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Meena Bazaar Dubai – All Fascinating Facts to Know Before Visit

Dubai remains among the most popular and lustrous prospects of the modern landscape. One of the crown jewels of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one of the best places to visit. Within the first half of 2022, over 7.2 million people visited Dubai for tourism purposes. It goes to show that the city is still famous among tourists and in fact, more now than in any of recent years. Once you are in Dubai, there are a lot of things to do and lots of places to visit. One of them is Meena Bazaar Dubai. Here is a detailed guide to help you if you are planning a visit there.

Meena Bazaar Dubai

History of Meena Bazaar 

History of Meena Bazaar 

Meena Bazaar Dubai has a rich history that goes back at least 50 years in time. Bazaar means market in Hindi and Urdu as well. The Indian influence is quite obvious in the name and also played a big role in its establishment. However, the name hasn’t always been there. In fact, it all began with one little shop that used to be called Shardha Trading.

It was an Indian garments shop. The shop owners decided to go through a rebrand and changed the name to Meena Baazar. It was inspired by India’s own Meena Bazaar which had been around since the 17th century. 

Slowly, the whole marketplace turned into a showcase of Indian culture and clothing. Meena Bazar Bur Dubai transformed into a whole commercial district and is among the oldest ones today. Over time, people started moving in to live around the place and it slowly evolved into a residential area in demand.

Even after decades of growing and evolving, that Indian essence and influence are still present here to this date. It is also one of the reasons tourists opt to visit Meena Bazaar when they are in Dubai. This mix of cultures is an entirely new experience for many. 

How To Get To Meena Bazaar Bur Dubai

Meena Bazaar Bur Dubai

Meena Bazaar is located in the historical neighborhood of Al Fahidi. You can find it near Al Souk Al Kabeer resdience on the Khaleed Al Bin Waleed road. There are plenty of public transit options you can use to get here. The area is very drivable as well if you have a drive of your own. There are plenty of dedicated parking spaces around the area as well so you don’t have to worry about parking your car or bike either. 

If you plan on using public transportation, there are two ways you can get around. You can get on a bus from the Fahidi roundabout which will barely cost you anything. Metro is even cheaper. You have to take a metro from the Al Fahidi Metro Station number 2. Taxis and private vehicles are an option as well but they are significantly more expensive.

The Aesthetics of Meena Bazaar

Aesthetics of Meena Bazaar

The true beauty of Meena Bazaar lies in its aesthetics and vibes. You enter a whole new world the moment you step foot in here. Even if you don’t want to shop for anything or do a specific activity, taking a good walk here itself is a good experience.

Tourists can experience the Indian culture here without even visiting the country itself. The neighborhood is quite safe to hang out around and the hawkers and shopkeepers are usually friendly too. 

Things to Buy

Things to Buy

Shopping is one of the main reasons people choose to go to Meena Bazaar when they are in Dubai. Especially if you want to buy traditional Indian and Pakistani dresses, there are only a few options in Dubai as good as this. But there’s more than just fashion you can shop for.

There are a lot of good jewelry stores as well if you want to buy some quality gold. You can find high-quality ceramics here as well. If you want to buy spices, perfumes, or furniture also you can find amazing options here.

The shops of Meena Bazaar stay open throughout the day from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. Some of them have little different timing too as all the shops are run by individuals with their own schedules. The best time to explore Meena Bazaar’s shops is arguably near the evening. 

Foods & Drinks

Foods & Drinks

There is a lot to walk around and explore in Meena Bazaar and you are bound to get tired. When you are finished with your shopping, you would want to settle down for some refreshments. The streets of Meena Bazaar are loaded with many different kinds of delicacies from South Asia. It is a haven for every street food lover. 

If you want to eat something fancier, you can find big restaurants like the Imperial Dragon, Elia, and more just minutes away. You can enjoy a good variety of cuisines there.

What Else to Do?

As if it was not enough, there are so many more activities to enjoy at Meena Bazaar. It is just around 15 minutes away from two of Dubai’s sandiest beaches. After just a short walk, you would find yourself surrounded by the leisure of Dubai Creek. The popular Dubai Museum is very close to the market as well.

There are plenty of malls around the area where you can enjoy various fun activities. If you feel like exploring the religious side of Dubai, you can visit the many mosques in the area full of beauty and peace. 


Meena Bazaar Bur Dubai is incredibly popular among tourists and locals alike. One of the main reasons behind it might be its affordability. You don’t need a huge budget to shop here. Beautiful ethnic and traditional wear is waiting for you at highly affordable prices here. Even if you don’t want to shop, Meena Bazaar Dubai is one of the best places to hang out at.

The aesthetics here are unmatched if you want to experience new and different cultures. You can experience the street life of Dubai while enjoying the most delicious street food and vibes that you won’t find anywhere else. 


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