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15 Best State Parks in Minnesota Should be in Your Bucket List

Wondering among which State Parks in Minnesota you might feel like exploring? Well, we have scouted and listed the top Minnesota state parks. Here visitors will have ample fun with their loved ones and can stretch their legs and arms to relax and have a cordial picnic experience. Minnesota is an incredible state for outdoor fanatics and adventurers, like mountain biking, hiking, paddling, or randomly walking around amidst mother nature.

Camping is generally much fun only when you find the ideal spot for it.  And that’s why you must pick Minnesota state parks camping. Moreover, for such adventurous activities, go straight to state parks in Minnesota. Because these state parks in Minnesota have the most impressive grounds in the whole state. A fun fact is that Minnesota has the nickname ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’, but it has more lakes than that.

In this blog article, we have more or less covered all the state parks in Minnesota and the stuff you travelers will love to learn. Moreover, these state parks in Minnesota present you with a bunch of attractions and activities. Just find out which state park is the perfect one for you! Here, we have listed down the list of the finest state parks in Minnesota, the number of state parks in Minnesota, and finally, about Minnesota state parks camping. 

State Parks in Minnesota:

Tettegouche State Park

Tettegouche State Park - Minnesota state parks

This park is a breathtaking spot to explore. Try hiking the rocky and the 4 calm inland lakes. Plus, do not miss witnessing the Baptism River has lovely High Falls, the most elevated waterfall inside Minnesota’s borders.

You can access groomed ski trails for 12 miles, hiking trails for 23 miles, and snowmobile trails for 12 miles. Moreover, you must hike into any of these cabins for rentals on the Lake Mic Mac, or you can drive to the Illgen Falls Cabin.

Area: 37.82 km²
Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 218-353-8800
Location: 5702 MN-61, Silver Bay, MN 55614, US (Get Directions)

Afton State Park

Afton State Park - Minnesota state parks

The rolling and rugged terrain in Afton State Park proposes fantastic hiking, skiing options, horseback riding, and a beach for swimming with breathtaking views of the St. Croix River. The oak savannas, Prairie Walk interpretive pathway, and wooded river valley presents thrilling distinction of wildlife and outstanding birdwatching.

The campground is situated on cliffs towering over the St. Croix River. The state park has group campgrounds, yurts, and camper cabins. Moreover, you get all the necessary info about the park’s paths and other features in the visitor center.

Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 651-201-6780
Location: 6959 Peller Ave S, Hastings, MN 55033, US (Get Directions)

Jay Cooke State Park

Jay Cooke State Park - Minnesota state parks

The historic Grand Portage is one among the places you must hike located in the St Louis River. This spot is a total treat for skiers and hikers out there! This Jay Cooke State Park presents a variety of amazing camping options like RV campsites, tent campsites including the tent pads, and 5 warm camper cabins.

Moreover, the things that visitors get access to in the camper cabins are heat and electricity, screened porch, bunk beds, a campfire ring, benches and tables, an outdoor picnic table, and more.  This state park proposes programs all year that includes phenology, treks, and historical displays.

Area: 32.88 km²
Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Location: 780 MN-210, Carlton, MN 55718, US (Get Directions)

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Gooseberry Falls State Park - Minnesota state parks

This prevalent Gooseberry Falls State Park presents scenic outlooks, great trout fishing, stunning waterfalls, and a friendly visitor center. Moreover, the state park makes visitors accessible with hiking trails of 20 miles, snowmobile trails of 2 miles, cross-country skiing of 12 miles, and a campground. Surely participate in an interpretive program to know about the wildlife, history, and geology of the North Shore.

Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 218-595-7100
Location: 3206 MN-61, Two Harbors, MN 55616, US (Get Directions)

Interstate State Park

Interstate State Park - Minnesota state parks

Indeed the Interstate State Park is filled with incredible activities to do and is situated in the gorgeous St. Croix River. The thing that lures more visitors to this park from the entire world is its geology.

During summertime, you may wanna hike the tracks and scour the glacial potholes that is what makes this park special. The Canoe rental is there in the Interstate State Park, and also the shuttle service is open. Their hiking pathway covers up to 4 miles. Moreover, there’s a big picnic zone with a covered shelter right next to a 37-site campground. Explore them!

Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 651-539-4500
Location: 307 Milltown Rd, Taylors Falls, MN 55084, US (Get Directions)

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William O’Brien State Park

William O'Brien State Park - Minnesota state parks

This state park beautifully lies adjacent to the St. Croix River, making it an ideal getaway spot for those who love the outdoors. Hiking activities propose visitors explore the state park’s wooded hilly areas. Moreover, this zone is perfect for canoeing, and the river offers sightseers thrilling sights and sounds.

Here are a bunch of possibilities to stay in the night, with 4 group camps, 124 campsites, and 4 camper cabins. Furthermore, during winter, the paths are properly set for skiing, and visitors can scout the Riverside Trail.

Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 651-539-4980
Location: 16821 O Brien Trail N, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047, US (Get Directions)

Whitewater State Park

Whitewater State Park - Minnesota state parks

Witness the magnificence of Minnesota’s big lands where there are six scenic outlooks and superb trout fishing in the Trout Run Creek and the Whitewater River.

You must also check out the unique Whitewater State Park Visitor Center. This park suggests visiter with features like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, along with hiking up to 10 miles. Plus, snowshoes are available for rental. This is surely one of the incredible state parks in Minnesota!

Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 507-312-2300
Location: 19041 MN-74, Altura, MN 55910, US (Get Directions)

Banning State Park

Banning State Park - Minnesota state parks

You must treat your loved ones by visiting Banning State Park, which is just near Sandstone. Moreover, it gives sightseers access to river fishing, using boats, hiking trails of 17 miles, and snowmobile trails of 6 miles.

During spring, you can witness the daring kayakers and canoeists. And during summer, you can witness or hike amidst the rock formations with liverworts, lush lichens, and mosses. If you’re daring enough, hike it!

Area: 25.24 km2
Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 320-216-3910
Location: 61101 Banning Park Rd, Sandstone, MN 55072, US (Get Directions)

Minneopa State Park

Minneopa State Park - Minnesota state parks

You can enjoy a scenic sight of the valley and munch on a snack. Use the footpath and walk around the falls, directed down a stairway to the valley beneath.

Moreover, you may visit the German-styled Seppmann Mill, or hike in the grasslands and oak savanna towering the panoramic Minnesota Valley. By visiting this Minneopa State Park, visitors will give themselves some relaxation time.

Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 507-386-3910
Location: 54497 Gadwall Rd, Mankato, MN 56001, US (Get Directions)

Frontenac State Park

Frontenac State Park

While hiking Pepin Lake, enjoy its view side by side. From here, you guys can get the best view of the birds in the whole United States, like bald eagles and also the migrating ones. So guys, bring in your binoculars with you. You’ll be needing it! Furthermore, camping is open all around the whole year. Plus, the sliding hill is accessible only during winter.

Contact: +1 651-299-3000
Location: 29223 County 28 Blvd, Frontenac, MN 55026, US (Get Directions)

Itasca State Park

Itasca State Park

A prevalent and oldest park among the state parks in Minnesota is the Itasca State Park. It offers visitors paths for biking and hiking, camping in campsites, and swimming and fishing options. This is a famous spot for travelers around the country, and it’s hometown to the origins of the Mississippi River.

Moreover, Itasca State Park is a must-witness for all nature fanatics as it has hiking tracks of 100 miles and pristine forest ground of  32,000 acres.  Visitors, get your fishing equipment with you!

Area: 132.3 km²
Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 218-699-7251
Location: 36750 Main Park Drive, Park Rapids, MN 56470, US (Get Directions)

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Grand Portage State Park

Grand Portage State Park - Minnesota state parks

This state park has the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the state. It is a short one-half-mile path equipped with a wheelchair-accessible paved track to the High Falls.

Moreover, the Grand Portage State Park presents breathtaking scenery for picnicking, hiking, taking pictures for IG, and more. This park won’t propose overnight camping and is only for daytime use.

Timings: 24 Hours
Contact: +1 218-475-2360
Location: 9393 E, MN-61, Grand Portage, MN 55605, US (Get Directions)

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park - Minnesota state parks

A good reason to stop by this Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is that it has historic significance. The National Historic Landmark is located in 1910 and has a historic Split Rock Lighthouse. Moreover, with this lighthouse, this state park presents plenty of tracks for cyclists and hikers and fishing and camping purposes.

Area: 8.9 km2
Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 218-595-7625
Location: 3755 Split Rock Lighthouse Rd, Two Harbors, MN 55616, US (Get Directions)

Temperance River State Park

Temperance River State Park

The attractions in the Temperance River State Park have plain rock cliffs in the Superior Shore Lake. You will receive a warm breeze during winter and a cool breeze during summer.

One of the most intriguing geologic elements is its waterfalls. You can lay by and just chill out with your buddies. Furthermore, the riverbed or pathway presents travelers with skiing for 196 km, hiking paths of 22mile, and a snowmobile trail of 7 miles.

Timings: 9 AM-5 PM
Contact: +1 218-663-3100
Location: 7620 West, MN-61, Schroeder, MN 55613, US (Get Directions)

Nerstrand Big Woods State Park

Nerstrand Big Woods State Park - Minnesota state parks

This State Park is prevalent for its gigantic hardwood trees, spring wildflowers, and fall colors. Such is the beautiful Nerstand Big Woods State Park, where you can hike to the dazzling Hidden Falls.

Furthermore, the best manner to view the lovely park is by walking on foot on the hiking track and which lasts for 11 miles. During winter, Snowshoeing is allowed except on sensitive areas, roped-off, snowmobile trails for 4-mile, and groomed pathways.

Timings: 8 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 507-384-6140
Location: 9700 170th St E, Nerstrand, MN 55053, US (Get Directions)

How Many State Parks Are There In Minnesota?

There are multiple reasons to cherish these Minnesota state parks. Minnesota has appealing parks and outdoor activities that are noteworthy sightseer attractions. Moreover, you can easily uncover campgrounds, outdoor amusement zones, and state parks to check out during winter and summertime inside the state.

You do not need to go elsewhere for outdoor activities, as you have 75 Minnesota state parks and amusement areas to explore around the state. There is a bunch of amazing stuff to do including camp, walking around amidst nature, go on picnics. Your fun adventure awaits you. Grab your bag and map. And venture out!

What are the various kinds of campsites available in state parks in Minnesota?

Summertime is the ideal time to go outdoors and appreciate all that nature presents to you. To enjoy yourself, you must camp in these lovely state parks in Minnesota. There are three different campsites open to state parks in Minnesota: boat-in, walk-in, and drive-in.

  • The common campsites are the ones which come with a space to park your vehicles. Plus, you can get a pad for camping your camper or tent. 
  • Walk-in campsites are situated near the park’s pathways. This must be accessed only on your foot. 
  • Boat-in campsites are open to access only in the parks which has lakes and parking area for your camping pad and a boat for your camper or tent. 

Are Minnesota state parks reservations done all year long?

Yeah, all the campsites and accommodations in state parks in Minnesota and entertainment areas are one hundred percent reservable, and you need a reservation to camp there. The sites which are open during winter also demand a reservation.  If you wanna camp without making a reservation, then the state forest recreation places have come up with the concept that first come will be served first.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you find the blog post beneficial! As these are the info that you have been scouting down about the state parks in Minnesota. This info will assist you while you visit there. These Minnesota state parks camping is an excellent site for an ideal camping venture.

Travelers, hear this out!

We encourage you to witness these state parks in Minnesota with their untamed and wild lands while you travel to learn more about this state. Visit every natural wonder in these state parks in Minnesota to get a unique and memorable experience of a lifetime. Well, how many state parks in Minnesota have you seen already or willing to see in the future? Comment down which state parks in Minnesota you would love to explore and camp at.

We all believe that camping is stress relieving fun activity during the summertime. It is actually the best thing to do in Minnesota. If not, there are other thrilling activities to check out in the state parks in Minnesota. Moreover, choose which suits you. We would love to know what is in your thoughts about these state parks in Minnesota. Did we miss out on any state parks? If so, let us know what it is.


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