It is the most famous floating restaurant in the city. Dhow refers to a wooden vessel made traditionally in Dubai. Notably, it is very cheap, has the best cuisines, and can give you a great experience within a small budget. 

 On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more luxurious, then you can try the Spice Route cruise, the Arabian Gulf, cruise, the jewels of Arabia and India cruise, as well as the Indian Ocean and Orchid Isles cruise. The peak season for cruising starts from October and lasts till May.

Hence, it is better that you book your journey at least one week in advance. There are also fishing cruises to opt for. W recommend a Cruise where you can see Dubai’s coastal architecture. Undoubtedly, It’s worth the most mesmerizing visual experiences. 


It can take months to truly understand Dubai. However, if you want to start with something significant, then the article above will be perfect for you. It is the best guide to start your journey in Dubai. Doubtlessly, you will discover the most Instagrammable places in Dubai and the world.

We can say with surety that the trip will remain one of the best decisions of your life. Although it might be difficult to cover all the 10 things we have mentioned on the list. However, even if you pick half of them, your vacation shall become unforgettable. This wonderful city will give you the finest tastes in life.

For the youth, there are adventure sports, nightclubs, and luxurious yachts. For young children, there are numerous adventure and theme parks. Furthermore, for people who love culture, there are various historical sites and neighborhoods. Overall, you can enjoy creative museums, festivals, music, cuisines, and urbanity all in one place. It’s time to ‘Live Your Story!” 


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