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10 Best Water Parks in El Paso, Texas

If you want to cool down on hot summer days then there’s no place better than a water park. These parks are decent places for kids to enjoy while adults either take a relaxing dip in a pool or sip a drink in the shade. Today, we have compiled a list of the best El Paso water parks. So, if you have been searching for water parks El Paso this is the list for you. You will have loads of fun visiting these places. So, let’s check them out!

El Paso Water Parks:

Wet N’ Wild Water World

Wet N' Wild Water World

If you want to just let loose and have a lot of fun splashing around in the water and riding thrilling slides then you should visit Wet N’ Wild Water World. It is a popular water park in El Paso. Thousands of people visit this place every year and it is quite fun.

People who have visited the place once come back for more. Many claim this to be the best water park. So, if you are in El Paso and want to just have some fun in a water park you should definitely add this to your checklist. It is a big park with lots of rides, slides, and pools both for kids and adults. Visit the site to get more info.


  • This is a great place to visit on hot days. The water is cool and perfect to dip or splash around in. You will have a lot of fun as well as spend some time relaxing in the water.
  • If you are going with your family and friends then you should reserve a cabana. It ensures that you have a shade when you need it. You can also rent picnic tables and much more.
  • There are plenty of rides and slides. You will not feel bored in this park. There are plenty of activities to partake in and plenty of slides to rides.

Timing: 10 AM–7 PM
Contact: +1 915-886-2222

8804 S Desert Blvd, Anthony, TX 79821, US (Get Directions)

Lost KingdWater om Park

Lost KingdWater om Park

Let’s start with the Lost Kingdom Water park in El Paso. This is a popular water park in the city that a lot of people visit to cool off and have some fun. You can enjoy lots in this water park. They have clean and nice pools. If you love slides in a water park then you will find one here too.

There’s plenty to do in this park. Visit the website and you will find a map there. All the attractions of the park are marked there. The park is located in Ross Middle School. You can easily drive there and have a fun time with your family and friends.


  • This is one of the new water parks in El Paso. It is clean and well maintained. You will not face any issues while visiting the park.
  • There are many pools in the park. They are not that deep. If you enjoy slides then you can jump on the Temple Drop. It is a decent slide to enjoy sliding into the water.
  • Kids will have a lot of fun in this water park. There’s a special play water playground for kids called the Jaguar Jungle.
  • You can book a cabana at the park so that you can have some shade to sit in while your kids splash around in the water. 
  • The website has all the relevant info. So, if you need to know something head on to the website. You can also give them a call at +1 915-541-3700.

Timing: 10 AM–7 PM
Contact: +1 915-541-3700

6001 Hughey Dr, El Paso, TX 79925, US (Get Directions)

Camp Cohen Water Park

Camp Cohen Water Park

If you are looking for some nice water parks in El Paso then one of the best ones is the Camp Cohen Water Park. This one is located at the foothills of the Franklin Mountains. If you love camping and want to have a nice adventure then you can definitely visit this park.

It is a popular choice among the locals. If you want to have fun or are looking for a place to have a nice, small vacation then you can check it out. This is a great camp and all the people involved in organizing and maintaining it are quite competent and ensure that guests have a great experience.


  • There are multiple slides in this park. People who like the thrill of adventure parks will enjoy these slides. The slides are the Thunder Run, the Lightning Bolt, and the Monsoon Plunge.
  • There’s plenty for small kids as well. If they like splashing around in the water then they can have fun at the Poppy Island Water playground.
  • There’s a pool for leisure dips. Adults can relax there. One can also take a relaxing dip in the lazy river called the Rain Roamer.

Timing: 11 AM–6 PM
Contact: +1 915-541-3700

9700 Gateway N Blvd, El Paso, TX 79924, US (Get Directions)

Salvador Rivas Jr Spray Park

Salvador Rivas Jr Spray Park

Salvador Rivas Jr SPray Park is a small water park. This is not for people looking for big slides to ride and lots of pools to dive in. This is a park for people looking to relax and let their kids enjoy splashing around in the water. The water temperature is nice. You can sit and cool down on hot days. It is a clean park and we urge you to keep it that way and not to throw trash.


  • It is a great place for kids. It is not dangerous or deep. They can have loads of fun playing with other kids on the splash pad.
  • There are a couple of small slides. So, nothing too big for kids. They can enjoy themselves safely at this park. 

Timing: 10 AM–11 PM
Contact: +1 915-212-0397

12480 Pebble Hills Blvd, El Paso, TX 79938, US (Get Directions)

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Marty Robbins Park

Marty Robbins Park - El Paso Water Parks

If you are looking for some quick fun for your kids then Marty Robbins Park might be a good option. It has got a Spray Park where your kids can enjoy the splashing and spraying water. It is a good place that you can visit for a few hours and let your kids play.

The park is open for 6 to 7 months. This year it opened on April 14th and will be open till mid-October. It is open most days from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. The active window is quite big so you can drive there during the day and come back in the evening.


  • It is a nice recreational park. The locals have been visiting it regularly. It has got nice features besides the water park like a playground and a running track.
  • The water park is quite nice and the splash pad is quite fun. Kids will enjoy playing in the water. Bring them here for a nice, short daycation of sorts.
  • Since there is no lifeguard or similar staff you have to be careful. Keep a watch on your kids as they play around in the aquatic center.

Timing: 5 AM–12 PM,  6 – 9 PM
Contact: +1 915-212-0092

11600 Vista Del Sol Dr, El Paso, TX 79936, US (Get Directions)

Braden Aboud Memorial Park

Braden Aboud Memorial Park - El Paso Water Parks

Braden Aboud Memorial Park is a recreational park in El Paso, Texas. It has a water park there as well. It is a fun place for people to come and hang out with their family and friends. You can even bring your pets here. It has a big area.

The El Paso Parks and Recreation Department maintains the park quite well. It is clean and you can have a nice little picnic here as well. If your kids enjoy splashing around in the water and you are searching for water parks in El Paso then you should visit the Braden Aboud Memorial Park.


  • It is a big and clean park. It is well maintained. Anyone who just wants to have a short ‘daycation’ to relax and enjoy should check out this park.
  • You can bring your pets here. Some parks don’t allow pets. But here, you can have fun with your animal friend. There are places for animals to relieve themselves as well.
  • The water park is quite nice as well. It is a great place to cool down or have fun with your kids. The temperature of the water is just perfect for summer days.
  • If you want to know how much fun people are having at this park then check out the Facebook page. People regularly post updates there.

Timing: 6 AM–11 PM
Contact: +1 915-212-0092

4325 River Bend Dr, El Paso, TX 79922, US (Get Directions)

SISD Aquatic Center

SISD Aquatic Center - El Paso Water Parks

Socorro Independent School District or SISD for short has a recreational center. You can have some fun here because it is an aquatic center. Located south of the SAC, the SISD Aquatic Center is a place to cool down and have some fun. It has a big pool that you can swim in.

There are other recreational features in this aquatic center. You can bring your kids here. They will enjoy splashing around in the water and interacting with other kids. It is a big place and there are different fun things to do. So, if your kids are excited about swimming or just want to have some fun in the water you can bring them to the SISD Aquatic Center, one of the El Paso Water Parks.


  • It has a long swimming pool meant for pap swimming. If you want to swim a couple of laps and get some exercise then go for it.
  • People looking for a water park experience will have fun here too. There’s a pool area there to just cool off. You will have fun here.
  • If you are a SISD student then there is no extra fee to enter the center. Otherwise, the admission fee is $4.
  • You are allowed to bring in food and drinks from outside. It is very much recommended that you do so.

Timing: 11 AM–5 PM
Contact: +1 915-937-0544

1257 Southview Dr, El Paso, TX 79928, US (Get Directions)

Sue Young Park

Sue Young Park

Sue Young is a medium-sized park in the city of El Paso. There is a trail to walk around the park which is nice and relaxing. But why is it on this list? Where’s the water? Well, there is a fun splash pad in this park. Kids everywhere in the city love playing in this splash pad. It is a decent place to bring kids to enjoy during a hot day.


  • This park is about 19 acres long. There are a couple of nice features that the park has. For starters, you can view the Franklin Mountains from this place.
  • There is a trail at the park. One can walk along this trail while watching the beautiful view.
  • The splash pad is great. The water is quite nice. You feel pleasant when it hits you. Bring your kids here. They will enjoy it.
  • You can have picnics here too. There are tables at this park. But you might have to wait since the place can get crowded and it can be harder to find an empty table.

Timing: 6 AM–11 PM
Contact: +1 915-212-0092

9730 Diana Dr, El Paso, TX 79924, US (Get Directions)

Grandview Park

Grandview Park - El Paso Water Parks

If you are looking for a water park in the central part of El Paso then one of the decent options is the Grandview Park. It is one of the best water parks in El Paso Texas. Many parents love taking their kids to this park. Kids love enjoying this water park.

The water is nice and cold. You can even enjoy events at this park. For example, you can host birthday parties and picnics in this park. This is a big place. If you have dogs you can bring them with you. There’s plenty of space for them to enjoy and run around as well.


  • The water park in Grandview park is quite nice. Kids love this place. They enjoy splashing around in the water.
  • The environment is nice and clean. You will feel quite comfortable and relaxed in this park.
  • It is a great place to organize small events for kids like birthday parties and picnics. Check out the Facebook page of the park. People regularly post updates. You will get a nice idea about everything.
  • The park is open most days. It opens early at 6 AM and closes at night around 11 PM. 

Contact: +1 915-212-0393
3100 Jefferson Ave, El Paso, TX 79930, US (Get Directions)

Pavo Real Splash Park/Dog Water Park

Splash Pads are fun. They are a great way to enjoy yourself on hot days. If your kids are looking for something fun to do during the summer and you just want to take a small break then bring them to the Pavo real Splash Park. The splash pad here is quite decent and kids will have a lot of fun. This is also a great place for your four-legged friends. There is a separate pad just for dogs!


  • Separate splash pads for kids and dogs. You can bring your dogs and let them off the leash. Dogs will enjoy jumping around in the splash pad as well.
  • The area is nice and clean. There are a couple of small slides that kids will enjoy.

Timing: 10 AM–8 PM
Contact: +1 915-212-0474

El Paso, TX 79907, US (Get Directions)


So, these were some of the best options for El Paso Water Parks. Most of these parks are quite popular among the locals. You can reach out to someone and ask them about their favorite ones and visit them first. Most of the parks have contact info as well.

You can give them a call to see if they are open or not. Finally, we would like to request that all these parks are for enjoyment and relaxation. We hope that you enjoy responsibly and follow all the rules and don’t litter the place. Have a great time!

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