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12 Best Luggage Straps That Travelers Must Carry with Them

Traveling is back after a pandemic-induced lull, and now more people are traveling than ever. Lucky for us, it is also easier to travel than it ever was before. To make traveling more convenient and stress-free, there are hundreds of convenient apps, products, bags, and so on to keep you comfortable, safe, and stress-free. However, with the many trinkets and products that you people feel the need to buy, many people forget the most basic thing – luggage strap.

They help holster up heavy suitcases, help you easily carry smaller bags, and even help your bags be easily identified in a crowd. They help you keep your bags close to you and make it easier to carry around. It also act as strap to keep your luggage in place and stops it from moving too much. We think luggage straps are a travel essential and you should too. In this article, we will recommend the best luggage straps that have good value for money, and that are easily accessible and available for purchase on Amazon.

Best Luggage Straps for Traveling:

Magarrow Luggage Strap

Magarrow Luggage Strap - luggage strap

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Our first choice is a classic and basic luggage strap from a brand called Magarrow. It is 78 inches long and one inch wide, making it the perfect width and long enough length. It comes with an adjustable strap and easy-to-use buckle, which are both convenient.

You can purchase it in packs of 4, which would cost you $8.50 dollars. Costing $14.99, this is a great price and is lower than other products in this category. It can be used for Luggage strap backpack, Luggage, bags, suitcases, and so on.

Untethered Luggage Straps

Untethered Luggage Straps

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The untethered Luggage straps are amazing options to keep your luggage secure and to protect your baggage from movement. They also act as great baggage identifiers as these straps are available in neon green in addition to black. Known to be TSA approved, these luggage straps are a safe bet. The product has the ability to carry over 400 pounds of force tension and are built to last.

Two inches wide and 6 feet long, they can easily be used to strap around even large bags. This allows it to fit around any sized luggage. Made of durable material and coming with high-quality straps.

Darller Luggage Straps

Darller Luggage Straps - luggage strap

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Darller Luggage straps are another option for durable luggage straps. Available in a number of colors like green, blue, pink, khaki, black, etc. they stand out and are easy to identify in a crowd. Costing $12.99, it is the standard price range for these products.

They come in universal luggage strap sizes of 40 to 74 inches and 2 inches wide. Darller Luggage straps are known to be easy to pack, easy to strap around, and easy to carry around. Additionally, this brand is known for high-quality luggage straps and can be trusted with your luggage.

Tranvers Luggage Straps

Tranvers Luggage Straps

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Tranvers heavy-duty luggage straps are known for being extra long, upto 79 inches long. This makes it the perfect choice for extra-large luggage. It comes with easy-to-use buckles and is made of thick material.

It comes with a good additional function. An extra luggage tags allows you to add your name and address just in case of loss or for the purposes of identity. Available in Black, blue, and red, it costs 8.49 dollars for two. 

Jmuoyld Luggage Straps

Jmuoyld Luggage Straps - luggage strap

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These are classic and affordable luggage straps that cost 6 dollars for a pack of two, which makes this product accessible and cheap. They come in red, pink, yellow, blue, red, and rainbow.

Some of the color options cost a bit more at 7.90 dollars. 200cm long, this is more than enough to fasten most large suitcases and can adjusted according to your convenience. The suitcase strap is made of tight and sturdy PP webbing, and the buckle is made of super durable poly & plastic material.

Guanjunx Bungee Luggage Straps

Guanjunx Bungee

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These bungee luggage straps are made of a sturdy plastic buckle and come with elastic straps which makes it possible to easily strap on and fasted Luggage together. This is also very convenient to carry or fasten two pieces of baggage together which makes moving around with luggage very convenient.

For luggage handles 12 inches or lower, choose the regular size, and for luggage handles higher than 12 inches, choose the Large size straps. We highly recommend this product for the convenience it provides. Available in a  variety of colors, it costs 9.99 dollars per piece. Check out the product with this link – 

2pack Add a Bag Luggage Strap

2pack Add a Bag Luggage Strap - luggage strap

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This product comes with a strap that allows you to attach another piece of baggage onto a suitcase strap making it easy to carry. It also allows you to pull around a bunch of baggage together making it a convenient product to purchase. The 45-inch sized strap costs 7.91 dollars and the 80-inch sized strap costs 9.99 dollars. 

Westonetek Luggage Straps


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This is another add-a-bag strap that allows you to carry another piece of baggage by attaching it to the strap of another. Costing 8.50 per piece, the product is available in grey and black. It comes with a steel hoop and buckle, and is made of nylon straps.

Gutsdoor Luggage Straps

Gutsdoor Luggage Straps - luggage strap

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This product is 6.4 feet long and almost 2 inches wide, making it sturdy and easy to strap. Available in a variety of easy-to-spot patterns and colours, these luggage straps cost 15 dollars per strap.

The luggage belt is made from durable polyester with a sturdy secure buckle, and does not snap when bent inward or outward. These distinctive tough luggage straps are durable, and the quick-release buckle is easy to use as well. 

Chelmon Luggage Straps


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These luggage straps are available in packs of fours and are available in a variety of bright colours. They can be bought in mixed colour packs and same coloured packs, depending on your needs and preferences.

The prices range from 9.99 dollars per pack to 12.99 dollars per pack, depending on the colour. They are made of nylon and are 6 feet long, making it a versatile belt for most kinds of baggage. 

Saintrygo Luggage Straps

Saintrygo Luggage Straps - luggage strap

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These luggage straps are available to purchase in packs of 6, and in a variety of colours such as black, orange, green, blue, and pink. They can also purchase in packs of the same colour of packs of mixed coloured luggage straps.

Costing between 13.99 dollars to 14.99 dollars, these are the most affordable on the list and is the cheapest option for good quality luggage straps that we found. 

SwissGear Luggage Straps


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SwissGear is a premium and high-quality brand that makes a variety of products for convenience and travel. The luggage straps by SwissGear come in red and grey, classic colors of the brand.

It extends up to 72 inches and comes with a good-quality snap-lock buckle. It costs 12 dollars which might be higher than most products of this category, but it is a good deal considering the high quality and brand value. 

What are luggage straps useful for?

Luggage straps are useful for a number of travel-related reasons. For people traveling long distances, luggage straps make it easy to pull or carry baggage and make it more convenient to move around for travelers. It can also be useful for carrying along with bigger bags or over your shoulders.

They can also protect your baggage by removing the stress on the wheels if your luggage has trolleys, or on the single handles provided on them. Luggage straps also make it easy to fasten your luggage around other things, such as rails, cars, other baggage, which is very useful for someone traveling.

Luggage straps also very commonly used as straps around baggage to keep it secure and to hold it in place while traveling in cars, planes, trains, etc. It also acts as an easy way to identify your baggage in a crowd, on luggage belts at airports for example. 


This was our list of the 12 best luggage straps that you can find online, specifically on Amazon. Luggage straps serve a variety of purposes to make traveling easier, especially if you have multiple pieces of baggage. They allow you to easily move and carry them, and to fasten multiple pieces of luggage together as well.

Moreover, they also help you to easily identify your luggage in places like airports, and keep your luggage fastened and in place to stop harsh movements, which protects your belongings within the luggage but also the bag itself. Choose from our list of 12 luggage straps across different budgets, price points, and purposes.


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