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30 Best Kids Travel Accessories to Carry Before Travelling

Parenting is a full-time job. When traveling with your kids you need some accessories which will help make your travel easier. There are many tools which you can consider. Traveling with kids is not one of the easiest things to do. Many parents have to take into account many things when they are around their kids.

Similarly, when you travel with your kids there are many considerations that you have to take into account. Traveling with your kids can be the most fun family vacation if you have the necessary accessories to handle your kids throughout the trip.

We understand the importance of having the necessary kids’ travel accessories for parents. So, we have created a list of the best travel accessories which will help you massively whenever you decide to travel with your kids. The best travel accessories for kids are of various kinds and we have taken all of them into account.

You will find the best travel accessories in this list which range from toys, sanitary needs, strollers, and more. Additionally, we have also provided some toddler travel essentials. So, go through this list and find the travel accessories which you need to buy to make your next travel adventure a breeze.

Best Kid’s Travel Accessories:

Amazon Fire HD Kids’ edition

Amazon Fire HD Kids’ edition

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Finding something to keep your kids entertained has to be one of the first things on your list when you think about the best travel accessories for kids. Giving your phone to your children is probably a bad idea due to the tons of unrestricted content they can see on there.

The Amazon Fire Hd is one of the best tablets for children. Your children will be entertained be kept entertained by the massive amount of content they can access on the tablet. Content being viewed by your kid can be restricted by using the in-built app on the tablet.

In other words, you have full control over what your kids see on the tablet. Giving a tablet to your kids will keep them engaged throughout the entire time you are on the road. The compact nature of the tab makes it easy to carry for your kids making it rank among the top car travel accessories for kids.

JLab Folding Headphones

JLab Folding Headphones

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Toddler headphones are one of the must-haves when you take your children out to travel. Using headphones allows your child to watch whatever they want without disturbing you or others around. The JLab foldable headphones are some of the comfiest headphones we have seen for children.

Many belove them to be one of the best travel accessories due to their foldable nature. It can easily fit any bag you are carrying. Buying toddler headphones has to be on your list if you want to keep your kids entertained by watching movies or some Youtube videos. Additionally, these headphones are wireless and your kids will not have to deal with tangled wires. The in-built volume controls make it easy to manage as well.

Ride on Travel Suitcase

Trunki Travel Suitcase

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Getting kids to pack their bags is a struggle for every parent. Ride on travel suitcases are very popular among parents. The main selling point of the suitcase is its unique shape. Ladybird and Tiger are some of the most popular designs they have. The visual appeal of the suitcase makes them great for kids.

There is enough storage space for you to fit all of the necessities. The wheels attached to the suitcase make it easy for your kids to travel with them. In addition, this suitcase becomes a seat for your kids when they get tired. So, these suitcases are some of the best kids’ travel accessories. Your kids will love this product.

Snack Dispenser

Snack Dispenser

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Traveling with a hungry baby is not ideal for any parent. Being hungry makes them grumpy. However, having your kid’s favorite snack with you can help you through these. This snack dispenser helps you to store snacks for your kids. Additionally, it allows you to decide the serving size of the snack as well.

What makes this toddler travel essential is its ability to store formula as well. It is an all-around tool that helps you in more ways than one. Additionally, the funnel makes it easy to pour the snack or formula. The dispenser will help you keep your kids full and prevent them from having a bad trip when you go out to travel.

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Mountain Buggy Bagrider

Mountain Buggy Bagrider

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Traveling through a busy airport with a kid is not the easiest task. The mountain Buggy Bagrider is an innovative product that deals with this problem. By attaching a baby carrier to a suitcase they have solved a huge problem. You get to carry your child and your suitcase through the same contraption.

The suitcase allows you to use the wheels and roll the luggage and your toddler.  This makes it one of the best kids’ travel accessories as it makes it convenient when you have to travel with your kid to an airport. Therefore this accessory is a lifesaver for all parents.

Vacuum water bottle

Vacuum water bottle

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Vacuum water bottles are one of the best travel accessories to carry liquids with you. These bottles help you to maintain the temperature of the liquids you store in them. You can have any drink you choose maintained at the temperature of your choice.

The bottle makes it easy for you to carry hot milk for your toddler. The bottle has a tight lid. Therefore it is unspillable and keeps you from having to clean the mess of your young ones. The straw makes it easy for kids of all ages to drink from the bottle. All in all, this is one of the best bottles you can carry during your travels for your kids.

Water Wipes Baby Wipes

Water Wipes Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes are toddler travel essential. Cleaning up after a toddler is very difficult if you do not have good baby wipes with you. Water Wipes are some of the best baby wipes on the market. Having a high concentration of water makes these wipes soft on the skin.

You will be able to clean your toddler without creating a mess. You can not only clean your baby but the car seats and other surfaces. Having a baby means you will have to deal with the mess. So, having a pack of Water Wipes at your disposal is always a smart choice.

Portable Crib

Portable Crib - best kids travel accessories

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Not all hotels will be able to provide you with a crib. Having your crib makes a lot of sense. You can sleep at night knowing that your toddler is secure. What makes this one of the top toddler travel essentials is its portable nature. To clarify, this crib easily fits the smallest of spaces in your luggage.

The peapod shape of the crib makes it look like a tent for your kids. They will love to sleep in it. If you want to have a good night’s sleep, this portable travel crib is something you have to look at.

Baby carrier

Baby carrier - best kids travel accessories

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Carrying a baby all day is not the easiest of tasks. If you want to prevent your arm from having a full-blown workout with the kid, you should invest in a baby carrier. These carriers not only help you carry the load with ease but also frees up your arm.

Having your child in a carrier can help you move around freely. Taking your kids for hiking trips or outdoor adventures becomes easy with this tool. Trust us this kids’ travel accessory will be a lifesaver for you.

Car Bottle Warmer

Car Bottle Warmer - best kids travel accessories

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Keeping milk and other liquids hot is important for parents. There is only a certain temperature which the milk must be before it is given to kids. A car bottle warmer is a portable tool that can help you achieve the ideal temperature for your milk. Being one of the simplest tools, you will be able to configure it within seconds.

It is an efficient tool that has many practical purposes. Breastmilk and formula are two of the most common things which the device is used to heat up. The temperature of the liquid is maintained fr 30 minutes ensuring it doesn’t go cold.

Booster seat

Booster seat - best kids travel accessories

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Creating a secure environment is a priority for all parents.  When traveling in a car a booster seat is a must for all children. It keeps them protected and safe during their journey. It is one of the top travel accessories for kids in a car. Using the booster seat, you can secure your child to the seat of the car along with allowing them to peer out of the window.

These seats are extremely comfortable and ensure your child has a safe and comfortable journey. Having the option to choose from various colors allows you to find the perfect fit for your car. Above all, it is easy to install and makes it convenient for you to set it up.

Compact Stroller

Compact Stroller - best kids travel accessories

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When choosing a stroller there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, it should be made of a breathable fabric, secondly, it should be lightweight and portable and lastly, it should be affordable. Kolcraft foldable stroller checks all the requirements that a modern parent has.

The seat is one of the most spacious we have seen in this segment. The foldable nature ensures it does not take up much of your boot space when loaded in your car. The stroller is one of the best car travel accessories for kids with top-of-the-line features.

Sippy cup

Sippy cup - best kids travel accessories

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Sippy cup claims to be indestructible and we haven’t been able to prove otherwise. You get a secure experience with a product that cannot be broken by a child. The indestructible nature helps you to save hundreds of dollars. The straw helps even young kids use this cup.

Attractive designs and bright colors make them a favorite among kids. The company only uses child-friendly materials to keep it safe for your kids. An indestructible cup with cool designs to attract your kids almost sounds like a deal that is too good to be true.

Inflatable bed

Inflatable bed - best kids travel accessories

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This product brings an ideal solution to the problems which you might face in hotels. When you book a room for your family, many hotels might not provide you with an extra bed for your kid. In these situations, you should have an inflatable bed with you.

Your kids get their extra space to sleep in and everyone can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. When you have guests at home, you can use these to free up a room for them. They are comfortable. As a result, your kids will love sleeping on it. The large number of use case applications that this product has makes it one of the best travel accessories.

White noise machine

White noise machine - best kids travel accessories

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You might be wondering what a white noise machine is doing in a list of the top kids’ travel accessories. Well, we have a good reason for it. One of the most challenging things while traveling can be to get your kids to sleep. This machine manages to block out all of the noise which your kid which not be used to.

Therefore, allowing them to have an undisturbed sleep. Additionally, the product comes with many lights and can be used as a night lamp. This is among the top travel accessories for kids which gives you multiple utilities.


Kindle - best kids travel accessories

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A Kindle is one of the best travel accessories for kids. Amazon Kindle allows children to read thousands of books with a single click. This tool will help you inculcate the habit of reading in your kids as well. Before you go out on travels, you should load some books for them.

It is more convenient to carry a kindle rather than carrying a few books for every trip you make. Parental control features ensure your kids only read age-appropriate books. Moreover, you can use the Kindle to read bedtime stories to your kids. It prevents the need for having to carry their books with you on every trip you go to.

Electronic sketch pad

Electronic sketch pad - best kids travel accessories

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This is one of the best travel accessories which help your children explore their creativity. The unique selling point of these pads is that you can write and draw things on the pad and delete it with the press of a button.

You get to save a lot of paper and ink when you give this sketch pad to your kids. This is one of those kids’ travel accessories that certainly keep them engaged for hours. Give flight to the creativity of your kid by giving them a pad to draw on while saving paper.

Travel tray

Travel tray - best kids travel accessories

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Feeding your kids or letting them play while traveling can become a messy affair very quickly. Be it the airplane or a car, having a travel tray will make it easier for your kids to have their food or play. These trays might not look like the most glamourous travel accessories for kids but they do a fine job at helping you avoid a mess.

It saves you from having to pick up toys and the thousands of other things which they drop on the floor. You can easily attach this train to a car or an airplane. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to carry. You should look into buying this for your next travels being one of the best travel accessories for kids.

Suitcase scooter

Suitcase scooter - best kids travel accessories

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A scooter is a great toy for any kid. Kids tend to love roaming around in their scooters. Attaching a suitcase to the scooter has led to an upgrade of the product. As a result, this has become one of the best travel accessories on the market.

This gets your kids to carry their luggage around the airport. Once you purchase this, your kids will try to take this on every trip. It is a useful as well as a cool tool to have. Trust us, your kids will think you are the coolest parent when you give them this accessory.

 FlySafe Safety Harness

FlySafe Safety Harness - best kids travel accessories

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A car seat for your kid is a safety essential for your kid. Why shouldn’t you extend this safety in the airplane as well? Airplane seatbelts fit adults perfectly but it is not ideal for kids. FlySafe Safety Harness keeps your child secured to their airplane seat at all times.

Having an added layer of safety for your child on airplanes is great to deal with turbulence. You can take a nap on the plane knowing that your kids are safe. A unique four-point harness system used by them ensures your child is safe in their seat. Additionally, it weighs very less which makes it easy to carry in your luggage.

Busy Boxes

Busy Boxes - best kids travel accessories

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These kids’ travel accessories do exactly as their name suggests. They keep your kids busy during their travel. Not having anything to keep your kid engaged with can make them agitated. Puzzles, toys, crosswords, and other items are put in these busy boxes.

Additionally, there are a lot of craft items that explore the creativity of your kids as well. Your kid will love the tons of things that are present in the box. It will keep them engrossed for hours. However, due to the small size of the items, they can be lost quite easily. So you’ll have to keep an eye out for the missing pieces.

Inflatable leg rest

Inflatable leg rest - best kids travel accessories

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Kids do not necessarily reach the floor of the airplane. To ensure comfort for your kids you can try to use an inflatable leg rest. This leg rest helps your kids have the most comfortable airplane journey they have seen. Trust us, this is a game-changer for airplanes. This is a product that should be on your radar.

Sterilizer bags

Sterilizer bags - best kids travel accessories

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Car travel accessories for toddlers do not get better than sterilizer bags. These bags help you to get rid of all bacteria and other unwanted particles from items for your toddlers. Over 99.9% of the bacteria are eliminated when you use these bags. Each bag can be used 30 times.

Additionally, they can be stored with ease. The safety of your toddlers is of prime importance. So, the company ensures their product helps you to eliminate most of the harmful bacteria. You can sanitize all of the items you have for your toddlers. This is a handy product that should be one of the staples of every travel journey you make.

Toilet seat covers

Toilet seat covers - best kids travel accessories

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Toilet seat covers help with ensuring the sanitization of your child. You ensure they are safe when using public restrooms. When traveling by road you might have to use washrooms which are not very clean. Having disposable seat covers prevents your kids from catching diseases.

This is one of the top travel accessories for kids which can help them to have a safe time when they go out to travel. Kids cannot always control themselves when it comes to going to the toilet. So having this accessory in hand can help you out in these situations.

Beach sand kit

Beach sand kit - best kids travel accessories

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Going to a beach with your kids makes for a very fun trip. You should have some kids’ travel accessories to keep your kids entertained during the day. Beach sand kits have everything your kid needs to make an amazing sandcastle. They have a huge castle mold that will help your kids make the sandcastle of their dreams.

Additionally, there are many other molds in the shape of animals, whales, seahorses, and more. This toy keeps your kids entertained for hours on the beach. Above all, the toys come in a mesh bag which you can use to easily carry and store the beach toys. So, this product is a must-buy if you want your kids to have an amazing time at the beach.


The car travel accessories for kids on this list are some products you should keep an eye out for. The list has been made keeping in mind the needs of the parents. Traveling with your kids will be much easier when you decide to use some of these accessories. These kids’ travel accessories will help your kids stay engaged for the duration of the trip.

Additionally, it also makes it more convenient for you while traveling with them. We feel that there are several items on this list which you should buy. To sum up, this list should help you find the best travel accessories for kids. You should check out the products in this list as all of them have received great reviews from parents across the world.


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