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15 Best Waterfront Restaurants Boston (Best Food & Views)

Before digging into the topic let us first have a precise idea of how waterfront restaurants in Boston were constructed. The establishment of waterfront restaurants Boston began around 1710. It functions as a dock for passengers, ferries, and tourists who come for sightseeing.

Boston’s importance as a dock lasted roughly until the American civil war. Hotdogs, Philly Cheesesteak, Chicago-Style Pizza, and uncliched dishes like Tater Tots, pot roast, and cob salad are some impressive eye-catchers! These dishes complement the appetite of visitors who travel from different places around the globe.

Are you planning to have a stress-buster vacation? Then, visit this Junoesque city which contains resplendent waterfront restaurants. Apart from having American dishes the waterfront restaurants in Boston have more to offer. They also accommodate you with various cordon Bleus, including Spanish platters, Mexican tacos, Italian steaks, and Lucious Seafood dishes.

These waterfront restaurants in Boston offer you the best seaside view along with palatable dishes which is a perfect recreation. Down below are the 10 Boston waterfront restaurants that we have exclusively listed for you.

Best Waterfront Restaurants in Boston:

Neptune Oyster

Neptune Oyster - waterfront restaurants Boston

Neptun Oyster, located in a scenic harborside location, has been offering Boston’s renewed seafood for over five decades. Served hot with butter or cold with mayonnaise, it’s all about the lobster roll here. This place is all about vast lobster dishes.

There’s nothing better than a candy roll that’s almost as good as the candy inside. In complement to lobster rolls, Neptune Oyster delivers a specified menu of seasonal seafood delicacies. Among the menu, staples are fried Ipswich clams and steamed Wellfleet Littlenecks in divine wine sauce. Plus, you can choose from a variety of oysters and clams, as well as other heavenly seafood delights.

Timings: 11 AM-9:30 PM
Contact: +1 617-742-3474
Location: 63 Salem St # 1, Boston, MA 02113, US (Get Directions)

Joe’s Waterfront

Joe’s Waterfront

The greatest views of Boston Harbor are provided by Joe’s Waterfront, which is perched atop Boston’s North End Waterfront and flanked by some of the city’s most cherished historical structures. The menu offers innovative, tasty, and contemporary dishes produced with top-quality, locally sourced ingredients from the farm, the ocean, and local vendors.

In the lovely Boston Harbor location that has been a part of history for decades, nautical-themed artwork and decor adorn the walls and the restaurants that surround it throughout the renovated dining area. At Joe’s, charming new eating, lounge, and bar area offer breathtaking waterfront views from above.

A second private dining area, perfect for special occasions, is located next to the living room. Joe’s Waterfront provides indoor and outdoor seating for brunch, lunch, and dinner. This waterfront restaurant in Boston also offers delivery and takeout choices to customers.

Contact: +1 617-367-8700
Location: 100 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110, US (Get Directions)

The Daily Catch Waterfront

The Daily Catch Waterfront - waterfront restaurants Boston

The Daily Catch has one of the best views in Boston, which is perhaps why it’s a perennial fixture. The Window tables showcase the harbor to dramatic effect, making early and late-night reservations a must. But, you will be spoiled even if you don’t get a table with a sea view.

The Daily Catch serves up authentic Italian pasta and seafood while boasting one of the best waterfront views in town. You can enjoy the view from the terrace or outside the bar while munching homemade pasta with squid ink, Fra Diavolo lobster, mussels, or small Sicilian cols, all prepared with fennel, thyme, and lemon.

Contact: +1 617-772-4400
Location: 65 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110, US (Get Directions)

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Widely considered one of Boston’s finest waterfront restaurants Boston, Tia’s on the Waterfront is a casual eatery that serves traditional and homemade seafood as well as American cuisine. The deck overlooks Boston’s beautiful waterfront and also presents great vistas of the many nearby parks, monuments, and boardwalks.

Tia’s has one of the largest outdoor decks in town. The dining room at Tia’s on the Waterfront has a welcoming and cozy atmosphere and has been embellished with a large bar, soft lighting, and plenty of seating.

It’s not just the pleasant atmosphere that tempts people to Tia’s on the Waterfront, the restaurant also serves a menu of classic dishes including lobster rolls, refried green beans, New York clam chowder -England, flatbreads, delicious fresh salads, frozen cocktails, craft and local beers and much more. So, it is a must to visit this waterfront restaurant Boston.

Contact: +1 617-227-0828
Location: 200 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110, US (Get Directions)

Legal Sea Foods – Harborside

Legal Sea Foods - Harborside - waterfront restaurants Boston

Legal Sea Foods started in the year 1950 as a fish market in Inman Square, Cambridge. It then extended in 1968 to become a no-frills restaurant where customers sat at picnic tables. The first-floor shell of Legal Harborside celebrates this heritage and features a casual restaurant and market.

You should always choose to eat at one of the picnic tables for an authentic throwback experience. Also, you can grab a seat at the Oyster Bar and watch the oyster scalers at work (up to 14 varieties of oysters are served to people daily). An enormous ovoid bar delivers both wine and local beers on the spout. Patio seating along Boston’s HarborWalk offers unobstructed views of the Boston Fish Pier, the nation’s oldest operating fishing pier, and the city skyline. This seafood restaurants in Boston Waterfront is a must for all travelers out there.

Timings: 11:30 AM-10 PM
Contact: +1 617-477-2900
Location: 270 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210, US (Get Directions)

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse is an exclusive restaurant that was instituted in Boston. Chef/Owner Steve DiFillippo prides himself on hospitality and has been a mainstay in Boston and beyond for over 30 years. Davio’s presents regional northern Italian cuisine coherently analyzed by Chef Eric Swartz.

Northern Italian cuisine focuses mainly on grilled food. Previously located on Newbury Street, Davio’s has shifted to the former Paine Furniture building in Boston’s Back Bay Everything over here is handmade from the finest ingredients. The delicious foods are served everything from aged steaks to simple yet unique pasta creations.

Remember this philosophy in the kitchen with the expert and attentive staff in the dining room, who hear your every need and take pride in your enjoyment of the meal. To say that Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse is one of the best waterfront restaurants in Boston.

Contact: +1 617-261-4810
Location: 26 Fan Pier Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210, US (Get Directions)

Belle Isle Seafood

Belle Isle Seafood - waterfront restaurants Boston

As soon as you cross the bridge from East Boston to Winthrop, you’re greeted by one of the best places to get a (big, really big) lobster roll loaded with tender tail, shank, and claw meat. There are plenty of other fresh and fried seafood dinners available at these warehouse-like spare quarters, which, true to their savory heritage, remain staunchly cash-only. But you’re here for the waterfront deck just across the Logan Airport runways, a pretty cool place to watch the planes take off while dreaming of your first post-vax vacation.

Timings: 11 AM-8 PM
Contact: +1 617-567-1619
Location: Main St, Winthrop, MA 02152, US (Get Directions)

Nautilus Pier 4

Nautilus Pier 4

One of the city’s flashiest new openings, Nautilus Pier 4 is a Boston sibling to the original Nantucket restaurant. This city outpost, however, is much larger, has an expansive patio at the Seaport’s iconic Pier 4 address, and offers a menu of globally inspired sharing plates, like oysters from the east rib wrapped in nori with wasabi aioli and spicy chili barbecue sauce.

Berkshire pork belly buns with coffee mayonnaise and pickled cucumbers and herbs; and homemade dan noodles with traditional pork, peanuts, and a sprinkle of tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns.

Timings: 5:30 PM-12 AM
Contact: +1 857-957-0998 
Location: 300 Pier 4 Blvd., Boston, MA 02210, US (Get Directions)

Pier 6

Pier 6 - waterfront restaurants Boston

Dine in full view of the historic Charlestown Naval Dockyard and USS Constitution on the rooftop terrace or the expansive first-floor terrace. Downstairs, there’s an open-air bar, with rosé magnums and cocktails like the Pier 6 Sunset, a soothing tincture of bourbon, white vermouth, lemon juice, and ginger beer. Also, there’s a free seasonal water taxi (weather dependent) directly to East Boston’s equally scenic sister site, Reel House.

Timings: 11 AM-1 AM
Contact: +1 617-337-0054
Location: 1 8th St, Charlestown, MA 02129, US (Get Directions)

Rowes Wharf Sea Grill

Rowes Wharf Sea Grill

He displays his plenteous talent at the Rowes Wharf Sea Grill, the casual-sleek (or is it smart-casual?) restaurant on the waterfront property; opt for the grilled salmon with crispy capers, rosemary and chipotle emulsion, and grapefruit and fennel salad.

The blue mussels, on the other hand, laze in white wine with garlic butter and fennel pollen, which, to be honest, looks like a nice dipping sauce. This is also one of the best waterfront restaurants in Boston for you.

Contact: +1 617-856-7744
Location: 70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, US (Get Directions)

Temazcal Tequila Cantina

Temazcal Tequila Cantina - waterfront restaurants Boston

There are more than 250 tequilas to sip at this small local Mexican restaurant chain’s Seaport location, which offers virtually eye-level views of the water from its expansive patio that extends to the dining room from a wide wall of detachable windows. Pro tip: If you’re starting to see double the boats, you’ve eaten too much. Order lobster guacamole with nachos to soak up.

Timings: 11:30 AM-1 AM
Contact: +1 617-439-3502
Location: 250 Northern Ave #2, Boston, MA 02210, US (Get Directions)



A rare waterfront restaurant on the city’s south side, Dorchester’s Venezia has been around for a quarter of a century, but the view still feels like a find. How often do you get that view over the water, where the Neponset River meets Ocean Bay?

The Italian food is also exceptionally good, from seafood pasta to classics like chicken piccata, to a standout burger topped with Gruyere cheese, fried onion rings, bacon, and cherry mayo.

Contact: +1 617-436-3120
Location: 20 Ericsson St, Boston, MA 02122, US (Get Directions)

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Woods Hill Pier 4

Woods Hill Pier 4 - waterfront restaurants Boston

When it comes to waterfront dining, it’s hard to beat natural food activist-turned-restaurateur Kristin Canty’s chic setup. The expansive sun deck is an exceptional setting for chef Charlie Foster’s high-end locavore cuisine. His food sources many of its ingredients directly from its sister Woods Hill Farm in New Hampshire.

Contact: +1 617-981-4577
Location: 300 Pier 4 Blvd., Boston, MA 02210, US (Get Directions)

Sullivan’s Castle Island

Sullivan’s Castle Island

It’s not fancy, but that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for delicious, inexpensive meals, including hot dogs and burgers for a few bucks each. This seafood waterfront restaurant also offers inexpensive lobster rolls. Go down to the beach or stroll the harbor avenue around the borders of Castle Island’s grassy park. This waterfront restaurant in Boston will offer you the best view you can ever imagine.

Contact: +1 617-268-5685
Location: 2080 William J Day Blvd, South Boston, MA 02127, US (Get Directions)

Sail Loft

Sail Loft - waterfront restaurants Boston

Sail Loft’s side patio hanging over the harbor is small, but the chowder cups are not. They are, in fact, affluent – and among the best in town. The cozy loft has all the other fried seafood standards you’d expect to find in a no-frills, wood-paneled slum. Also, there are big windows overlooking the harbor for when you can’t find space on the small board outside.

To conclude this the fast-food industry is rapidly becoming more global and will continue to be so. It is certainly an upcoming area of growth for young entrepreneurs. The waterfront restaurants in Boston mostly compete within themselves based on price, location, and food quality. The growth of these waterfront restaurants is expected to have swift growth over the next few years.

Timings: 11:30 AM-2 AM
Contact: +1 617-227-7280
Location: 80 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110, US (Get Directions)


The main objective of this article was to give the readers a brief idea of the delicate dining chain. This includes the seafood waterfront restaurant and other waterfront restaurants in Boston. People go to these restaurants to have quality time along with an implacable view.

The new generation has termed these waterfront restaurants in Boston as “fancy restaurants”. The whole mentality of these chains is to put more time into bringing every plate to the visitors. So that, the dishes can become appealing. Obviously, with a sense to give an extraordinary experience to the customers.


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