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10 Best Nude Beaches in Spain (For Adult to Enjoy)

Has it always been your dream to lay on your bare back, bask in the sun, and feel the coastline? What better than getting the chance to let go of your clothes on the sunny Spanish coastline? Well, you can visit the best nude beach in Spain without worrying about getting into legal trouble. Yes, you heard it right! Spain has no law about public nudity and has a wide array of legally recognized Spain nude beach and resorts. With over 4600 kilometers of golden beaches and aquamarine waters along the Spanish coastline, a trip to these beaches will be a memorable one. Not only so, but your skin will also get to breathe, expose to more vitamin D, and ensure better blood circulation.

Enjoy being topless and harmonizing with nature. However, ensure that you carry sunscreen, an umbrella, a towel, and ample water.  It’s also in your best interests to check whether a beach is officially designed nude or not. For example, it is illegal to wear just your swimwear in the city of Barcelona. The following article lists the top best nude beach in Spain where you can don your birthday suit!

Best Nude Beaches in Spain

Tenerife – Playa La Tejita

Tenerife – Playa La Tejita

One of the largest sand beaches in Tenerife, the Playa La Tejita beach has gorgeous mountain views and several recreational spots nearby. If you are planning a trip to the Playa la Tejita, you are in for a treat! The beach is beside the Montaña Roja Nature Reserve and is a kilometer long.

The beach is a virgin tourist spot and is perfect for nudists as it is away from crowded areas. Moreover, the golden sands and moderate waves make it a dream spot for water sports enthusiasts and young tourists. The breathtaking view of the serene mountain makes it a secluded spot perfect for nudists.

The beach also has hammock sunshades to allow people to seek shelter in the sun. You can also enjoy your day at the attached restaurant and cafe. The best part of the Playa La Tejita beach is that it is accessible using public transport and has a dedicated parking site. If you have rented an RV, you can access this nude beach in Spain and use the nearby camping/campground site. Book your tickets to this Spain nude beach and enjoy the best of your days!

Location: Spain (Get Directions)

Marbella – Cabo Pino

Marbella – Cabo Pino - nude beach in spain

A quiet and secluded spot set on the edge of the Marbella area and the border to Mijas Costa. The spot is famous for its quaint little harbor, town, and nudist beach. The Mediterranean-style port has the best restaurants that stock up on delicious delicacies.

However, the best part of Cabo Pino is the surrounding sand dunes, beach bars, and regular boat trips. You can lay down on the nudist beach or go on a boat trip along the coast. If you are lucky enough, you might come across friendly dolphins and watch them in all of their might.

Book your stay at the best resorts in Marbella located on the mountainside or along the coasts and go to the beach anytime you like. Cabo Pino is also famous for luxurious goods, textiles, and furniture. You could also indulge in watersports or spend your day at the different golf courses. The vacation destination is a famous spot for property buyers for the notable luxurious and beach life.

Location: Spain (Get Directions)

Gran Canaria – Maspalomas Beach

Gran Canaria – Maspalomas Beach - nude beach in spain

Golden sand beaches are an all-time favorite, but have you seen white sand beaches? The Maspalomas Beach in Gran Canaria is one of the most popular tourist attractions and beaches in Europe. It also has a lot of recreational options and a peaceful nightlife among the white sand beaches. Other than being a great nude beach, Maspalomas Beach is a great spot for watersports and surfers. The beach has magnanimous dunes and makes a great spot for a honeymoon.

Not only are the people progressive and the views spectacular, but Maspalomas Beach also has cool, turquoise waters where you can take a dip. Other than the most popular nudist beach, Maspalomas Beach has the famous Maspalomas Lighthouse. It has been around ages and has seen the place transform from an uninhabited paradise to heaven for couples.

Now, you can stroll across the beach, bask in the glory of the sun, and indulge in other recreational activities. Maspalomas Beach and the surrounding area are exceptional reserves of biodiversity and isolated. Most of the nudist area in Maspalomas Beach is between bars 3 and 4, and bars 5 and 6. Another great area to visit is the Maspalomas Tree Plantation and reserve.

Location: Av. de Tirajana, 13, 35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Las Palmas, Spain (Get Directions)

Tarragona – Playa de El Torn

Tarragona – Playa de El Torn - nude beach in spain

The Playa de El Torn is the most famous nude beach in Spain and is also popular for its striking scenic views. It is a short drive from L’Hospitalet de L’Enfant and is on Costa Dorada. The bay is surrounded by green picturesque hills and the golden-sand beach is over 1500 km long.

If you are looking for an offbeat vacation and Spain nude beach, Playa de El Torn is the best option. The virgin nature compensates for the minimal amenities on the beach. You can find the necessities like showers, toilets, restaurants, and cafes. Another impressive point is that the closest hotel to the beach is a nudist camp.

The diverse nature and climate of the place mean that you are in for a treat! Moreover, the beach has a lifeguard during the peak season and a beach restaurant serving up the best local delicacies.

Playa de El Torn is also famous for its clean beach and high waves perfect for watersports. However, ensure that you take your sun lounges and couches to sunbathe. The sand can get really hot in the summers and we surely wouldn’t like you to have a sunstroke on a nude beach Spain.

Location: Spain (Get Directions)

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Mallorca – Es Trenc

Mallorca – Es Trenc - nude beach in spain

Es Trenc, the most popular nude beach Spain spreads over seven kilometers and is perfect for a tropical vacation. The turquoise blue Caribbean waters, white sand, and flat dunes make it a treat for the eyes. Lay on the beach in your birth suit (if you know what we mean) as the waves lap by your feet.

The unique view of the coast is a great landmark which is why the government has come up with a no beach-side development directive. Thus, no concrete buildings or hotels block you from the striking scenery. Moreover, the flat dunes of the beach make great breeding grounds for rare birds.

Unlike the Playa de El Torn beach, you do not need to carry any equipment. You can find beach chairs and umbrellas in some of the parts of the beach. Moreover, you can indulge in snacks and refreshing drinks from the numerous beach bars.

Other than being a popular nude beach in Spain, Es Trenc is a treat for nature lovers and people looking for remote spaces. However, ensure that you are well-hydrated and carry extra food if you are thinking of hiking. You can also encounter several rare birds in the area.

Location: Spain (Get Directions)

Playa de ses Illetes

Playa de ses Illetes - nude beach in spain

If you have been thinking about visiting the Maldives for the scenery but want to stay in Spain, Playa de ses Illetes is the perfect spot for you! Located in the northern part of the Formentera island, the west side of the beach sports pink sand.

The unique color is formed due to the mixture of fine white sand grains and coral dust residues. You can also visit the Platja de Llevant on the opposite side of the sand strip. Did we hear you say, “what strip”? Well, this nude beach Spain has a narrow strip of land with gorgeous sunset views.

Well, the Playa de ses Illetes and Platja de Llevant are also referred to as “the twins”. The prime advantage of visiting the Playa de ses Illetes is that you can easily travel to the other beach when the wind blows from the west and vice versa.

Moreover, the beach has low sandy bottoms and looks like a natural pool wherein you can walk as you soak your feet. The crystalline sands, protected ecosystem, and beautiful sunset make it the best nude beach in Spain and the dreamiest vacation spot.

Location: 07871, Balearic Islands, Spain (Get Directions)

Tarifa – Bolonia Beach


The 4-kilometer-long white-sanded beach has picturesque crystal waters and huge dunes making it one of the best nude beach Spain. Also known as Playa de Bolonia, Ensenada de Bolonia, or Bolonia Bay, it is considered the most complete Roman town uncovered in Spain.

It is also the best archaeological and cultural enclave in Andalucía offering mesmerizing views. You can indulge in exciting water sports and delectable foods at several beach bars. The Bolonia beach has transformed into a popular tourist space from a secluded and virgin spot.

Thus, you can get several amenities at the beach like restaurants, lifeguards, showers, and other equipment. However, Bolonia beach, a popular nude beach in Spain has no sunbeds and parasols which is why you should bring all the necessities.

The waves at Bolonia Beach are perfect for watersports and you can easily rent equipment from the beach shacks. Moreover, Bolonia Beach is a perfect vacation and honeymoon spot where you can walk up the dunes, soak your feet in the cool waters, and gaze at the stars.

Location: Spain (Get Directions)

Alicante – Cala De Cantalars Beach


The Cala De Cantalars Beach is another popular nude beach Spain that has a rocky composition and features calm waters. Thus, the spot is perfect for swimming and skinny dipping. Moreover, the spot has developed into a recent tourist attraction making it a semi-urban beach.

Located in the Alicante province and the Costa Blanca beach, this nude beach in Spain is accessible by foot. We recommend you visit the spot in June, July, August, and September so that you can enjoy the moderate climate and less crowded area.

The beach is generally hidden away from the crowds making it one of the best nude beach Spain. However, the best part of Cala de Cantalars Beach is that it is an official nude beach in Spain with unique demography and vegetation.

This is one of the coves of Cabo de las Huertas and a scenic residential area enjoyed by watersports lovers. Moreover, the small patch of coarse sand in the center and the multitude of rocks in the surrounding areas make for an interesting and diverse beach texture.

Location: Spain (Get Directions)

Almunecar – El Muerto Beach


The EL Muerto Beach, an isolated nude beach in Spain, is accessible from the Playa El Cotobro and has a serene coastline. It is the last beach in the village of Almuñécar that is accessible by foot and offers a wide array of refreshment opportunities.

The beach is made of gravel and sand meaning you can lay down on the sand. Moreover, El Muerto Beach allows you to rent beach umbrellas, chairs, and sun loungers to enjoy basking in the sun.

Before you go for a dip in the turquoise waters, you can always use the shower near the kiosk to bring down your body’s temperature. Since El Muerto beach, a nude beach in Spain is in a semi-urban area, you should visit Cotobra beach for dining. However, several vendors sell food, drinks, and local crafts on the beach. The nearest supermarket and other restaurants/cafes are located in Almuñécar at a 2.5-kilometer distance.

Location: Poligono Pp S 1 Peñon del Lobo, 109, 18697 Almuñécar, Granada, Spain (Get Directions)

Punta Umbria – Los Enebrales Beach


The Los Enebrales Beach, located in Punta Umbría is on the banks of the Odiel River and is famous for the presence of naturalists. If you are looking for a nude beach Spain that is close to the capital, Los Enebrales is a perfect choice.

Punta Umbría is famous for its magnificent beaches and extensive salt marshes. When you’re visiting the Los Enebrales beach, we suggest you go for a trek at the Parque National Coto Donana nature reserve.

Other than laying on your bare back on this Spain nude beach, you can also visit the Torre Umbría. It is a defensive tower built against the Barbary pirates that helped manage the Spanish lineage. The 14.5-meter-long tower helped monitor ships and protect the inhabitants. You could also camp at Camping Playa La Bota which is Andalusia’s first ecological campsite to reach the nude beach Spain as and when needed.

Location: Spain (Get Directions)


The Mediterranean is a dreamy vacation spot that gets really hot in the summers. Thus, finding a nude beach in Spain becomes obvious. Moreover, many dreams of letting go of the world’s complexities and imagine themselves laying on their bare skin on a beach, in the wilderness, or a remote cove.

Nude beach Spain allows one to fulfill these dreams and appeal to the physical senses. If you are visiting these beaches in the summer, they can also help you cool off and indulge in various adventure activities. Moreover, a nude beach in Spain is not only for nudists and naturalists, it is also for people who appreciate the picturesque scenery. If you love hiking and exploring, a nude beach Spain should be your next destination.

Also, if you appreciate seeing heaven on Earth, Spain nude beaches like Cabo Pino should be on your bucket list. The above article lists the top nude beach Spain that has a host of activities for everyone. Book your next trip to these destinations and enjoy life as you should! Most of these beaches do not have residents and other amenities like restaurants.

Thus, ensure to carry extra food and water wherever you go. Also, remember that the Mediterranean sun is very strong. Thus, carrying extra protection like sunscreen, umbrellas, and beach chairs might be a good idea. We hope the article gave you enough ideas on Spain nude beach for your next visit to heaven on Earth!


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