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5 Best Places to Swim with Whale Sharks in Holbox 2023

In the waterways, a minor miracle happens from May through November. The warm, rich in plankton waters around Isla Holbox is where whale sharks converge for their summer breeding sites. Don’t miss the chance to swim with whale sharks Holbox with these stunning, magnificent animals’ biggest fish in the water at 20 tons and 40 feet in length on a boat excursion that leaves from Holbox if you’re planning a trip to this region.

The likelihood of spotting whale sharks can occasionally be low. Due to the fact that whale sharks are fish and not mammals that must frequently resurface to breathe when the plankton they consume is transported by currents deeper in the water, the fish follow it, out of sight of scuba divers.

Holbox Island, a little island 10 kilometres off the Yucatan Peninsula’s northeastern coast, is a part of the Quintana Roo municipality of Lazaro Cárdenas. This stunning island has developed into a popular vacation spot for visitors seeking relaxation as well as adventure tourism. A 30-minute ferry voyage first from the port of Chiquita will get you there. Make a reservation in advance with a tour provider if you would like to observe the sharks up close and swim with whale sharks holbox.

Best Places to Swim with Whale Sharks Holbox:


HolboXtreme - Swim with whale sharks holbox

Tours through to the mangroves by kayak or SUP, and the enchanted phenomenon of bioluminescence. Join HolboXtreme for a row at Holbox Island. They have a whole guide for traveling Hoblox, as follows. Rio Kuka is an 8-kilometer, 3-hour journey through the mangroves in which the scenery and fauna are the major draws.

For experienced explorers, Punta Mosquito is a 5-hour, 13-kilometer row through the mangroves that leads to the center of Holbox where you can swim with whale sharks holbox. The ideal place to observe flamingos, ospreys, herons, spoonbills, and ibis, among other birds.

The paddle for bioluminescence starts at the Las Nubs Hotel and lasts for around 30 minutes until they reach a position in one of the sandbars that is entirely dark. The paddle takes place beneath gorgeous starry skies and sparkling water.

You can book your incoming at holbox island through HolboXtreme on their official website. If because of any emergency you need to cancel the booking then there would be extra charges you will need to pay. This is all mentioned on their official website.

Timing: 8 AM–4 PM
Contact: +52 984 105 2125

Location: después del Hotel Las Nubes, C. P.º Kuka s/n, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico (Get Directions)

VIP Holbox

VIP Holbox

The Ecotourism Agency Holbox VIP Experience is the VIP Holbox guide. They are supported by our 20 years of expertise and professionalism. They design thrilling and adventurous tours that let you escape daily life while learning about and experiencing the natural world around us.

For all of their clients, they at VIP Holbox strive to provide memorable experiences that allow them to get close to the natural splendor of our island. Together, they ask that you show respect for the local wildlife and flora at all times. They are confident that they can appreciate our island’s natural beauty while acting responsibly and with respect.

Their mission is to give you a safe and high-quality experience. All of their boats have 4-stroke environmentally friendly engines in keeping with their dedication to preserving the pristine nature of our island.

International and national guides make up their staff. There isn’t any superior team to visit and see Holbox with each member having and over three years of expertise. Wherever you come to see VIP Holbox, they anticipate getting to know you because they can converse in English, Spanish, French, and German. 

Timing: 9 AM–1 PM, 5–9 PM
Contact: +52 984 875 2107

Location: Avenida Damero, C. Carito Esq, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico (Get Directions)

Holbox Whale Shark Tours

Holbox Whale Shark Tours

Holbox Whale Shark Tours site benefits the local community. Their tour captains are all ex-fishermen who have made the switch into the environmental industry. Holbox Whale Shark Tours website promotes local businesses that provide visitors with the most knowledgeable and experienced crews in the area.

Their tours are led by experienced captains who are familiar with the area and sea life, ensuring that they are both memorable and safe. Whale Shark Tours is committed to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

The forthcoming whale shark season in 2022 has them very excited. Offering this action has always been extremely satisfying for all of us. They are continuously striving to enhance every aspect in order to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Their goal is to provide you with the most satisfying experience possible given the circumstances, with a focus on service and safety.

Timing: 9 AM–5 PM
Contact: +1 305-396-6987

Location: Av. Damero s/n, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico (Get Directions)

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Willy’s Whale Shark Tours

Willy's Whale Shark Tours

Holbox Whale Shark Tour begins with a one-to-two hour river cruise across the Whale Shark Shelter. You may be fortunate enough to see dolphins, whale sharks, and turtles on our manner to the area. Furthermore, bird life would then fly above you because the spot surrounding Isla Holbox is also preferred by many migratory bird species.

Intimate snorkeling with peace-loving whale sharks. There would be you, your guides, and all these huge and beautiful creatures. Their group of highly qualified, competent tour operators will provide specialist guidance and scuba diving guidance.

They are committed to providing the least risky, most educational experience possible. They have certified tour guides to help you with you wonderful and harmless visit in marine life.

Timing: 8:30 AM–8 PM
Contact: +52 999 743 0827

Location: Calle Tiburón Ballena s/n, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico (Get Directions)

My Holbox Tours

My Holbox Tours - Swim with whale sharks holbox

The goal of My Holbox Tours, a small but global company, is to provide you with the best service possible on the island and dive with whale sharks in holbox. They are basically the best guide you can have in holbox island. My Holbox Tours can only suggest the best locations on Holbox Island.

Isabel and Pedro, young multidisciplinary artists who are devoted to bulldogs, the outdoors, and island life, are the people of Holbox Guide.

A web portal and the initial version of the Holbox Guide app, which is accessible for iOS and Android, were released in June of the same year. A printed map and the printed Holbox Guide Magazine followed six months later.

They released the first issue of the pocket journal in Holbox during the summer of that year, and Bill, Valentina, and Ramona Segunda, three new co-workers, came on the island there at end of October. They want visitors to Holbox to have a positive impression of the island and to enjoy every moment of their time there with Holbox Guide.


The world’s largest gathering of whale sharks is at Holbox. Make an ahead-of-time booking with a tour apparel company to view the sharks up close. 

The trip guide will go over the regulations of the trip on the way out not trying to touch the whale sharks (which, predictably, stresses them out). No diving, a 10-foot distance, and a limit of three swimmers place at a single time. 

There are the most reliable transportation routes and opportunities for sighting on the planet. With that, the above-mentioned websites can help you. North American tourists, are only a few hours away. These websites have Commitments of the industry to environmental sustainability.


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