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7 Best Water Parks in London (2023)

The Water parks are one of the most fun places you can visit. Water parks let you cool off during the summers while going through slides, rides, and other fun stuff. Water parks in London are one of the best places to have some time off. London water parks are the ideal place for you to spend some time with the family.

They have rides for people of all age groups and are a great place to enjoy together with your loved ones. Finding the best water parks is not easy. We have tried to check out all of the waterparks in London to provide you with a comprehensive list. This list helps you to find the best water parks in London.

Best Water Parks in London:

Wakeup Docklands

Wakeup Docklands - london water park

Wakeup Docklands is a water park which is quite famous among the people of London. It is the only water park around London that offers people the opportunity to wakeboard. They have one of the best experiences in London when it comes to wakeboarding in London. The company is experts in training people how to wakeboard. Their facility is a place where you can have a great time wakeboarding or even learn how to wakeboard.

The company has taken all of the precautions needed to run the water park they have created. They are a water park in London which provides a unique experience. There are not many companies that offer you the chance to wakeboard in London. The company requires you to book in advance when you want to access the sessions. The company mainly runs two types of wakeboarding packages in their London water park. 

If you are experienced and have the necessary certifications, then you get to wakeboard by yourself. You can even choose to learn through the lessons done by their instructors. They have a professional set of instructors who will help you understand how to wakeboard. They use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure you have the best experience with them.

The company can even let you use your equipment. Using personal equipment will make the price cheaper for you. The company offers paddleboarding to their clients as well. The minimum age to use their services is 10 years old. The company also does corporate and group bookings if you want to wakeboard with your friends.

Contact: +44 20 3950 3951
1 Dock Rd, London E16 1AH, United Kingdom (Get Directions)

Thorpe Lakes Aqua Park

Thorpe Lakes Aqua Park

Thorpe Lakes Aqua Park is one of the most renowned water parks in London. The company aims to be a one-stop destination for all water-related activities. They provide one of the most feature-laden experiences at their London water park. The company has been great at adding super fun amenities. They have been able to attract thousands of people to come and spend time at their facility.

The water park London is one of the best places to spend your time if you have an affinity for water-related activities. They offer you a wide selection of activities. The company uses the best equipment to provide you with a world-class experience in London. Their facility is located close to central London and they are one of the only water parks in London which has so many activities.

One of their most popular offerings is their obstacle course. They have built an obstacle course on water. This course is challenging and fun which attracts many people to it. The entire course is floating on the water and provides everyone who comes there with a unique experience. 

They have water-based adventure sports as well. You can learn to wakeboard with their experienced instructors. They even have jetskis for hire which helps you to cruise around the water at high speeds. They do corporate and personal events as well. Their water park in London is one of the best places to hold a party and they assist you in the process.

They have a collection of skill courses which you can try out. Their facility is one of the feature-packed ones in London.

Contact: +44 1932 579750
Thorpe Lakes, Thorpe Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PH, UK (Get Directions)

Southlake Aqua Park

Southlake Aqua Park

Southlake Aqua Park has made its name as a water park in London due to its inflatable course. Their courses are loved by the masses. Many people line up to run the obstacle courses they have put in place.

They have set up their water park in open waters. This comes with a few risks but their staff is trained adequately to deal with it. They have hourly sessions which they offer to their customers. You have to book your session on their website and then only you get access to their water park in London.

Timing: 9am–5pm
Contact: +44 7527 007568
Southlake Aqua Park, Saint Neots PE19 6BN, UK (Get Directions)

Splashdown Water Parks

Splashdown Water Parks

They are an indoor water park in London which has great rides for their customers. This London water park allows you to engage in fun activities by yourself or with friends. They have some of the best water-based activities which you can enjoy. They have floatables which you can to enjoy your time on the water. The splashdown water park provides you with day tickets which help you to access all of their rides throughout the day.

All of their slides and rides are categorized to make it easier for their customers. They help you to find rides that are suitable for you. They have cheap pricing options which ensure you get you to enjoy your day without having to spend a lot.

Contact: +44 1202 716000
Tower Retail Park, Poole BH12 4NY, UK (Get Directions)

Splash Park

Splash Park

There is nothing better than having a day out and having fun splashing in the water. Splash park makes these days possible for the people of London. Splash Park is a water park that has been made for children to enjoy their time outside. This water park focuses on providing small children a fun time splashing around in their fountain. They have tried to make the experience as safe as possible for the children while ensuring they have the time of their lives.

The facility comprises several water-based attractions where the children can enjoy their time. The company has decided the facility in too many areas which have fountains embedded in the ground. These fountains keep spraying water at different heights and intervals. They also take care of the materials used to make the ground. They have used soft ground to ensure children can enjoy themselves without getting hurt. 

The water park starts operating from 10 am to 6 pm. They have 90-minute sessions for all the people to enter the park. Splash park has affordable pricing packages which make them a very attractive place to visit. They have low prices along with family packages which allow you to choose the package you want to explore.

You have to be dressed in swimwear to access their facilities. Children under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by their parents in the facility. They are one of the top water parks in London which you can visit. They have good packages and ensure you will have a fun time at their water park in London.

Timing: 10am–6pm
Longbridge Road Inside Barking Park IG11 8SS, UK (Get Directions)

Waterfront Leisure Centre

Waterfront Leisure Centre

The Waterfront Leisure Centre is a gym and recreational center. While this may look like an ordinary gym, their indoor water park in London is what makes them different from the others. They have an inflatable obstacle course in their indoor swimming pool. This offers a lot of entertainment and fun for children and adults alike. Their offerings for their clients do not end at that. They have a secondary leisure pool as well. This pool is made to let their clients have the time of their lives. 

There are many water slides which is a lot of fun for the entire family. Their facilities are designed for anyone above the age of 8 years. They also have a wave machine in their leisure pool. This simulates the waves you get in the sea and is quite fun. While many people know them as a gym, their leisure facilities are good as well. They are among the top water parks in London and you should give them a visit. They promise an exciting day for the entire family with amenities that keeps everyone engaged.

Timing: 6:30am–10pm
Contact: +44 20 8317 5010

Woolwich High St, London SE18 6DL, UK (Get Directions)

Water World

Water World - water parks in london

Water World ranks as one of the best water parks in London. They are an indoor water park in London that has amenities that will sweep you off your feet. The company has been in the business of managing and running one of the finest water parks in London.

The company keeps adding new attractions to their London water ark. This brings in many new customers who want to explore the tons of new things they keep adding. They have everything you would want in a good London water park. The company has equipped its water park in London with rides for all age groups. The inclusive nature of the water park brings them, customers, from all age groups and makes them very famous. The rides have been divided based on the purpose you have. 

They have rides that are ideal for the entire family while their other rides you you the shot of adrenaline that you are looking for. You will find rides that suit your preference and have a good time out there. The company is an expert when it comes to water rides. They manage to keep you safe while sending you on your thrill-seeking adventure. Water world equipped their London water park with more than 30 rides and is still trying to get more set up.

They have a great food and beverage section where you can catch a bit to eat amidst all the rides you are going on. The company takes the safety of its customers seriously. They have lifeguards stationed at all of their rides. They keep you safe at all times. You can visit their website to book tickets to their indoor water park in London.


Spending a day in a London water park is probably one of the best ways to spend a day during the summers. There are fun rides and courses which you can do with your buddies or your family. Numerous water parks in London have a variety of ways in which you can spend your day. Use this list to find the best ones near you. All of these water parks offer you a fun day in the British sun. 

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