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25 Tallest Buildings in the World with Record Breaking Height

Since medieval times, man has come a long way. We now have large structures that have shattered all previous marks for the highest a man can climb. They are the same as the tallest building in the world. The world’s tallest buildings now house top-notch human creations, and the records they set are unbreakable.

Now, the Jeddah Tower is poised to shatter all previous records as the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa, which was formerly the tallest building in the world, is expected to fall to second place. This structure will be 1000 meters tall and feature 1668 levels (1km). But until Jeddah Tower’s construction is complete, we won’t know if the list will change. Let’s start by taking a look.

Tallest Buildings in the World

Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa - Tallest building in the world

The Burj Khalifa, which has an 828-meter height, is the tallest man-made building. It is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are 163 stories in this structure. The making of these 163 stories was completed in 2010. We already know how big Burj Khalifa is by its name. There are no doubts as to why it is the tallest building in the world.

Height: 828 m
Floors: 163
Timings: 24 Hours
Location: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates (Get Directions)
Contact: +971 4 888 8888

Wuhan Greenland Centre

This 125-floor, 12-story structure is 636 meters tall. Completed recently and is located in Wuhan, China. The three corners of the tower taper upward from their tripod-like base and end in an arched point that is above the dome at the top. Architectures took earthquake and wind considerations into account when creating the design.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower - Tallest building in the world

It stands 632 metres tall and is situated in Shangai, China. It is well known for having the tallest turbine in the world. Around 200 turbines are in operation here. There are 128 floors in the structure.

Height: 632 m
Floors: 128
Timings: 8:30am-9:30pm
Location: China, Shanghai, Pudong, Lujiazui Lujiazui, No. 501 Yincheng Middle Road Postcode: 200120 (Get Directions)
Contact: +86 21 6199 9766

Merdeka PNB 118

Merdeka PNB 118 - Tallest building in the world

118 levels make up this 679 m-tall structure. It is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The structure will have 100 stories of rentable space, with 83 stories of office space, 12 stories of hotel rooms, 5 stories of hotel apartments, and the highest viewing deck in Southeast Asia on the observatory floor. 

Height: 679 m
Floors: 118

Makkah Royal Clock tower

Makkah Royal Clock tower - Tallest building in the world

Abraj Al-Bait Tower is another name for the Makkah Royal Clock Tower. The location of Abraj Al Bait is in the heart of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The buildings are primarily used as hotels. Also, have 858 suites. They are managed by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, a Canadian company that runs more than 60 iconic 5-star luxury hotels around the world. Fairmont San Francisco and Shanghai Peace Hotel, both of which are situated in the city centers.

Height: 601 m
Floors: 120
Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Endowment, Ajyad Street, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia (Get Directions)
Contact: +966 12 571 7777

Ping An Finance Center

Ping An Finance Center - Tallest building in the world

One of the biggest investment companies in the world, Ping An Insurance Company of China, is recognized by having a tower named after it. Five levels of retail space at the Ping An Finance Center are terraced out from the tower and resemble a huge amphitheatre. The structure has 118 floors and is 599 meters tall.

Height: 599 m
Floors: 115
Location: China, Shenzhen, Futian District, Central City Zip Code: 518017 (Get Directions)

Goldin Finance 117  

Goldin Finance 117  

The skyscraper is regarded as one of the highest structures in the world and the tallest flat-roof structure.  Situated in Tianjin, China. The 5-star hotels will be located on the highest floors, offering expansive views of the city and beyond. Starting on the 94th floor, the hotel rises to its 115th story. Offices and meeting rooms are located on the upper floors.

Height: 596 m
Floors: 117
Location: China, Xiqing District, Jinjing Road (Get Directions)

Global Financial Tower 1  

The main objective of the Global Financial Center Tower is to establish Shenyang, China, as a major financial hub. The tower houses significant operations such as shops, offices, conference rooms, meeting spaces, offices for the trading region, and an executive hub. This structure is 114 stories high.

Lotte World Tower  

Lotte World Tower

This tower holds the largest and quickest elevator. It can move 54 people from the basement to the 121st floor in under a minute. With a height of 554 meters and 123 stories, it is the highest skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 555 m
Floors: 123
Location: Sincheon-dong, Songpa District, Seoul, South Korea

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is a vibrant, environmentally friendly, and safe building. With a symbolic height of 541 meters, it is the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere and a well-known New York landmark. Subsequently, 94 floors are there in this building.

Height: 541 m
Floors: 94
Timings: 9:00am-10:00pm
Location: 285 Fulton St, New York, NY 10007, United States (Get Directions)
Contact: +1 844-696-1776

Guangzhou CTF Finance Center 

CTF finance Center

The other name for this is East Tower. This structure, located in Guangzhou, is the third-tallest in China. There are 5 stories below the ground level and 111 floors above it. This 541 m skyscraper houses a shopping center, offices, a hotel, and other structures that are all tall. 

Height: 530 m
Floors: 111
Location: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Tianhe District, Huacheng Blvd, South of Huacheng Avenue Postcode: 510623 (Get Directions)

Tianjin CTF Finance Center  

As implied by the name, this 530-meter-tall structure is located in Tianjin. This structure has a square base and a trapezoidal shape from top to bottom. The building appears in various colors during the day, but its tops have a diamond-like appearance at night. The 530-meter-tall structure houses a hotel, lavish serviced apartments, and office space.

CITIC Tower  

CITIC Tower - Tallest building in the world

Tower CITIC The floor plates are squares with rounded corners, and the tower’s form softly rises and curves around a square structural core. Also, it is used for commercial purposes.  This structure has 109 stories and is 528 meters tall.

Height: 528 m
Floors: 109
Location: Z15 plot, Guanghua Road, Beijing CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


TAIPEI 101 - Tallest building in the world

The Taipei World Finance Center is another name for TAIPEI 101. With a height of 508 meters (1667 feet), Taipei 101 is the world’s first structure to surpass the half-kilometer mark. The elevator in this skyscraper moves people from the fifth floor to the 89th floor in about 37 seconds. this consists of 101 stories altogether.

Height: 508 m
Floors: 101
Timings: 11:00am-9:30pm
Location: No. 45, City Hall Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110 (Get Directions)
Contact: +886 2 8101 8800

International Commerce Center  

International Commerce Center - Tallest building in the world

This tower is located in Hong Kong. It is Hong Kong’s second-tallest structure. Also, there are 4 stories below ground and 108 above it in this building. One of the city’s most opulent hotels, the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, is located between the 102nd and 118th floors. The structure has a height of 484 meters.

Height: 484 m
Floors: 108
Location: 1 Austin Road West; West Kowloon; Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Shanghai World Finance Center

It is Shanghai’s tallest building. The apex of this tower is trapezoidal. Buildings with a variety of uses make up the Shanghai center. It houses offices, retail establishments, hotels, etc. The Shanghai World Financial Center, which won awards for Asia & Australasia and Greatest Tall Building Overall, was named by architects as the best skyscraper finished in 2008.

Floor:101 Height: 492 m

Central Park Tower 

Central Park Tower

Nordstrom Tower is another name for Central Park Tower. In the United States, New York City is home to Central Park Tower. In the USA, it is the second-tallest skyscraper. Shanghai Municipal Investment Group of the Extell corporation built this tower. The skyscraper has 98 floors on top of the ground and 3 floors below. In addition, it is the tallest residential structure in the world. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why it is so well-known.

Height: 472 m
Floors: 98
Location: 225 West 57th Street; Manhattan, New York City

Changsha IFS Tower

The Changsha IFS Tower T1 is a skyscraper in Changsha, Hunan, China. It has 95 floors in this tower. It is located in China and is 452 meters high. Moreover, the IFS in its name stands for “International Finance Square”.

Lakhta Center  

Lakhta Center - Tallest building in the world

The location of this tower is Lakhta, Russia. The construction started in 2012 and ended in 2019. There are 3 stories below ground in this tower and 87 floors above it. It has a height of 462 meters.

Height: 462 m
Floors: 87
Location: High-rise street, 1, St Petersburg, Russia, 197229 (Get Directions)
Contact: +7 812 609-34-03

Vincom Landmark  

Vincom Landmark - Tallest building in the world

Landmark 81 is another name for Vincom Landmark. In addition to that, it is the tallest building in Vietnam. The traditional bundle of bamboo, which in Vietnamese culture represents power and unity, served as the design model for the tower. There are 81 floors in this tower. In Southeast Asia, the tallest tower is the famous Vincom building. This skyscraper has a hybrid design. Height: 470 meters

Height: 470 m
Floors: 81
Timings: 9:30am-10:00pm
Location: 208 VND. Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam (Get Directions)
Contact: +84 98 160 16 20

Petronas Twin Tower 1

The first Petronas Twin Tower is a type of construction. It is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The twin tower project began in 1992 and finished in 1998. Islamic-style geometry used to build the design gave it an altogether different look. Additionally, floors 41 and 42 are connected by the Sky Bridge. Furthermore, it stands at a height of 491m and also has 88 floors altogether. 

Petronas Twin Tower 1

Petronas Twin Tower 2

This tower, which has 88 stories and a height of 491 meters, is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This skyscraper serves as a place of business. The Sky Bridge connects the Petronas Twin Towers 1 and 2. Length of sky bridge: 58.4 m. There are 29 double-decker elevators in it. Menara Petronas 2 is another name for Petronas Tower.

Height: 491 m
Floors: 88
Timings: 10:00am-6:00pm
Location: Concourse Level, Petronas Twin Tower, Lower Ground, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Get Directions)
Contact: +60 3-2331 8080

Suzhou IFS

Suzhou IFS 

Suzhou’s tallest structure in Suzhou International Finance Square. It is a multi-use structure including a hotel, office space, and other amenities. Wharf is the IFS tower’s head. Furthermore, it has 66 floors and 62 operational elevators and lifts that make up the structure.

Height: 399.1m
Floors: 95
Location: Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu

Zifeng Tower

Zifeng Tower

This tower is 450 meters tall. The project finished in 2010. The mixed-use skyscraper known as Zifeng Tower is home to a number of uses, including a restaurant, hotel, office, and residences. The total cost of the building is 5 billion RMB. In addition to this, Zifeng Tower is the tallest building in Jiangsu. Also, this building has 66 floors.

Height: 450 m
Floors: 94
Location: 1 Zhongyang Road; Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Willis Tower 

Willis Tower

The 72-year-old, 110-story structure skyjack provides unrivaled vistas of the Windy City. This structure is among the tallest building in the world due to its 442.1 m height.

Height: 442.1 m
Floors: 108
Timings: 9:00am-10:00pm
Location: 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606, United States (Get Directions)
Contact: +1 312-875-0066


 For one reason or another, each of these buildings is well-known. Since they are the tallest buildings in the world, they have been given the name for the amazing structures that man has created. These buildings offer everything, including workplaces and hotels. They are the most frequented locations without a doubt. Being among the highest buildings in the world also attracts a lot of rivalry and criticism. However, it doesn’t matter if a human mind has already identified it as the most stunning architect. 

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