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10 Best Travel Agencies in Costa Rica (2023)

Have you ever fantasized about going on an exciting journey in Costa Rica’s remote jungle paradise? Would you enjoy seeing unusual creatures, pura vida culture, and stunning natural scenery? Do you want to plan a vacation with one of the top 10 Travel agency costa rica for a secure and enjoyable experience?

Despite happening to be a landlock country. Costa Rica has a rating as being one of the world’s top tourist attractions. There are countless excursions of every kind, and you have a ton of fun and interesting activities to choose from. Spending time in Costa Rica vacations can even persuade you to retire there.

There is a fantastic tour business that can assist you in realizing your goals, no matter what you are interested in visiting. In order to give you this in-depth overview on your best options, we comb through numerous tour companies in Costa Rica for many hours. You can find everything you desire to know here! Thus, the Top 10 Most Reliable Costa Rica Tour Companies are listed here in an objective order.

List of Best Travel Companies in Costa Rica:

Costa Rican Vacations Travel Agency

Costa Rican Vacations Travel Agency

Are you trying to find the finest Costa Rica vacation? Your unique travel itinerary will be made by Costa Rican Vacations Travel Agency. They spend time getting to know your particular “travel personality.” Then, a hand-pick of selection of hotels, tours, and transportation are match made with you.

The outcome is a trip that is uniquely designed for you and will fit like a glove. Also, they offer you a thorough itinerary that is loaded with facts, images, and videos. Further, your Costa Rican travel expert will also modify your personalized itinerary till you are content.

When you’re ready to make a reservation, they submit money and bookings on your behalf to each and every hotel and tour operator. Moreover, this results in a smooth, stress-free experience. They also make plans so you can unwind and take pleasure in the excursion.

Timing: 7 AM–9 PM
Contact: +1 800-606-1860
Location: Calle 70, San José Province, San José, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

Times Square Travel Agency

Times Square Travel Agency

Times Square Travel Agency has been in the travel and tourist business for more than 38 years. The greatest packages for domestic and international travel are available from Times Square Travel Agency. Further, they present you with our competitive car rental rates based on your requirements. You have high hopes for your hotel stay.

Also, they give you information so you may make a decision that suits your preferences. Moreover, they create itineraries given on your preferences and financial constraints, always looking for the greatest deal and the alternative that is most practical for you.

Leave your concerns at home and set out on an adventure that will provide you with all the enjoyment you need for an amazing vacation. As a result, if you vacations to go to Costa Rica, they’ll make sure your trip is memorable.

Timing: 9 AM–5 PM
Contact: +506 2522 6900
Location: WWM5+PQ9, Av. 2, San Bosco, San José, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

Greenway Nature Tours

Greenway Nature Tours

This twenty-year-old business offers up to forty distinct experiences in Costa Rica, so there is something for everybody. Amongst some of the various things you may reserve are whitewater rafting, bus trips, helicopter flights, personal shopping tours, hot springs as well as chocolate eating expeditions, crocodile sighting adventures, coffee farming visits, full-day fishing spectaculars, and thermal spa visits.

Further, trying to make your fantasies of the ideal Costa Rican turn into reality is their line of work. No other Costa Rica tour operator can provide you with the individualized service, knowledge, high-quality information, and personnel capacity we can to plan your Costa Rica tour effectively and securely. Moreover, the cost of a Greenway tour can range from $1,225 for an 8-day “Reasonably priced Costa Rica Holiday Package” to $4,700 for a 14-day intensive safari.

Contact: +506 8530 2973
Location: Av. 1, Urb. Monte Limar, San José, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

Anywhere Costa Rica Vacations

Anywhere Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica is more than just a place to go on vacation; it’s a multi-sensory adventure. Magnificent volcanoes, hazy cloud forests, breath-taking river basins, and many beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are just a few of the country’s environmental features.

Little, family-owned cottages dot the terrain, luxurious hotels boast hot springs and treatments, and a tranquil, family-oriented culture connects it all. As a result, team Anywhere Costa Rica creates amazing customized getaways utilizing in-depth knowledge of the region and years of experience.

Timing: 6 AM–9 PM
Contact: +506 2479 8811
Location: C. 466 0, Provincia de Alajuela, La Fortuna, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

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Travel Excellence Costa Rica Vacations

Travel Excellence Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica is a small country, but it conceals a large variety of amazing travel places that are ideal for everyone. The key to the finest Costa Rica vacations is in the perfect fusion of a wide biodiversity, a rich culture, a range of microclimates, along with the most breath-taking scenery, from active volcanoes to spectacular beaches with crystal-clear oceans.

As a result, Travel Excellence has been a pioneering DMC in Costa Rica’s tourism sector, providing all the specialized services required to manage an enterprise of the highest calibre. Moreover, from custom itineraries for FIT and leisure groups to business incentives and gatherings, they provide it all.

Also, the development and management of itineraries for individuals or groups, comprising hotel bookings, travel arrangements, and other services, stands out from the offerings they provide.

Timing: 8 AM–6:30 PM
Contact: +506 2523 9100
Location: Oficentro Plaza Aeropuerto G13-B, Provincia de Alajuela, Costa Rica
(Get Directions)

Best of Costa Rica

Best of Costa Rica

Best of Costa Rica is a travel agency for Costa Rica providing quality and nature-friendly tours in Costa Rica. Their mission is to deliver the top travel experiences and promote responsible tourism. Also, be known for their dependability, professionalism, and commitment to social responsibility and the environment as the most dependable incoming tour operator and DMC in Costa Rica.

Furthermore, discover Costa Rica as you see fit. Thus, their custom travel consultants collaborate with you to design one-of-a-kind, unforgettable vacations that are customized to your interests and tastes.

Moreover, their crew has over 30 years of combined experience working in the tourist sector in Costa Rica. Custom trips are what they excel at. Lastly, for further details and inquiries, you can connect with them on their website through phone number or mail.

Timing: 7 AM–6 PM
Contact: +506 2290 1302
Location: Av. 29A, Mansiones del Roble, San José, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

Amadeus Travel Agency

Amadeus Travel Agency

International travel agency and DMC Amadeus Travel Agency made its establishment in Costa Rica and has received numerous accolades. Also, they are providing unforgettable group and solo roundtrips to Costa Rica since over 29 years, as well as they have always been under a management of Austrians.

Their ideology is based on ecological viability and sustainability. The natural paradise of Costa Rica has to be protected. Further, the development and support of neighborhood social programs is an integral component of their work.

They place a high value on every journey being made. With the utmost professionalism, flexibility, and extraordinary sensitivity to people and cultures. Additionally, their roundtrips to Costa Rica are focused on adventure, ecological encounters, and cultural interactions. Lastly, they are specialists for both group and private tours in Costa Rica.

Timing: 8 AM–5 PM
Contact: +506 2269 3392
Location: Alajuela Province, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

Aventuras Tierra Verde

Aventuras Tierra Verde

The second-smallest country in Central America, Costa Rica is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west as well as the Atlantic Ocean to the east. National parks and conservation areas provide travellers with easy access to a wide diversity of nature and wildlife.

With Aventuras Tierra Verde, your Costa Rican travel agency and tour operator, create your own unique getaways: Pick from their wide selection of escorted one-day, multi-day, and adventurous travel packages, which include activities like white-water rafting, trekking through tropical rain forests, scuba diving, and bird viewing.

Also, use their hotel, resort, and car rental service keeps the in-depth country and travel information sections, and their database of hotels and lodges in different parts of Costa Rica to create your very own trip itinerary.

Timing: 7 AM–5 PM
Contact: +506 2249 2354
Location: Del Servicentro Los Angeles 350 Este, San José, Cd Colón, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

My Costa Rica

My Costa Rica

An multinational group of travel industry experts from the USA and Costa Rica make up My Costa Rica. Local tour company My Costa Rica is situated in San Jose, Costa Rica. They have membership of the Better Business Bureau and have received accreditation from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and Chamber (CANATUR).

In order to further enhance our offerings, they launched CostaRica.Org, their travel agency, in Colorado in 2019. Further, thousands of travellers have entrusted them with helping them organize their trips to tropical paradise since they started their operations in 2004.With the assistance of their knowledgeable travel coordinators, planning your journey is made simpler. With the help of their specialized Costa Rica vacation packages, they enable you to Save Time, Money, and Get The Most out of Your Stay Here.

Timing: 8 AM–6 PM
Contact: +1 800-996-1139
Location: Av 10, Los Yoses, San José, San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica (Get Directions)

CRS Tours

CRS Tours

Being a travel business since 1999, CRS Tours is among the foremost authorities on Costa Rica holidays and tour planning. Further, they’ll work with you to organize an unforgettable trip. With a base in Costa Rica and a full license from the Costa Rican Tourist Board (ICT), CRS Tours offers its international clientele travel services that meet the industry’s highest criteria for quality and value.

Also, the WTTC awarded them with the Global Safety Seal in recognition of their adoption of their Safe Travels Guidelines. This ensures that you will travel safely in Costa Rica.

Moreover, CRS Tours has developed a solid working connection with hotels and other service providers because to its 20 years of dedication to the country’s tourism industry. This enables them to provide you with fantastic packages for tours.

You will be greeted warmly by Costa Ricans from the moment you make your first call or receive their response to your online request. Lastly, by eliminating the need for you to spend many hours trying to find the best discounts and logistics.

Timing: 8 AM–5 PM
Contact: +506 4001 7794
Location: 300m al norte del parque de la Amistad, C. Alexander Humboldt, San José, Costa Rica (Get Directions)


Greenery! When visitors visit Costa Rica, this is the term you will most likely recall: a green that extends from the curving South Pacific coast to the sunny Northern plains, a green sense that ascends magnificent mountain ranges like the Cordillera de Talamanca, encompassing ancient volcanoes like Poás, Iraz, or Turrialba. Further, with the vast biodiversity and beautiful sights, anybody would want to visit Costa Rica.

Even we recommend you to put it in your bucket list! However, before you travel to Costa Rica, you will have to undergo through all travel formalities which can be time-consuming. Therefore, our top 10 travel agencies for costa rica come into view. These agencies provide you the best stay and packages.

Some even plan and design your full vacation under your budget in Costa Rica. Further, even basics like Insurance, transportation, visa process etc. are also handle by them. Therefore, if you are visiting Costa Rica, make sure to check out our aforementioned travel agency Costa Rica.


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