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15 Best Travel Agencies in Houston (Must Check Best Booking)

If you are here reading this article, you must be someone who’s planning a trip to Houston and looking for the best travel agency to rely on. You’re at the right place as here, we’ve listed the 15 best travel agency Houston you can rely on.  However, before starting with the list, let’s first take a look at what are the things that make visiting Houston worth it and how will a travel agency help you. To begin with, Houston is a large metropolis in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the United States. It is also the most populous city in Texas as well as in the Southern US. 

Houston is one of the greatest destinations in the world to visit as it is filled with world-class dining, arts, hotels, shopping, nightlife, and a lot more. Irrespective of whether we talk about Houston’s economy, culture, or quality of life, everything is purely top-notch. This cosmopolitan destination has a lot to offer to visitors from all around the world as well as the locals. Some of the major offerings and attractions in Houston include Market Square Park, Space Center Houston, SplashTown, The Houston Museum, The Galleria, Sam Houston Park, and many more.

The best way to explore each of these offerings and attractions is to connect with a travel agency Houston. Relying on a travel agency will make your trip to Houston a lot easier, smoother, and faster. A travel agency will offer a lot of noteworthy services to help you make the most out of your trip. The services include hotel arrangements, live activities, a hassle-free documentation process, transport arrangements, and many more.

Best Travel Agency Houston:

Affordable Tours

Affordable Tours - Travel agency Houston

Let’s start the list with the name that strikes the mind first when thinking of the best travel agencies in Houston. Affordable Tours is one of the most popular and leading travel agencies in the city. The reason behind this is pretty simple and lies in the name of the agency itself. Well, for years, the agency has been serving visitors from all around the world with one of the most affordable tour packages.

Apart from affordable packages, Affordable Tours is known for award-winning services, excellent support, and high client satisfaction. With Affordable Tours, you get opportunities unlike anywhere else like savings of over 40% on your tours and a dedicated travel consultant.

Timing: 8 AM–7 PM
Contact: +1 800-935-2620

Location: 11150 Cash Rd, Stafford, TX 77477, US (Get Directions)

Vacations To Go

Vacations To Go - Travel agency Houston

The next most popular and leading name in the travel industry in Houston after Affordable Tours is Vacations To Go. If you’re looking for the best Houston tour packages, the agency is one of the best options to consider. We say so because unlike other new and random travel agencies out there, Vacations To Go has been in the business since 1984.

We say so because Vacations To Go ensures both top-notch travel services as well as pricing to clients. Also, make sure that apart from tour packages, you check Vacations To Go’s services offered for river cruises, safaris, and resorts.

Timing: 8 AM–10 PM
Contact: +1 800-338-4962

Location: 5851 San Felipe St Suite 500, Houston, TX 77057, US (Get Directions)

Houston City Tours

Houston City Tours - Travel agency Houston

As the name suggests, Houston City Tours’ services and tours are exclusive and limited to Houston. Houston City Tours is unlike the aforementioned two entries and doesn’t specialize in offering services all around the world. Instead, the agency is focused and caters to only visitors looking to explore Houston.

This Houston exclusive has been there in the business for the past 10 years serving people with quality tour services. The best part is that the Houston tour packages here range from as low as $39.95 and goes all the way up to $139.95.

Timing: 9 AM–5:30 PM
Contact: +1 832-388-8434

Location: 1302 Dallas St, Houston, TX 77002, US (Get Directions)

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Dream Vacations

Dream Vacations - Travel agency Houston

Dream Vacations is a travel agency out there that can turn your dreams of an ideal Houston tour into a reality. Not just Houston, Dream Vacations can turn your dream of visiting various destinations in the world into a reality. Although it’s based in Houston, Dream vacations cover destinations like Africa, Alaska, Disney World, Hawaii, Europe, Mexico, and many more.

Not just this, in addition to tours, you can also rely on Dream Vacations for cruise rentals, resorts, etc. The best part about Dream Vacations is that you get a dedicated travel agent in Houston for all your requirements.

Timing: 8 AM–5 PM
Contact: +1 281-880-7337

Location: 5223 Royal Walk, Houston, TX 77069, US (Get Directions)

EST International Travel & Tours

EST International Travel & Tours - Travel agency Houston

If you are looking for the hottest travel deals and most affordable tour packages, your search ends here. You need not look any further than EST International Travel & Tours as it is a full-service agency specializing in all travel services.

Whether you’re looking for the best tour packages, safari, best hotels, or anything else, you can rely on the agency.

Timing: 9 AM–5 PM
Contact: +1 713-974-0521

Location: 6776 Southwest Fwy #444, Houston, TX 77074, US (Get Directions)

Marwa Travel & Tours

Marwa Travel & Tours - Travel agency Houston

Next up, on this list of best travel agency in Houston, we have Marwa Travel & Tours. It is a full-service travel agency based in Texas you can rely on your Houston travel and tour needs. You can rely on this agency for hotel accommodations, vacations, cruises, travel packages and so much more.

At Marwa Travel & Tours, you get to choose from packages that include March Spring, September, October, and November packages. With every package comes quality services, best-in-class support, and the assistance of industry experts.

Timing: 9 AM–6 PM
Contact: +1 713-995-8861

Location: 2245 Texas Dr #300, Sugar Land, TX 77479, US (Get Directions)

Horizon Travel

Horizon Travel

If you are tired of not being able to book flights and hotels on time, you definitely need to check the services provided here. Horizon Travel provides 24/7 quality services for flight and hotel bookings. Not just this, the agency further provides these quality services at some of the best prices in the market.

The best part about Horizon Travel is that it covers many destinations and hundreds of airlines, agents, travel providers, etc. are associated with it. Here, bookings are made very simple as all you need to do is visit the site and you can do everything from there itself. You can search for your favorite destination, compare results, book travel agents, and so much more.

Timing: 9 AM–6 PM
Contact: +1 713-978-7202

Location: 5712 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77036, US (Get Directions)

Big City Trip

Big City Trip

If you wish to get all your travel needs to get covered at the most affordable prices, it’s for you. You need to check the services provided by Big City Trip at some of the most competitive prices. There’s hardly any other travel agency out there that provides as many as services provided by Big City Tours.

The services provided include packages for flights, cruises, passports & visas, travel insurance, safaris, hotels, and the list goes on. Big City Trip guarantees as well as being known for helping clients make the most of their hard-earned vacation.

Timing: 10 AM–9 PM
Contact: +1 888-388-9998

Location: 11330 Homestead Rd A, Houston, TX 77016, US (Get Directions)

No Boundaries Travel

No Boundaries Travel

As the name suggests, with this travel agency there are no limitations or boundaries to your travel dreams. Headquartered in Texas, No Boundaries Travel is a travel agency that provides travel services to exotic destinations around the world. At No Boundaries Travel, you can choose from a wide range of travel packages at the best prices.

Here, you get to mainly choose from three types of tours which include guided, independent, and all-inclusive tours. Travel destinations No Boundaries travel is known for include Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and of course, Houston.

Timing: 9 AM–5 PM
Contact: +1 866-232-2406

Location: 2929 Weslayan St #2108, Houston, TX 77027, US (Get Directions)

Northcutt Travel Agency

Northcutt Travel Agency

Northcutt Travel Agency is one of the companies that rank first when searching for the best travel agency Houston. Well, it’s because Northcutt Travel Agency has been in the business for years and has been consistently serving clients with award-winning travel services. You can rely on the agency for the best Houston tours at the best prices.

Apart from it, you can rely on the agency for a variety of other travel-related services as well. You can rely on Northcutt Travel Agency for all-inclusive tours, cruises, destination weddings & honeymoons, Disney World tours, and more.

Royal Tours & Travel Inc

Royal Tours & Travel Inc 

If you’ve been looking for Umrah and Hajj tours online, we’re sure you must have come across this name. Royal Tours & Travel Inc is one of the best travel agencies out there for Umrah and Hajj tours.

Royal Tours & Travel Inc has been in the industry since 2002 and today, it’s served more than 13K clients worldwide. You can also rely on this agency for your Houston travel needs as the services and prices are both on-point.

Contact: +1 281-498-1800
Location: 11943 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77099, US (Get Directions)

Excelsior Travel & Tours

Excelsior Travel & Tours

If you are looking for the best travel agency Houston, then Excelsior Travel & Tours is again a great option you can take into consideration. The travel agency is a great option as it has been out there for years and has quite a reputation.

At Excelsior Travel & Tours, the staff are all certified professionals with hands-on years of experience. Hence, you can rely on them to make your dreams of memorable vacations to various places in the world, especially Houston a reality.

With Excelsior Travel & Tours, your options are not limited irrespective of your needs and budget as you get to choose from a large selection of packages. Here, packages for tours, cruises, wedding bookings, etc., are designed to cater to all budgets and needs.

Timing: 9 AM–7 PM
Contact: +1 713-272-8686

Location: 6200 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77081, US (Get Directions)

Deluxe Travel

Deluxe Travel

Next up, we have Deluxe Travel on this list, a leading Vietnamese travel agency Houston. Deluxe Travel is yet another great travel agency out there you can rely on to make your wish for a dream vacation come true. Deluxe Travel, based in Houston, offers tour services for various destinations including the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, and others.

Apart from tour services, there are a number of other services for which you can rely on Deluxe Travel. The services for which you can rely on Deluxe Travel include travel insurance, visa & passport, immigration & naturalization, and more.

Timing: 10 AM–4 PM
Contact: +1 281-530-4979

Location: 11900 Bellaire Blvd STE B, Houston, TX 77072, US (Get Directions)

ABC Travels

ABC Travels

With ABC Travels, we come to the last and final entry on this list. ABC Travels is yet another great travel agency out there you can consider when visiting Houston. Unlike other random travel agencies out there, this travel agency has been in the industry serving the community since 1974.

ABC Travels is a privately owned full-service travel agency and it’s headquartered in Houston, TX. Today, it is quite popular and well-known for providing the best customer service and handling all travel necessities in Houston. Not just Houston, it has become a premiere travel agency serving worldwide you can rely on for all travel needs.

Above, we discussed the 15 best travel agencies in Houston you can rely on without any second thoughts or worries. These aforementioned travel agencies are one of the most reputed, genuine, and trustworthy ones out there in Houston.

You can rely on these travel agencies to get the best value for your time, effort, and money spent. However, if you want to explore other options or pick the best option from the aforementioned ones, we’ve tips for you. Have a look at some tips and parameters that’ll help you pick the best travel agency Houston.

Timing: 9 AM–6 PM
Contact: +1 713-977-9803

Location: 6200 Savoy Dr #550, Houston, TX 77036, US (Get Directions)

United Vacations

United Vacations

United Vacations is one of the leading and most popular full-service travel agencies out there in the United States. Here, you can choose from over 400 destinations and over 10,000 activities.

Here, you also get to book your flights by paying for some of the lowest airfares. We would suggest you visit United Vacations’ website and have an in-depth look at all the offerings.

How to Pick the Best Travel Agency Houston?

Firstly, check whether an agency is legit and genuine, and here are some ways you can ensure the same. You can check whether an agency has a secure portal, encrypted payment gateways, and got all licenses & certifications on point. You can check whether an agency has partnerships and affiliations with big hospitality firms, airlines, etc. in the industry. We say so because partnerships and affiliations of big companies in the industry don’t happen with fraud agencies.

Secondly, check how an agency is doing and what it’s offering when compared to competitors out there in the industry. You can make a list of three or four best agency options available and then compare them. You can check and make your comparison based on several factors like pricing, ratings, services, packages, facilities, etc. 

Thirdly, check for customer ratings and reviews of an agency on its website, Google, and other trustworthy online places. Customer ratings and reviews tell a lot, especially if it’s a travel agency. You can go through customer ratings and ratings to know about reputation, quality of services, support, and more.

Bonus Tip

To sum up, we would like to remind you to visit and go through the information available on the sites of these Houston travel agencies. We would suggest you go through information like the availability, prices, offers, destinations covered, time duration, facilities, amenities, support, etc.

All these information from agencies may vary from time to time based on certain factors like peak seasons, demand, etc. So, we highly recommend you keep checking the sites of these agencies for the latest information and deals.


There you have it, these were our top 15 picks for the “Best Travel Agency Houston”. We are pretty confident that with the aforementioned travel agencies in Houston, you’ll be able to find the one that best fits your budget and needs. We are pretty sure that you’ll be able to get the most out of your trip to Houston.

Further, all the aforementioned travel agencies in Houston offer both standard and customized tour packages. Hence, you can also choose the most appropriate package out of all the options available as per your budget and needs. Now, as we’ve covered everything and the knowledge part ends, it’s time for you to visit Houston.

Before we end, we would like to remind you that you can anytime reach out to us by commenting below. We would like to hear if there’s any travel agency Houston you know of or would like us to cover. We would like to hear if there are any queries or confusion you have related to the topic. Lastly, make sure you bookmark this list of travel agencies for future Houston travel needs. Also, make sure to share with you known ones looking to travel to Houston. 


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