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15 Most Romantic Lakes in Georgia for Couples & Family

If you are searching to explore the lakes in Georgia, you have anchored to the right site. Just fantasize about relaxing on a picturesque lakeside shore, hearing the soothing sounds of the splashing water. Sounds calming, right? Otherwise, if you are into adrenaline-rushing water activities like water skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, tubing, or canoeing, you must still visit these lakes in Georgia to partake in them.

Some of the lakes in Georgia are built by dams. All such lakes in Georgia present you with loads of recreational like fishing, boating, lake party, and many more. You might look forward to doing all such things in the beautiful city of Georgia. Moreover, every lake has its history. Furthermore, lakes even have their own towns and bridges under their calm surfaces.

In this blog post, we have listed the 15 best lakes in Georgia. Just take a look at them to enjoy the enchanting nature of the city. Plus, the landscape around the lakes is incredible as they are admist the volcanic elevations, mountains, glaciers, and also cultural memorials. So make sure you read them to find which among the lakes in Georgia you must explore.

Best Lakes in Georgia:

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier - Lakes in Georgia

This huge Lanier lake will present you with what you want. From north of Atlanta, in just 45 minutes, you will reach this Lanier lake, one of the biggest lakes in Georgia, to escape the summer of Atlanta.

To beat the heat, you may the water activities like swimming or rent a boat, kayak, or canoe to have fun and play in the blue water. Moreover, the water is brilliant blue, and you will enjoy scenic sunsets in the evenings.

Area: 150 km²
Length: 70.81 km
Location: Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA (Get Directions)

Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee - Lakes in Georgia

This Oconee lake lies exactly in the heart of Georgia’s lake country, which is a reservoir built by Wallace Dam. Moreover, this lake is bordered by the Oconee Nationa Forest, where the panorama is scenic. You may also enjoy water sports like kayaking, wakeboarding, fishing, and boating.

Furthermore, you will discover many vacation rentals, resorts, and hotels with gift stores, eateries, and picnic spots to enjoy. Plus, you may rent and access bicycles, fishing gear, and vessels. Golf enthusiasts, you must check out this place!

Area: 77.09 km²
Length: 32 km
Location: Lake Oconee, Georgia, USA (Get Directions)

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Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge - Lakes in Georgia

Encircled by a beautiful Chattahoochee National Forest is the Blue Ridge lake. It presents an amazing place for boating, fishing, and swimming with stunning natural vistas. One of the most scenic in the state is the lake, with crystal clear water and a shoreline that extends up to 65 miles.

Moreover, you will find areas to sunbathe or rent a boat, paddleboard, or kayak to enjoy the waters. Furthermore, there is a big variety of accommodation facilities for campsites and vacation rentals to pick from.

Area: 13.35 km²
Shore length: 104.6 km
Location: Blue Ridge Lake, Georgia, USA (Get Directions)

Lake Seminole

Lake Seminole - Lakes in Georgia

This place is where you must bring your family during weekends as it lies near the city of Tallahassee. Indeed it has campsites, a sand beach, rentals, and water sports like skiing, tubing, and fishing.

Furthermore, it has abundant fishing opportunities with stump beds and abundant grass, making it the perfect place for largemouth, striped, and hybrid bass. If you do not want to fish, then take a boat and have a fun day in the water.

Area: 152 km²
Length: 56 km
Location: Lake Seminole, US (Get Directions)

Chatuge Lake

Chatuge Lake - Lakes in Georgia

A perfect lake to spend your nights as you merge with the natural surroundings and lake. Well, this Chatuge lake is a portion of the Tennesse Valley Authority that sits safely on the ground of the Appalachian mountains. With one-half of the lake in Georgia and the other half in North Carolina, this Chatuge lake is an inter-state marvel.

The lodging is quite near loads of facilities like shopping, horseback riding, water skiing, swimming, hiking, and golf fishing. If you do not prefer such water activities, then sit on the veranda and relish the panorama!

Area: 28.23 km²
Shore length: 212.4 km
Location: Chatuge Lake, US (Get Directions)

Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona - Lakes in Georgia

Lake Allatoona is one of the cleanest and prettiest lakes, as they use it for drinking water purposes in the towns nearby. Moreover, there are marina services on the shore where you might rent a boat. You may also just swim, play, or go for a picnic.

You have multiple facilities for camping. Furthermore, this Allatoona lake is the perfect place to stay on a campsite for your weekend. 

Area: 48.6 km²
Length: 17.7 km
Location: Lake Allatoona, Georgia, USA (Get Directions)

Russell Lake

Russell Lake - Lakes in Georgia

The beautiful Richard B. Russel state park is near which is perfect to rent a camp or cabin. Moreover, Russell lake sustains both cold-water and warm-water species of fish. It includes fishes like crappie, sunfish, perch, catfish, bass, and trout, these are the organisms that thrive here. You must check out the fishing and boating access while in there. As there is a whole shoreline that is still undeveloped.

Area: 107.8 km²
Location: Richard B. Russell Lake, US (Get Directions)

Lake Rabun

Lake Rabun - Lakes in Georgia

The pristine water which is around the beautiful scenery offers scenic vistas and timeless beauty. It includes all kinds of activities like swimming, fishing, and boating.

On the land, you may hike through rhododendrons, lush greenery, and mountain laurel which will lead to waterfalls. Furthermore, you will encounter a marina and outfitters.

Area: 3.379 km²
Shore length: 40 km
Location: Lake Rabun, Georgia 30552, USA (Get Directions)

Lake Blackshear

Lake Blackshear - Lakes in Georgia

Blackshear lake was man-made to provide residents with low-cost power. But now it is referred to as one of the recreational places for wildlife and activities. Moreover, you may come here to relax and view the picturesque vistas of natural beauty.

It includes loads of water sports, including trophy fishing, swimming, boating, and water skiing. Furthermore, there are resorts, golf clubs, and several restaurants to dine in.

Area: 34.4 km²
Length: 32 km
Location: Lake Blackshear, Georgia, USA (Get Directions)

Carters Lake

Carters Lake

If you want to visit an unspoiled vista with no homes, you must check out Carters lake. Indeed there is a resort and boat parking with a full-service marina. Moreover, there are rentals, campsites, and cabins.

With such a long shoreline, you may lay in a beach towel, get a tan, and set up an umbrella. Furthermore, you may witness loads of scenic paths and trails to hike.

Area: 12.95 km²
Location: Carters Lake, Georgia, USA (Get Directions)

Lake Burton

Lake Burton

This one of the lakes in north Georgia, nestled in the Appalachians, was built because of a dam. Burton lake was named after the place that is now at the bottom of the lake. Furthermore, this area was to provide the citizens with electricity.

This place was well-known for its white sandy beach as it is an amazing spot for swimming, boating, fishing, and picnicking. During Independence day, they lit fireworks here!

Area: 11.23 km²
Location: Lake Burton, Georgia, USA (Get Directions)

Lake Varner

Lake Varner

A small place where you want to spend a serene and peaceful time is Varner lake. This might be a perfect weekend getaway with your loved ones. Moreover, you may fish here, so grab your fishing rod to hop on the boat in one of the beautiful lakes in Georgia.

Furthermore, it also has a bit of accommodation. But check with those accommodations earlier, book your spot, and enjoy your stay.

Location: Covington, GA 30014, US (Get Directions)

Tallulah Falls Lake

Tallulah Falls Lake

One of the most stunning waterfalls is found in Tallulah Falls lake. While you explore this Tallulah Falls lake you will witness a picturesque setting as you encounter the exquisite Bridal Veil Falls.

You may also try whitewater rafting as they release water on selective days. Moreover, it presents you with fun activities like picnicking, boating, swimming, and fishing.

Area: 0.25 km²
Location: Tallulah Falls Lake, Tallulah Falls, GA, USA (Get Directions)

Lake Nottely

Lake Nottely

Just a two hours drive from Atlanta is this Lake Nottely which lies across North Carolina’s borders. Moreover, 70% of the sandy shoreline is undeveloped as they are possessed by the United State Forest Service. Furthermore, there are loads of vacation rentals on the shoreline. So you must bring your buddies to explore plenty of lakefront adventures.

Area: 16.92 km²
Location: Tallulah Falls Lake, Tallulah Falls, GA, USA (Get Directions)

Lake Seed

Lake Seed

In 1927, Lake Seed was built when the Nacoochee ended. You will witness the 270-acre lake, which is ideal for trout and walleye and yellow perch, sunfish, spotted bass, and white catfish is found there.

In case you like partaking in golf courses, then this lake Seed is the place you must explore. Furthermore, you may encounter many accommodations here and there, like campgrounds and a few cabins. If you are looking for a calm place and an off-beaten path, then visit Lake Seed.

Area: 0.97 km²
Location: Seed Lake, Georgia 30552, USA (Get Directions)

How Many Lakes are in Georgia? 

You already know that Georgia is a city that is quite diverse, unique, and rich in its nature. Among these, the captivating lakes of the city are what Georgia is proud of. All the lakes in Georgia are quite breathtaking so sometimes you have to witness with eyes to believe. Particularly the glacial lakes which actually got lost in the midst of the mountains which marvels both the foreign and local visitors.

To answer the question, there are nearly 860 lakes in Georgia. Many of them are small and it occupies nearly 10 sq. km. Moreover, the lakes in Georgia are classified based on their multifarious and beautiful surface. Furthermore, you will encounter river, landslide, tectonic, swampy, multi-glacial, karst, coastal, and anthropogenic lakes. One of the biggest lakes in Georgia is Lake Paravani. These lakes in Georgia are mostly fed because of groundwater, rain, and snow. And that is intentional because of the climate of Georgia.


Well, we hope you found the lake you want to explore in Georgia from the above-mentioned list. Indeed if you are searching for a place to visit during the weekend while in Georgia, as you know you have got many choices.

Most of the lakes in Georgia present you with outstanding opportunities to partake in water activities including boating, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. They are small serene lakes to huge bodies of water. Find the perfect one on the list as all of them provide attractive natural beauty no matter which one you visit.

To escape city life, visit any of the above-mentioned beautiful lakes in Georgia. Moreover, have fun coming with your family, friends, or loved ones and take back incredible and fun memories for your lifetime. Among the above-mentioned lakes in Georgia, which one impressed you? Please let us know in the comment section if you have any.


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