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8 Best Telescope for Stargazing (Explore The Sky)

Dark skies and stargazing sessions are quickly gaining popularity among young kids and adults. The visual treat of watching the night skies not only allows you to escape but also makes for a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, the awe of the vastness of the sky is a great way to connect with nature. It is also a creative activity to spark interest and relieve stress in kids. But, you need a good telescope for stargazing to ensure you can spend the best time possible.

List of the Top Telescopes for Stargazing that you can find on Amazon:

Gskyer Telescope For Stargazing

Gskyer Telescope For Stargazing

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If you’re looking for a top telescope for stargazing that allows you to control it from a distance, the Gskyer Telescope is a good option. The telescope comes with a wireless remote and a smartphone adapter to make it easier to capture bright images of celestial objects.

Additionally, it comes with a 400 mm focal length and 70 mm aperture lens that is fully coated with high transmission coatings. Thus, it makes for the best telescope for star gazing. Moreover, its adjustable tripod makes for a great companion to watch the night sky from different angles.

Amazon also provides two replaceable eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens to treble their magnifying powers. It is also easier to find celestial bodies with the help of the 5×24 finder scope that comes with a mounting bracket and cross-hair lines inside. The telescope has a 2-year warranty to ensure you get value for your money.

Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope

Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope

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The most notable and best telescope for stargazing, Celestron’s refractor telescope is highly ideal for beginners. And, the best part is that the telescope for stargazing comes with a bonus astronomy software package. It is great for people who do not know much about the practicalities of astronomy but have a passion for it.

The refractor telescope has a superior lens and a lightweight frame to make it portable. Its high-quality lens ensures that you can stargaze all you want! Moreover, it also comes with two high-quality eyepieces (low and high power) to make it easier to view celestial objects.

The telescope has a 70 mm refractor lens that ensures better and brighter images than the one with a 50 mm lens. One also gets a bonus bag and a free astronomy software program to boost their passion for astronomy.

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MaxUSee Astronomical Telescope

MaxUSee Astronomical Telescope

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If you’re looking for a telescope for stargazing with a higher magnification range, this model is perfect. The portable telescope offers a wide magnification range (16x to 200x) that makes for the comfortable viewing of astronomical objects. Moreover, it has a 70mm aperture lens and a 5×24 finder scope for brighter and clearer images.

However, the best part is that this telescope model comes with four 1.25” eyepieces – H-6mm, H-12.5mm, H-20mm, and K-25mm. It also has a 400mm focal length refractor telescope that comes with other accessories. Additionally, the model is easy to carry and quick to set up to reduce any extra work needed.

The model is the best telescope for stargazing and viewing wildlife during the daytime. It also comes with a smartphone adapter to allow one to easily capture and share their visual discoveries.

EcooPro Refractor Telescope

EcooPro Refractor Telescope

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The EcooPro Refractor Telescope has a 70mm objective lens and a 360mm focal length that allows for high-quality images. Moreover, the glass is fully coated with transmission coatings for better and elevated picture quality. If you’re looking for a telescope for stargazing that is suitable for both kids and adults, the EcooPro Refractor Telescope will be a good choice.

Additionally, the telescope is quite multipurpose and can be used for viewing birds or wildlife during the day. Thus, it is an all-in-one telescope that is quite easy to set up. Moreover, the adjustable tripod allows you to view from different angles and make it a great telescope for star gazing.

SoloMark Astronomy Refractor Telescope

SoloMark Astronomy Refractor Telescope

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If you’re looking for a telescope for stargazing and viewing terrestrial objects, the SoloMark Astronomy Refractor Telescope is the best option. With a lens of 70mm aperture and 700mm focal length, this telescope is perfect for yielding erect images for both terrestrial and astronomical uses.

Moreover, it comes with a 10mm and a 20mm Plossl eyepiece with a magnification of 70x and 35x, respectively. These eyepieces help reduce chromatic aberration and halo to a large extent. Moreover, the equatorial mount has two slow-motion control cables to make fine-point adjustments in both R.A. and declination.

Not only is it easy to set up, but it also helps save time. It is notably a top telescope for star gazing in beginners as it requires no tools for the setup. You can also get 70x magnification and easily capture and share images by using the smartphone adapter that comes with the 1.5x Barlow lens.

ToyerBee Astronomical Telescope

ToyerBee Astronomical

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The ToyerBee Astronomical Telescope is a great telescope for stargazing for both kids and adults. Its objective lens has a 70mm large aperture for clear and bright images. The large aperture means a larger visual field. Thus, you can easily view celestial bodies and their intricate details. It is the best telescope for stargazing and a wise scientific investment for your kids.

Additionally, the telescope comes with two eyepieces – the H-20mm and H-6mm, and a 3x Barlow lens. Thus, you get a superior telescope with high magnifying power. The adjustable tripod has a range between 16” and 46”. It allows one to adapt to different positions.

Orion 09007 SpaceProbe Telescope

Orion 09007 SpaceProbe

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If you want to get started with stargazing but eventually want to move on to viewing other planets and star clusters, the Orion 09007 SpaceProbe Telescope is the best option. This telescope for stargazing also allows you to view and understand the vastness of the sky. Whether you want to gaze at the planets, the Moon, brighter galaxies, nebulous, or star clusters, it is the best telescope for stargazing.

The Orion 09007 has a 5.1” aperture lens that gathers ample light for brighter and clearer pictures. With a compact optical tube and a fast f/5 focal ratio, the telescope is easily portable and offers a wide range of performance.

Moreover, the sturdy equatorial mount and adjustable tripod allow one to manually slow-track celestial objects. The best part is that the telescope just weighs 28 lbs when fully assembled, which makes it quite easy to carry.

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ESSLNB 80mm Astronomical Telescope

ESSLNB 80mm Astronomical

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The ESSLNB Astronomical Telescope for stargazing has an 80mm large and 400 mm focal length objective lens. This model offers a better view than the 70mm telescopes due to the larger aperture. Moreover, the lens is coated with high transmission coatings for better transmission and clarity.

The telescope also features the latest generation Kellner eyepieces (K-9mm and K-25mm) and a 3x Barlow magnification lens. Thus, one can easily get magnified views for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, this telescope for star gazing has a metal moon filter for additional visual protection. One can easily achieve erect images as the telescope has a diagonal prism. The ESSLNB Astronomical Telescope comes with additional accessories to make it easier for beginners.

How To Buy A Telescope for Stargazing?

If your child is showing interest in stargazing (or, you), and you’re trying to buy a telescope for stargazing, this is the right place! It can be overwhelming to choose an appropriate option from several ones available. But, read the following points for a better idea:-

  • Aperture 

The bigger the aperture, the better the lens and the collection of light from a distance. It helps collect more light allowing the distant objects to appear brighter.

  • F-Ratio

You can obtain a telescope’s f-ratio by dividing its focal length by the aperture. A low f-ratio means lower magnification, a wider field of view, and brighter images.

These are the two major factors that you should keep in mind. You can choose a telescope out of the ones we listed.

How Can I Use A Telescope for Stargazing?

Now that you’ve purchased a telescope for stargazing, you need more information on how to explore the amazing night sky. Follow the steps listed below and go stargazing!

  • Assemble the telescope as per the instruction manual
  • Know more about your mount and its motion range
  • Try to understand the numbers mentioned on the eyepieces and Barlow lens
  • Align and use your telescope’s finder to discover celestial bodies
  • Install a Star Finder application to narrow down your search

The key to using your telescope for stargazing is exploration and passion. Follow these simple steps to get started and then navigate your way to becoming an experienced stargazer!


Stargazing is an interesting hobby and can make for a good career. We hope our list of the top telescopes helped you get started with it. Let us know if you have a favorite telescope or one that you’ve your eyes on!


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